Electrolux TG 080 N10 User Manual

Refrigerator-freezer combination
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Istruzioni per l'uso
User manual
frigorifero-congelatore combinato
refrigerator- freezer combination
TG 080 N10



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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux TG 080 N10

  • Page 1 Istruzioni per l’uso User manual frigorifero-congelatore combinato refrigerator- freezer combination TG 080 N10...
  • Page 2 We were thinking of you when we made this product...
  • Page 3 Thank you for choosing a first class product from Electrolux, which hopefully will provide you with lots of pleasure in the future. The Electrolux ambition is to offer a wide variety of quality products that make your life more comfortable. You find some examples on the cover in this manual.
  • Page 4 21 Before installing and using the appliance read this user's instruction book carefully. It contains safety precautions, hints, information and ideas. If the refrigerator is used in compliance with the instructions written, it will operate properly and provide you with greatest satisfaction.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    22 electrolux Contents Important safety information..............23 General safety precautions ...............23 Precautions for child safety ...............24 Safety precautions for installation ..............24 Safety precautions for isobutane ...............24 Instructions for the User ................25 General information .................25 Waste handling..................25 Packing materials ..................25 Instructions for the Installer ..............25 Technical data..................25...
  • Page 6: Important Safety Information

    23 Important safety information General safety when the fridge/freezer is being pulled out of its niche. precautions - Damage to the cord may cause a short-circuit, fire and/or electric Keep these instructions and they shock. should remain at the appliance...
  • Page 7: Precautions For Child Safety

    24 electrolux Safety precautions for short-circuit occur damage the product. Therefore it is isobutan forbidden to place frozen foods on Warning top of the product. The refrigerant of the appliance is Do not store flammable gas and isobutane (R600a) that...
  • Page 8: Instructions For The User

    >PS< PS= polystyrene >PP< PP= polypropylene The packing consists of reusable materials only. Instructions for the Installer Technical data Model TG 080 N10 Gross capacity (l) Net capacity (l) Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Energy consumption (kWh/day) 0,509 (kWh/year)
  • Page 9: Transportation, Unpacking

    26 electrolux Transportation, unpacking Class of climate Ambient temperature +10 ... +32 °C It is recommended to deliver the appliance in original packaging, in +16 ... +32 °C vertical position considering +18 ... + 38 °C protective warning on packaging.
  • Page 10: Switch And Indicators

    27 You can switch off the freezer by turning the thermostat (B) in position << >>. When the product is switched on for the first time, the quick freeze function will start automatically and will stop only 5 hours later. You can manually switch off this function any time by pressing the quick freeze (D) switch.
  • Page 11: Freezing

    28 electrolux of the freezer increases to a level function by pressing the switch (D) for 2-3 (above -12°C) where the long-term seconds. If not switched off manually, the conservation of the foods in not quick freeze function will be automatically ensured.
  • Page 12: Hints And Ideas

    29 It is practical to make sure of faultless materials. The appliance shall not be operation of the appliance daily so as to discarded together with the urban notice possible failure in time and refuse and rubbish. Avoid damaging prevent deterioration of frozen foods.
  • Page 13: Regular Cleaning

    30 electrolux Regular cleaning Trouble shooting It is practical to clean the inside of the During operation of the appliance freezer and defrost it at a time. some smaller but annoying trouble can often occur, which does not Household cleaner or soap must not require calling a technician out.
  • Page 14 31 Problem Possible cause Solution appliance Thermostatic control is set too low. Set higher position. does not cool Before freezing the appliance was Pre-cool the appliance for enough sufficiently not precooled sufficiently. time. Large-sized food was put in. Cut up food.
  • Page 15: Change Of Door Opening Direction

    32 electrolux Change of door opening direction Should the setting-up place or handling demand it, door-opening direction can be refitted from right- handed to left-handed. Following operations are to be done basis figures explanations: Break the circuit of the appliance.
  • Page 16: Electrical Connection

    33 Electrical connection This refrigerator is designed to operate on a 230 V AC (~) 50 Hz supply. The plug must be put into a socket with protective contact. If there such, recommended electrician to fit an earthed socket in compliance with standards near the refrigerator.
  • Page 17: Storage Time Chart

    34 electrolux Storage time chart Storage time of deep-frozen and frozen products Foods -18°C Vegetables: green beans, green peas, mixed vegetables, marrow, corn, etc. 12 months Ready-cooked foods: vegetable dish, trimmings, with meat, etc. 12 months Ready-cooked foods: sirloin steaks, stew from knuckle of ham, meat from pig pudding, etc.
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