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Something Not Working - Electrolux EDC 510E Instruction Booklet

Condenser dryer
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Something not working?

Before contacting your local Service Centre, please make the following checks:
If during the drying phase the END pilot light starts blinking and the buzzer sounds, please switch your tumble
dryer off and contact your local Service Centre.
• The dryer does not work:
• The dryer does not dry properly:
If, after the above checks, there is still a fault, call
your local Electrolux Customer Service on
Page 15
Possible cause
• The door(s) is(are) open.
• The plug is not fitted into the wall socket.
• There is no electricity supply from the wall socket.
• The selector dial is not set correctly.
• The water reservoir is full or not correctly inserted
(FULL TANK pilot light is on). The programme
starts in any case but it stops after approx. 4
• The START/PAUSE button has not been
• The filters are clogged.
• Drum needs cleaning, refer to page 13.
• The condenser is clogged.
• The water reservoir is full.
• The selected cycle is not suitable for the laundry.
• Insufficient drying time.
• The laundry has not been spun properly.
• The low temperature function has been selected.
• Excessive laundry load.
• The dryer is not correctly installed.
Please make sure you give the model and serial
number of the appliance.
This information can be found on the rating plate
(see picture of page 5).

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