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Black & Decker HP188F2K Instruction Manual page 10

Cordless drill/screwdriver
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Mains plug replacement (U.K. & Ireland only)
Should your mains plug need replacing and
you are competent to do this, proceed as
instructed below. If you are in doubt,
contact an authorised repair agent or a
qualified electrician.
Disconnect the plug from the supply and
remove the fuse from the plug.
Cut off the plug and dispose of it safely; a plug
with bared copper conductors is dangerous if
engaged in a live socket outlet.
Only fit 13 Amperes BS1363A approved plugs
fitted with a 5 A fuse (1).
The cable wire colours, or a letter, will be
marked at the connection points of most good
quality plugs. Attach the wires to their
respective points in the plug (see above).
Brown is for Live (L) (2), blue is for Neutral (N) (4).
Before replacing the top cover of the mains
plug ensure that the cable restraint (3) is
holding the outer sheath of the cable firmly
and that the leads are correctly fixed at the
terminal screws.
If the plug has a fuse cover, make sure that the
fuse cover is fitted. Do not use the plug if the
fuse cover is missing or damaged.
Never use a light socket.
1. Variable speed switch
2. Forward/reverse slider
3. Mode selector / torque adjustment collar
4. Chuck
5. Two-gear selector
6. Battery charge indicator (HP148F2/HP188F2)
7. Bit holder
8. Side handle (HP188F2)
9. Battery
10. Battery release button
11. Charger (F2K/F2B models)
12. Charger (F2C models)
13. Charging indicator
14. End of charge indicator (F2K/F2B models)
Fitting and removing the battery (fig. B)
To fit the battery (9), line it up with the
receptacle on the tool. Slide the battery into
the receptacle and push until the battery snaps
into place.
To remove the battery, push the release
button (10) while at the same time pulling the
battery out of the receptacle.
Fitting and removing a drill bit or screwdriver
bit (fig. A & C)
This tool is fitted with a keyless chuck to allow for
an easy exchange of bits.
Lock the tool by setting the forward/reverse
slider (2) to the centre position (fig. A).
Open the chuck by turning the front part (15)
with one hand while holding the rear part (16)
with the other (fig. C).
Insert the bit shaft (17) into the chuck.
Firmly tighten the chuck by turning the front
part (15) with one hand while holding the rear
part (16) with the other.
This tool is supplied with a double-ended
screwdriver bit in the bit holder (7) (fig. A).
To remove the screwdriver bit from the bit
holder, lift the bit from the recess.
To store the screwdriver bit, firmly push it into
the holder.
HP126F2/HP146F2 - Removing and fitting the
chuck (fig. D)
The chuck on these models can be easily removed
and refitted. When your project entails both
drilling and screwdriving, fit a screwriver bit in the
spindle and a drill bit in the chuck: you will then
only need to remove the chuck for screwdriving
and refit it for drilling. The screwdriver bit can be
left in the spindle while drilling. You can also fit
drill bits with a hexagonal shaft in this way.



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