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Important Safety Information - Electrolux EDC 510E Instruction Booklet

Condenser dryer
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Important safety information

These warnings have been provided in the interest of safety. You MUST read them carefully before installing or
using the appliance.
• Any electrical work required to install this
appliance should be carried out by a qualified
electrician or competent tradesman.
• Care must be taken to ensure that the appliance
does not stand on the electrical supply cable.
• If the machine is situated on a carpeted floor,
please adjust the feet in order to allow air to
circulate freely.
• This appliance is designed for domestic use only.
If the machine is used for any other purpose or is
not used correctly, the manufacturer accepts no
responsibility for any damage that might occur.
• Tumble dryer is intended only for drying textile
material, washed in water only.
• Always unplug the appliance after use.
• Clothes which are dripping wet should not be
placed in the dryer.
• Risk of fire: items that have been spotted or soaked
with vegetable or cooking oil constitute a fire hazard
and should not be placed in the tumble dryer.
• If you have washed your laundry with stain
remover you must execute an extra rinse cycle
before loading your tumble dryer.
• Oil affected items can ignite spontaneously,
especially when exposed to heat sources such as
in the tumble dryer. Items become warm, causing
an oxidation reaction in the oil. Oxidisation creates
heat. If the heat can not escape garments become
hot and risk catching fire. Piling, stacking or
storing oil affected items can prevent heat from
escaping, creating a fire hazard.
• If fabrics that contain vegetable or cooking oil or
have been contaminated by hair care products are
placed in a tumble dryer, they should be washed
first in hot water with extra detergent. This will
reduce, but not eliminate the hazard. The cool
down cycle should be used to reduce the
temperature of the garment. Garments should not
be removed from the tumble dryer, piled or
stacked while hot.
• Items that have been previously cleaned, washed,
soaked or spotted with petrol/gasoline, dry-cleaning
solvents or other flammable or explosive substances
should not be placed in the tumble dryer.
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• Highly flammable substances commonly used in
domestic environments include acetone,
denatured alcohol, petrol/gasoline, kerosene, spot
removers (some brands), turpentine, waxes and
wax removers.
• Items containing foam rubber (also known as latex
foam) or a similar textured rubber, should not be
dried in a tumble dryer on a heat setting.
• Foam rubber materials can, when heated, produce
fire by spontaneous combustion.
• Fabric softeners or similar products should not be
used in a tumble dryer to eliminate static
electricity unless this practice is specifically
recommended by the fabric softener or product
• Undergarments that contain metal reinforcements
should not be placed in the tumble dryer.
• Damage to the tumble dryer can occur if metal
reinforcements come loose during drying. When
available a drying rack could be used for such
• Plastic articles such as shower caps or babies'
waterproof napkin covers should not be placed in
the tumble dryer.
• Rubber backed articles, clothes fitted with foam
rubber pads, pillows, gumboots and rubber
coated tennis shoes should not be placed in the
tumble dryer.
• Danger of explosion: Never tumble dry items that
have been in contact with inflammable solvents
(petrol, methylated spirits, dry cleaning fluids etc).
These substances are volatile and can cause an
explosion. Only tumble dry items washed in water.
• Ensure no gas lighters have been accidentally left
in pockets of garments.
• Do not dry canvas shoes or sport shoes, as they
could get stuck between the door and the drum.
• Leave the door slightly ajar when the tumble dryer
is not in use. This allows the seal to be preserved.
• Clean lint filters after use, to prevent the risk of
fire. Do not use the dryer if the lint filters are
damaged or missing.
• Do not allow lint to accumulate around the dryer.

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Table of Contents