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Transportation, Unpacking; Cleaning; Placement - Electrolux TG 080 N10 User Manual

Refrigerator-freezer combination
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Transportation, unpacking

It is recommended to deliver the
appliance in original packaging, in
protective warning on packaging.
After each transportation the appliance
must not be switched on for approx. 2
Unpack the appliance and check if there
are damages on it. Report possible
damages immediately to the place you
bought it. In that case retain packaging.


Remove every adhesive tape, which
ensure the parts not to move in the
Wash the inside of the appliance using
lukewarm water and mild detergent. Use
soft cloth.
After cleaning wipe out the inside of the


The ambient temperature has an effect
on the energy consumption and proper
operation of the appliance. When
placing, take into consideration that it is
practical to operate the appliance
between ambient temperature limits
according to the climate class that is
given in the chart below and can be
found in the data label.
Class of climate Ambient temperature
If the ambient temperature goes below
the lower data the temperature of the
cooling compartment can go beyond the
prescribed temperature.
If the ambient temperature goes beyond
the upper data this means longer
operating time of the compressor,
increasing temperature in the freezer or
increasing energy consumption.
When placing the appliance ensure that it
stands level. This can be achieved by two
adjustable feet (1) at the bottom in front.
1-1 piece of distance washers (2) are
accessories of the adjustable feet. If
levelling the appliance requires, these
washers can be removed.
Do not stand the appliance on a sunny
place or close to a radiator or cooker.
If it is unavoidable because of furnishing
and the appliance has to be stood near a
cooker take these minimum distances
into consideration:
In case of gas or electric cooker 3 cm
must be left, when it is less put a 0,5 -
1 cm non-flam insulation between the
two appliances.
In case of oil or coal-fired stove the
distance must be 30 cm since they
give off more heat.
The refrigerator is designed to operate
when it is totally pushed to the wall.
When placing the refrigerator keep
minimal distances recommended
in figure.
A : placing it under a wall-cupboard
B : placing it freely
+10 ... +32 °C
+16 ... +32 °C
+18 ... + 38 °C


Table of Contents

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