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Black & Decker HM1200 Manual

12v 10mm dual speed cordless drill/driver


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This manual is applicable for -B1& -KR only
Black & Decker Copyright 2007 (Oct–2007)
12V 10mm Dual Speed Cordless Drill/Driver
Technical Data
23. Charge only using the charger provided with
the tool.
24. When disposing of batteries, follow the
Cordless Drill/ Driver
instructions given in the section "Protecting
a t l
the environment".
No Load Speed
extreme conditions. The battery fluid, a 25-30%
solution of potassium hydroxide, can be harmful.
Max. Torque
In case of skin contact:: (a) wash quickly with soap
Drilling Capacity - Wood / Steel
and water; or (b) neutralize with a mild acid such as
lemon juice or vinegar. If the liquid gets into the
Chuck Capacity
eyes, flush them immediately with clean water for a
minimum of 10 minutes. Seek medical attention.
g i
t h
contacts of a detached battery (e.g. when storing
the battery in a toolbox).
a t l
c a
y t i
g i
t h
29. Use your Black & Decker charger only to charge
Approx. Charging Time
the battery in the tool with which it was supplied.
Other batteries could burst, causing personal injury
g i
t h
and damage.
30. Never attempt to charge non-rechargeable
Intended Use
31. Have defective cords replaced immediately.
Your Black & Decker drill / screwdriver has been
designed for screwdriving applications and for drilling
32. Do not expose to water.
wood, metal and plastics.
33. Do not open the charger.
This tool is intended for consumer use only.
34. Do not probe the charger.
Your Black & Decker charger has been designed for
35. The charger is intended for indoor use only.
charging Black & Decker batteries of the type supplied
with this tool.
Specific Safety Rules
Safety Instructions
36. Hold tool by insulated gripping surfaces when
performing an operation where the cutting tool
When using power tools, always observe the safety
may contact hidden wiring or its own cord.
regulations applicable in your country to reduce
Contact with a "live" wire will also make exposed
the risk of fire, electric shock, personal injury and
metal parts of the tool "live" and shock the operator.
material damage. Read the following safety
37. When working on a ladder or on scaffolding
instructions before attempting to operate this
be sure to lay the tool down on its side when
product. Keep these instructions in a safe place!
not in use. Some tools with large battery packs
The following symbols are used throughout this manual:
will stand upright but may be easily knocked over.
Denotes risk of personal injury, loss of life or
38. Avoid touching the tip of a drill bit just after drilling,
damage to the tool in case of non-observance of
as it may be hot.
the instructions in this manual.
39. When fitting and changing accessories, always use
Denotes risk of electric shock.
the instructions supplied with the accessory.
Fire hazard.
40. Should your tool develop a fault, do not try to fix it
Keep work area clean. Cluttered areas and
yourself, but take it to one of our authorized repair
benches can cause accidents.
Consider work area environment. Do not
expose power tool to humidity. Keep work area well
sanding, sawing, grinding, drilling, and other
lit (250-300 Lux). Do not use Power Tools in the
construction activities contains chemicals known to
presence of inflammable liquids or gases.
cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive
Keep children away. Do not let children come
harm. Some examples of these chemicals are:
into contact with the tool or extension cord. Keep
all people away from the work area.
Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing or
jewelry. They can be caught in moving parts.
Preferably wear rubber gloves and non-slip
footwear when working outdoors. Wear protective
Your risk from these exposures varies, depending
hair covering to keep long hair out of the way. When
on how often you do this type of work. To reduce
working outdoors, preferably wear suitable gloves
your exposure to these chemicals: work in a well
and non-slip footwear.
ventilated area, and work with approved safety
Personal protection. Always use safety glasses.
equipment, such as those dust masks that are
Everyday eyeglasses only have impact resistant
specially designed to filter out microscopic
lenses, they are not safety glasses. Use a face or
dust mask whenever the operations may produce
Avoid prolonged contact with dust from power
dust or flying particles. If these particles might be
sanding, sawing, grinding, drilling, and other
considerably hot, also wear a heat-resistant apron.
construction activities. Wear protective
Wear ear protection whenever the sound level
clothing and wash exposed areas with soap
seems uncomfortable, i.e. if the sound pressure
and water. Allowing dust to get into your mouth,
stated in this manual exceeds 85 dB(A).
eyes, or lay on the skin may promote absorption of
Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and
harmful chemicals.
balance at all times.
Labels on your tool
Stay alert. Watch what you are doing. Use
common sense. Do not operate the tool when you
are tired.
They may include the following symbols.
.......... volts
Secure workpiece. Use clamps or a vice to hold
the workpiece. It is safer and it frees both hands to
.......... Amperes
operate the tool.
.......... Hertz
Connecting dust extraction equipment. If
.......... Watts
devices are provided for the connection of dust
.......... Minutes
extraction and collection ensure these are
connected and properly used, especially in confined
.......... Alternating current
.......... Direct current
10. Remove adjusting keys and wrenches. Always
.......... No load speed
check that adjusting keys and wrenches are
.......... Class II Construction
removed from the tool before switching on.
.......... Earthing terminal
11. Use appropriate tool. The intended use is laid
.......... Safety alert symbol
down in this instruction manual. Do not force small
tools or attachments to do the job of a heavy-duty
.../min .......... Revolutions or reciprocation per minute
tool. The tool will do the job better and safer at the
.../bpm .......... Beats per minute
rate for which it was intended. Do not force the
Save these instructions!
Double Insulation
Warning! The use of any accessory or
attachment or performance of any operation
with this tool, other than those recommended
The tool is double insulated. Double insulation
in this instruction manual may present a risk
means that all the external metal parts ar e
of personal injury.
electrically insulated from the mains power supply.
This is done by placing insulated barriers between the
12. Check for damaged parts. Before using the tool,
electrical and mechanical components so as to making
carefully check it for damage to ensure that it will
unnecessary for the tool to be earthed. Note: Double
operate properly and perform its intended function.
insulation does not take the place of normal safety
Check for misalignment and seizure of moving parts,
breakage of parts and any other conditions that may
precautions when operating this tool. The insulation
system is for added protection against injury resulting
affect its operation. Have damaged guards or other
from a possible electrical insulation failure within the tool.
defective parts repaired or replaced as instructed.
Do not use the tool if the switch is defective. Have
Electrical safety
any damaged or defective parts replaced by an
authorized repair agent. Never attempt any repairs
The electric motor has been designed for one voltage
only. Always check that the power supply corresponds
13. Remove the battery. Where the design permits,
to the voltage on the rating plate.
remove the battery when the tool is not in use,
Warning: Never connect the live (L) or neutral (N)
before changing any parts of the tool, accessories
wires to the earth pin marked E or
or attachments and before servicing.
Using an Extension Cable
14. Avoid unintentional starting. Do not carry the
tool with a finger on the switch. Be sure that the
switch is released when plugging in.
An extension cable should not be used unless absolutely
necessary. Use of an improper extension cable could
15. Do not abuse cord. Never carry the charger by
result in a risk of fire and electric shock. If an extension
its cord or yank it to disconnect from the socket.
cable must be used, use only those that are approved
Keep the cord away from heat, oil and sharp edges.
by the country's Electrical Authority. Make sure that
16. Store idle tools. When not in use, power tools
extension cord is in good condition before using.
must be stored in a dry place and locked up
Always use the cord that is suitable for the power input
securely, out of reach of children.
of your charger (see technical data on name plate).
17. Maintain tools with care. Keep the tools
When using a cable reel, always unwind the cable
in good condition and clean for better and
safer performance. Follow the instructions for
maintenance and changing accessories. Inspect
Features (fig. A)
the tool cords at regular intervals and, if damaged,
have them repaired by an authorized repair agent.
Two-speed on / off switch
Inspect the extension cords periodically and
Forward / reverse slider
replace them if damaged. Keep all controls dry,
Mode selector/ torque adjustment collar
clean and free from oil and grease.
18. Have your tool repaired by an authorized
repair agent. This Power Tool is in accordance
with the relevant safety regulations. To avoid danger,
Battery release button
electric appliances must only be repaired by
Bit holder
qualified technicians using original spare parts.
Charger connector
Additional Safety
Charger plug
Instructions for Batteries
10. Charger
11. Battery Cap
and Chargers
Assembly and Adjustment
Prior to assembly and adjustment always unplug
19. Never attempt to open for any reason.
the tool.
20. Do not expose the battery to water.
Fitting and Removing the Battery
21. Do not store in locations where the temperature
(Fig. B)
may exceed 40ºC.
22. Charge only at ambient temperatures between
To fit the battery (5), line it up with the receptacle on
4ºC and 40ºC.
the tool. Slide the battery into the receptacle and
push until the battery snaps into place.
To remove the battery, push the two release
buttons (6) simultaneously when at the same time
pulling the battery out of the receptacle.
Battery storage and carrying cap (11) is provided for use
whenever the battery is out of the tool or charger.
Remove cap before placing battery in charger or tool.
WARNING! Do not store or carry battery so that
metal objects can contact exposed battery terminals.
For example, do not place battery in aprons, pockets,
toolboxes, product kit boxes, drawers, etc. with loose
nails, screws, keys, etc. without battery cap. Without
cap in place, battery could short circuit causing fire or
Leaks from battery cells can occur under
burns or damage to battery.
Fitting and Removing a Drill Bit or
Screwdriver Bit (Fig. C)
N.B. Accessories mentioned in this manual may not
neccessarily be included in your pack.
The tool is equipped with a keyless chuck to allow for
Fire hazard! Avoid short-circulating the
easy exchange of bits.
Warning: First remove the battery from the tool.
Lock the tool by setting the forward/ reverse slide
Do not incinerate the battery.
(2) to the center position (fig. A).
Do not attempt to charge damaged
Open the chuck (4) by turning the front part (12)
with one hand while holding the rear part (13) with
the other.
Insert the bit shank (14) into the chuck.
Firmly tighten the chuck by turning the front part
(12) with one hand while holding the rear part (13)
with the other.
This tool is supplied with a double-ended screwdriver
bit in the bit holder (7) (fig. A).
To remove the screwdriver bit from the bit holder,
lift the bit from the recess.
To store the screwdriver bit, firmly push it into the
Removing and Refitting the chuck
(Fig. D)
Open the chuck jaws as far as possible.
Insert a screwdriver into the chuck and remove the
chuck retaining screw (15) by turning clockwise as
Tighten an Allen key (16) (not supplied) into the
chuck and strike it with a hammer as shown.
Remove the chuck by turning it counterclockwise.
To refit the chuck, screw it onto the spindle and
secure it with the chuck retaining screw.
Instruction for Use
Always observe the safety instructons and applicable
Let the tool work at its own pace. Do not overload.
Use only Black & Decker battery packs and
Warning: Some dust created by power
Charging the Battery (Fig. A)
The battery needs to be charged before first use
and whenever it fails to produce sufficient power
on jobs that were easily done before.
Lead from lead-based paints,
A new battery, or a battery that has not been used
Crystalline silica from bricks and cement and
for an extended period of time, achieves full
other masonry products, and
performance only after approximately 5 charging
and discharging cycles.
Arsenic and chromium from chemically-treated
lumber (CCA).
The battery may become warm while charging; this
is normal and does not indicate a problem.
Do not charge the battery at ambient temperatures
below 4ºC or above 40ºC. Recommended
charging temperature is aprproximately 24ºC.
No not use the charger supplied with this tool to
charge any other tool or battery.
To charge the battery, make sure that it is fitted on
the drill.
Insert the charger plug (9) into the connector (8).
Plug in the charger (10). Switch on at the mains.
Your power pack was sent from the factory in an
uncharged condition. Before attempting to use it, it
must be charged for at least 9 hours.
After normal usage, your power pack should be
fully charged in 3 to 6 hours. If the power pack
is run-down completely, it may take up to 6
hours to become fully charged.
If the power pack does not charge properly – ( i )
Check current at receptacle by plugging in a lamp
or other appliance. ( ii ) Check to see if receptacle is
connected to a light switch that turns power off
when you turn out the lights. ( iii ) Move charger and
power pack to a surrounding air temperature of 4ºC
to 40ºC. ( iv ) If the receptacle and temperature are
OK, and you do not get proper charging, take or
send the power pack and charger to your local Black
& Decker service center.
To prolong power pack life, avoid leaving the power
pack on charge for extended periods of time (over
30 days without use). Although overcharging is not
a safety concern, it can significantly reduce overall
power pack life.
Before using the tool, unplug the charger and
disconnect the tool from the charger.
When disconnecting the tool from the charger, be
sure to unplug the charger from the outlet first then
disconnect the charger cord from the tool.
Do not use the tool while it is connected to the
Selecting the Direction of Rotation
(Fig. A)
A forward / reverse control slider (2) determines the
direction of the tool and also serves as a lock off.
For drilling and for tightening screws, use forward
(clockwise) rotation. For loosening screws or
removing a jammed drill bit, use reverse
(counterclockwise) rotation.
To select forward rotation, push the forward/reverse
slider (2) to the left.
To select reverse rotation, push the forward/reverse
slider to the right.
To lock the tool, set the forward/reverse slider into
the center position.
Selecting the Operating Mode or
Torque (Fig. E)
This tool is fitted with a collar to select the operating
mode and to set the torque for tightening screws. Large
screws and hard work piece materials require a higher
torque setting than small screws and soft work piece
materials. The collar has a wide range of settings to suit
your application.
For drilling in wood, metal and plastics, set the
collar (3) to the drilling position by aligning the
with the marking (17).
For screwdriving, set the collar to the desired setting.
If you do not yet know the appropriate setting, proceed
as follows:
Set the collar (3) to the lowest torque setting.
Tighten the first screw.
If the clutch ratchets before the desired result is
achieved, increase the collar setting and continue
tightening the screw. Repeat until you reach the
correct setting. Use this setting for the remaining
Switching On and Off (Fig. A)
To switch the tool on, press the on/off switch (1).
When slightly pressing the switch, the tool will run
at low speed. When pressing the switch further,
the tool will run at high speed.
To switch the tool off, release the variable speed
Handy Hints
WARNING: Drill may stall (if overloaded or
improperly used) causing a twist. Always expect the
stall. Grip the drill firmly to control the twisting
12V 10mm Dual Speed Cordless Drill / Driver
action (see Fig. F) and prevent loss of control that
could cause personal injury. If a stall does occur,
Data Teknis
release the trigger immediately and determine the
reason for the stall before re-starting. Do not click
Cordless Drill / Driver
the trigger of a stalled drill off and on in an attempt
Input Daya
to start it. Damage to the drill can result.
Kecepatan tanpa beban
Always apply a light pressure in a straight line with
the drill bit.
Max. Torgeu
Run the drill very slowly, using light pressure, until
Kapasitas Drill- Kayu / Logam
the hole is started enough to keep the drill bit from
Kapasitas chuck
slipping out of it.
Use a block of wood to back up work pieces that
may splinter.
Use spade bits when drilling large diameter holes in
Input Daya
Use HSS drill bits when drilling in metal.
Use a lubricant when drilling metals other than cast
iron and brass.
Make an indentation using a center punch at the
Kapasitas masa charging
center of the hole to be drilled in order to improve
Keep the motor running while pulling the bit out of
a drilled hole. This will help reduce jamming.
When using twist drill bits to drill holes in wood, it
Black & Decker drill / screwdriving Anda telah dirancang sesuai untuk kegunaan kayu lunak, logam, plastik juga
will be necessary to pull the bits out frequently to
clear chips from the flutes.
Petunjuk keselamatan
Sewaktu menggunakan power tool, selalu patuhi peraturan keselamatan yang berlaku di negara Anda untuk
Always use the correct type and size of screwdriver
mengurangi risiko kebakaran, kejut listrik, cedera pribadi dan kerugian materi. Baca petunjuk keselamatan berikut
sebelum mencoba mengoperasikan produk ini. Simpan petunjuk-petunjuk ini di tempat yang aman!
If screws are difficult to tighten, try applying a small
• Menunjukkan risiko kecelakaan diri, kematian, atau kerusakan pada alat, jika tidak menuruti petunjuk-petujuk
amount of washing liquid or soap as a lubricant.
pemakai manual ini.
Always hold the tool and screwdriver bit in a straight
line with the screw.
• Menunjuk risiko terhadap kejutan listrik.
• Kebakaran
Tempat kerja
Your Black & Decker power tool has been designed to
Jaga agar tempat kerja bersih.
operate over a long period of time with a minimum of
maintenance. Continuous satisfactory operation
depends upon proper tool care and regular cleaning.
Pertimbangkan lingkungan daerah kerja.
kerja mempunayai cukup cahaya. Jangan gunakan Power Tool jika terdapat cairan atau gas yang mudah tebakar.
Regularly clean the ventilation slots in your tool
Jauhkan dari jangkauan anak-anak.
using a soft brush or dry cloth.
Regularly clean the motor housing using a damp
Jauhkan semua orang dai tempat kerja.
cloth. Do not use any abrasive or solvent-based
Berpakaian rapi.
Jangan memakai baju yang longgar atau pehiasan. Baju yang longgar dan perhiasan dapat
tersangkut pada bagian-bagian yang bergerak. Lebih baik memakai sarung tangan karet dan sepatu yang tidak licin
Regularly open the chuck and tap it to remove any
bila bekerja di lapangan. Pakailah penutup sebagai pelindungan bagi rambut panjang.
dust from the interior.
Keselamatan peribadi.
Pakailah kacamata pelindung. Pakailahjuga pelindung muka atau penutup hidung
This tool is not user-serviceable. Take it to an
kalau-kalau pengoperasian menimbulkan debu atau partikel yang beterbangan. Ambillah tindakan yang sesuai untuk
authorized Black & Decker repair agent for service.
melindungi pendengaran bila tekanan suara melewati 85dB(A).
Your charger does not require any maintenance apart
Jangan menjangkau terlampau jauh.
from regular cleaning.
Unplug the charger before cleaning it.
Perhatikan apa yang sedang Anda lakukan. Gunakan akal sehat. Jangan gunakan alat sewaktu Anda
merasa lelah.
Bahan yang dikerjakan harus kokoh.
To ensure product SAFETY and RELIABILITY,
aman dan bebas apabila kedua tangan mengoperasikan alat.
repairs, maintenance and adjustment (other than
Ekstraksi debu.
Jika alat disediakan untuk dihubungkan ke penghisap dan pengumpul debu, pastikan bahwa
those listed in this manual) should be performed by
alat-alat ini terhubung dengan baik, terutama di tempat-tempat tertutup.
authorized service centers or other qualified
10) Lepaskan kunci penyetel dan kunci inggris. Selalu periksa bahwa kunci penyetel dan kunci inggris
organizations, always using identical replacement
dilepaskan dari alat sebelum dinyalakan.
parts. Unit contains no user serviceable parts inside.
11) Gunakan alat yang benar. Penggunaan yang dimaksud dijabarkan dalam buku manual instuksi ini. Jangan
memaksa alat-alat kecil atau bagian-bagian tambahannya untuk melakukan pekerjaan alat pekerjaan berat. Alat akan
melakukan pekerjaan lebih baik dan lebih aman apabila digunakan pada kisaran yang dimaksud. Jangan memaksa
The performance of any power tool is dependent upon
the accessory used. Black & Decker accessories are
Perhatian! Penggunaan aksesoris atau bagian tambahan atau kinerja
engineered to high quality standards and are designed
dianjurkan dalam buku manual instruksi dapat mengakibatkan risiko cedera peribadi.
to enhance the performance of your power tool. By us-
12) Pemeriksaan bagian-bagian yang rusak. Sebelum menggunakan alat, periksa dengan teliti apakah terdapat
ing Black & Decker accessories you will get the very best
kerusakan untuk memastikan bahwa alat beoperasi dengan benar dan melakukan fungsi yang dimaksud. Periksa
from your tool.
apakah terdapat ketidak-sejajaran dan goncangan pada bagian-bagian yang bergerak, kerusakan pada bagian alat
The following accessories should be used only in the
dan kondisi-kondisi lain yang mungkin dapat mengpengaruhi pengoperasiannya. Penahan yang rusak atau bagian
sizes specified below:
yang cacat lainnya harus diperbaiki atau diganti sesuai dengan instruksi. Jangan gunakan alat jika sakelarnya cacat.
Bit for metal drilling - up to 10mm
Bagian-bagaian yang rusak atau cacat harus diperbaiki oleh agen reparasi resmi. Jangan upayakan untuk melakukan
Bit for masonry drilling - up to 10mm
perbaikan sendiri.
Bit for wood drilling - up to 13mm.
13) Keluarkan aki. Keluarkan aki sekiranya anda tidak menggunakan alat atau menukar aksoseris.
Black & Decker offers a large selection of accessories
14) Hindari memulai alat dengan tidak sengaja. Jangan membawa alat dengan steker terancap dengan jari di
available at our local dealer or authorized service center
sekelar. Pastikan bahwa sakelar dilepaskan sewaktu steker terancap.
at extra cost.
15) Jangan menyalahkan-gunakan kabel. Jangan membawa alat dengan kabelnya atau menariknya untuk
CAUTION: The use of any non-recommended
mencabut dari stopkontak. Jauhkan kabel dari panas, minyak dan ujung yang tajam.
accessories may be hazardous.
16) Simpan alat-alat yang tak terpakai. Sewaktu tidak digunakan, alat harus disimpan di tempat yang kering dan
Protecting The Environment
dikunci dengan aman, jauhkan dari jangkauan anak-anak.
17) Pelihara alat dengan teliti. Simpan alat dalam keadaan baik dan bersih untuk kinerja yang lebih baik dan lebih
Rechargeable Batteries
aman. Ikuti petunjuk untuk pemeliharaan dan penggantian aksesori. Simpan semua handle dalam keadaan kering,
bersih, dan bebas dari minyak dan oli.
This product uses nickel-cadmium (NiCd)
18) Alat harus direparasi oleh agen reparasi resmi. Power tool ini sesuai dengan peraturan keselamatan yang
rechargeable and recyclable batteries, which can
bersangkutan. Untuk mencegah bahaya, alat-alat listrik boleh direparasi oleh teknisi yang memenuhi syarat.
be charged many times to give long life and
repeatedly full power.
Keselamatan tambahan bagi Aki dan Charger
This symbol indicates the NiCd batteries contained within
this unit must be disposed of properly and not discarded
in everyday household waste, which may be disposed
Jangan membuka aki. Ada bahaya terjadinya korsleting
of in an incinerator or landfill site. NiCd batteries can be
Jauhkan aki dari terkena air
harmful to the environment and can explode when
Jangan simpan aki di tempat yang boleh melebihi 40
exposed to fire. Do NOT incinerate or composted.
Charger hanya sesuai di simpan di antara 4
Please think of the protection of our environment.
Hanya gunakan charger yang sesuai dengan alat anda
Therefore, when the batteries no longer hold a charge,
Janganlah membuang aki kedalam sampah rumah tangga, kedalamapi atau kedalam air.Aki sebaliknya
they should be removed from the tool and recycled.
sebaliknya dikumpulkan, didaur ulangkan atau dibuang sesuai dengan usaha untuk melestarikan alam
Black & Decker recommends the following:
Jika aki tidak digunakan dengan betul, dapat keluar cairan dari aki. Jagalah supaya anda tidak terkena pada
Discharge batteries completely by running the unit
cairan ini, Jika secara tidak disengaja anda terkena pada cairan ini, cucikan dengan air. Jika cairan tersebut terkena
until the energy is completely discharged and then
pada mata, selain itu mintakan bantuan dari seorang docter. Cairan yang kekuar dari aki dapat mengakibatkan
remove from the tool. Place the battery in suitable
packaging to ensure that the terminals cannot be
gangguan kulit atau kebakaran
short circulated.
Take the battery pack to your local recycling station.
If necessary, contact your local municipality for
Gunakan charger Black & Decker anda dengan aki yang sesuai. Aki yang berlainan dengan charger boleh terbakar
proper disposal instructions in your city/town. The
dan mencederakan
collected batteries will be disposed of properly and/
Jangan charge aki yang sudah lama tidak di pakai
or used for recycling purposes whilst protecting the
Segera tukar kabel sekiranya kabel sudah rusak
Jauhkan charger dari terkena air
Note: you as a customer are responsible for proper
Jangan mencuba membuka atau membetulkan charger
disposal or recycling of the battery pack.
Charger hanya sesuai untuk kegunaan di dalam rumah
Unwanted Tools
Petunjuk Keselamatan
Should you find one day that your tool needs
replacement, or if it is of no further use to you,
Pegang alat di permukaan pegangan beinsulasi sewaktu mengoperasikan alat di mana alat pemotong mungkin akan
think of the protection of the environment. Black
bersentuh dengan kabel tersembunyi atau kabelnya sendiri. Bersentuhan dengan kabel kawat, hidup" akan
& Decker recommends you to contact your local council
menyebabkan bagian-bagian logam alat yang terpapar menjadi hidup" dan menimbulkan kejut listrik operator.
for disposal information.
Sekiranya anda mengunakan tangga untuk membuat sesuatu kerja, pastikan anda baringkan alat anda di posisi
Service Information
yang betul.
Jangan memegang mata obeng selepas anda menggunakan alat kerana mata obeng mungkin panas.
Black & Decker offers a full network of company-owned
Semasa memasang atau menukar aksesoris, gunakan panduan ynag di sediakan.
and authorized service locations throughout Asia. All
Sekiranya ada kerosakkan pada alat anda, segera bawa alat anda ke agen reparasi terdekat anda.
Black & Decker Service Centers are staffed with trained
Peringatan! Sebagian debu yang dihasilkan oleh mengampls, menggergaji, menggerinda, membor dan kegiatan
personnel to provide customers with efficient and
konstruksi lain yang mengandung bahan kimia yang diketahui dapat menyebabkan kanker, cacat lahir atau bahaya
reliable power tool service.
reproduktif lain.
Whether you need technical advice, repair, or genuine
Beberapa contoh bahan kimia adalah:
factory replacement parts, contact the Black & Decker
Timah dari cat yang terbuat dari timah
location nearest to you.
Silica kristalin dari batu bata dan semen dan produk-produk bahan banganan lainnya
Arsenik dan kromium dari chemically-treated lumber (CCA)
Black & Decker's policy is one of continuous
Label-label pada alat
improvement to our products and, as such, we
Termasuk simbol-simbol berikut:
reserve the right to change product specifications
without prior notice.
Standard equipment and accessories may vary by
Product specifications may differ by country.
Complete product range may not be available in all
.......................arus listrik bergantian AC/DC
countries. Contact your local Black & Decker
...................arus listrik langsung
dealers for range availability.
.....................kecepatan tanpa beban
.............. Konstruksi Kelas II
.............. termonal arde
.............. symbol kewaspadan untuk keselamatan
.../min ................ Revolusi atau resiprokasi per menit
.../bpm ............... Detak per menit
Insulasi Ganda
Alat anda ini di 'insulasi ganda' kan untuk memberikan pengamanan tambahan. Ini berarti bahwa alat ini seluruhnya
dikonstruksikan dengan insulasi yang terdiri dari dua lapisan yang terpisa, atau dengan sebuah insulasi yang tebalnya
dobel antara anda dan system listrik ini.
Cacatan: Insulasi ganda ini bukan untuk menggantikan tindakan pencegahan yang biasanya berlaku pada
pengoperasian alat ini. Sistem insulasi yang kwalitasnya ditingkatkan ini, adalah sebagai perlindunggan tambahan
terhadap kecelakaan, yang diakibatkan oleh kerusakan pada listrik yang dapat terjadi dalam peralatan.
Tempat kerja dan bangku yang berserakan dapat mengakibatkan
Jaga agar power tool tidak terkena kelengasan. Jaga agar tempat
Jangan biarkan anak-anak menyentuh alat atau kabel perpangjang.
Jaga penempatan posisi kaki dan keseimbangan yang baik setiap
Gunakan klem atau vice untuk menahan bahan yang dikerjakan. Lebih
pengoperasian dengan alat ini, selain yang
Cdan 10



Summary of Contents for Black & Decker HM1200

  • Page 1 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– push until the battery snaps into place. improperly used) causing a twist. Always expect the HM1200 12V 10mm Dual Speed Cordless Drill/Driver stall. Grip the drill firmly to control the twisting • To remove the battery, push the two release 12V 10mm Dual Speed Cordless Drill / Driver action (see Fig.
  • Page 2 -(i) 12V 10mm Motor listrik ini didesain hanya untuk tingkat voltase tertentu saja. Anda harys selalu mengecek suplai tenaga listrik . (ii) HM1200 sesuai dengan voltase yang dicantumkan pada alat pada pelat data-data. . (iii) . (iv) Peringatan! Jangan sambungkan kabel kawat hidup (L) atau neutral (N) ke penjepit arde yang bertanda (E) Kabel Perpanjangan Black&Decker...