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Electrolux EDE 425 M Instruction Booklet



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  • Page 2: Your New Tumble Dryer

    YOUR NEW TUMBLE DRYER This tumble dryer will give your wash that soft, relaxed feel whatever the weather. Extremely high quality standards both during development and manufacturing guarantee a long service life for your appliance. Maximum economy in the operation of your dryer is achieved through very frugal electricity consumption and short drying times.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Warnings ..........Page Description of the appliance ..Page Installation ..........Page Positioning..........Page ■ Fitting the vent hose ........Page ■ Door reversal..........Page ■ Electrical connection .........Page ■ Stacking kit (optional accessory) ....Page ■ .............Page Control panel ..........Page ■ Use of controls ..........Page ■...
  • Page 4: Warnings

    Refer to your local Electrolux Service Centre. Always insist This tumble dryer is designed to be vented ■ on genuine Electrolux spare parts.
  • Page 5: Description Of The Appliance

    DESCRIPTION OF THE APPLIANCE 01 Worktop 02 Programme chart 03 Low Temperature Button 04 Cool Tumbling Button 05 Drying Time Selector Dial 06 Mains-On Light 07 Rating Plate 08 Door Handle 09 Fluff filter 10 Adjustable feet 11 Side vent outlets 12 Ring nut 13 Rear vent outlet...
  • Page 6: Installation

    INSTALLATION Positioning It is recommended that, for your convenience, the machine is positioned close to your washing machine. Whilst drying, the tumble dryer will expel a certain amount of warm, very moist air, and this should be removed from the room as quickly as possible to prevent condensation.
  • Page 7 Advice: If the hose is long and the room temperature low, the moisture might condense to water inside the hose. This is an unavoidable natural phenomenon. To prevent this water from Iying in the hose or flowing back into the tumble dryer, it is advisable to drill a small hole (dia.
  • Page 8: Door Reversal

    Door reversal To make it easier to load or unload the laundry the door can be reversed. This operation must be carried out by qualified personnel. Operate as follows: - Remove the door by unscrewing the two screws (1) fastening the hinge to the cabinet (Fig.
  • Page 9: Use

    Control panel 1 Programme Chart 4 Drying Time Selector Dial This will help you to select the correct time for The selector dial incorporates two drying cycles, drying. one of up to 120 minutes at a high temperature for cotton and linen, and one of up to 80 minutes at a low temperature for synthetic fabrics.
  • Page 10: Drying Times

    Drying Times Cottons Selector dial: up to 120 minutes Drying times Quantity Degree of drying required Degree of spin given mins 85-105 800-1000 Store dry 60-75 75-95 800-1000 Iron dry 40-55 Synthetics Selector dial: up to 80 minutes Degree of spin given Quantity Drying times Degree of drying required...
  • Page 11: Drying Sequence

    Drying sequence Before starting up for the first time it is advisable lo load a few moist cloths into the dryer and to let it run for about 20 minutes. This ensures that no dust and dirt is left in the drum. 1.
  • Page 12: Useful Hints

    Knitted textiles (knitted underwear) may shrink Useful hints ■ a little during drying. Please do not overdry items of this type. It is advisable to allow for Try to load to the maximum capacity of the shrinkage when choosing the size of new ■...
  • Page 13: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE You must disconnect the appliance from the electricity supply, before you can carry out any cleaning or maintenance work. External cleaning Use only soap and water and then dry thoroughly. From time to time, apply a little wax furniture cream with a soft cloth.
  • Page 14: Servicing

    SERVICING Before contacting your local Electrolux Service Centre, please make the following checks: Problem Possible cause ■ The door is open. The dryer does not start up ■ The plug is not fitted into the wall socket. ■ There is no electricity supply from the wall socket.

Table of Contents