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Hard Drive Replacement; Hard Drive Replacement Examples - Buffalo LS410D User Manual

Ls400 series
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In Advanced Settings, click
Change the user's primary group to the group with the quota, then click OK.
Click Close.
Click the
icon and select Restart to apply the quota settings.

Hard Drive Replacement

If a drive fails, NAS Navigator2 and Settings will show a error message.
• Do not replace a running drive while the LinkStation is turned on. Power down the LinkStation before changing
the drive. While the LinkStation is running, never unplug or remove drives without dismounting them first.
• The replacement drive should be a OP-HD/LS series drive, available from Buffalo. Using a different drive might
cause your LinkStation to malfunction.
• Use a Buffalo OP-HD/LS series drive of the same size or larger for the replacement drive. If a larger drive is used,
the extra space will not be usable in a mirrored RAID array.
• To avoid damaging the LinkStation with static electricity, ground yourself by touching something made of metal
before handling any sensitive electronic parts.
• After a drive is replaced, it takes about 30 minutes before normal file reading and writing are restored. Settings
may not be accessible during this period.
• Do not change the order of the hard drives in the LinkStation. For example, pulling out drive 1 and replacing it
with drive 2 may cause data to be corrupted or lost.
• If a new drive is not recognized after installing it, click Rediscover Disk in Settings.

Hard Drive Replacement Examples

Turn the LinkStation off and remove all cables.
Squeeze the left side of the front panel and pull the panel off.
to the right of "Users".

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Table of Contents

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