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Owner's guide
NV351-FS series
NV352-FS series


   Summary of Contents for Shark NV351-FS series

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    í l u suar i o Owner’s guide NV351-FS series NV352-FS series...

  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    SHOCK OR INJURY: INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING: GENERAL ELECTRICAL SAFETY: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING 1. Unplug from electrical outlet when not in use YOUR SHARK NAVIGATOR LIFT-AWAY ® and before servicing. POLARIZED PLUG: 2. DO NOT use vacuum with a damaged cord or To reduce the risk of electric shock, this appliance plug.

  • Page 3

    HOSE ATTACHMENTS: DUST CUP/FILTERS/ACCESSORIES: 1. DO NOT use if air flow is restricted; if the air Before turning on the vacuum: paths, the hose, or the accessories become Make sure that all filters are thoroughly dry blocked, turn the vacuum cleaner off. Remove after routine cleaning.

  • Page 4

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Voltage: 120V., 60Hz Watts: 1200W Amps:...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Thank you for Getting Started purchasing Mode 1: Upright Vac the Shark ® Mode 2: Detachable Canister Navigator Above-Floor Cleaning Lift-Away. With Floor Nozzle Storing Maintenance Emptying the Dust Cup Cleaning the Pre-Motor Filters Cleaning the Post-Motor HEPA Filter...

  • Page 6: Getting Started

    Getting Started Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 ACCESSORIES: CREVICE TOOL Reach deep into narrow spaces and clean between cushions, under radiators and baseboards and in hard to reach crevices and corners. (Fig. 1) DUSTING BRUSH FIRST THING’S FIRST, YOU NEED TO KNOW Dust shelves, lamp shades, window blinds, books, WHAT’S IN THE BOX YOU JUST OPENED: furniture and other upholstered household items.

  • Page 7

    Your new Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum cleaner can easily be configured into different ® cleaning modes to meet all your cleaning needs: upright vacuum and detachable canister - both with constant suction power. Fig. 5 Fig. 6 MODES: UPRIGHT VAC...

  • Page 8: Mode 1: Upright Vac

    Mode 1: Upright Vac To reduce the risk of electric shock, unplug the unit before assembling, adding or removing attachments or converting modes. WARNING: The On/Off switch is on the top of the detachable canister. Always ensure the power is OFF (“O”...

  • Page 9

    English Cord Suction Hook Release Collar Release suction for easier push & pull on high pile carpets and area rugs. Fig. 10 Fig. 11 TO USE: ently press the floor nozzle down with your foot while you grasp the handle and tilt it back towards Rotate the cord release to quickly release the you.

  • Page 10: Mode 2: Detachable Canister

    Mode 2: Detachable Canister You can carry your vacuum cleaner in both modes by the carry handle located on top of the dust cup. Fig. 13 Fig. 12 LIFT AWAY DETACHABLE CANISTER FOR Attach desired accessory onto the end of either ndle.

  • Page 11: Above-floor Cleaning

    Above-Floor Cleaning With Floor Nozzle Release suction for easier push & pull on high pile Fig. 14 Suction carpets and area Release Collar rugs. Fig. 15 CLEAN ABOVE THE FLOOR IN UPRIGHT VAC OR CLEAN THE FLOOR IN DETACHABLE CANISTER DETACHABLE CANISTER MODE MODE Press the handle release button and pull the...

  • Page 12: Storing

    Maintenance Storing To reduce the risk of electric shock, unplug the unit before performing any cleaning, maintenance, or troubleshooting checks. Reassemble all parts securely before operating vacuum. DO NOT operate the vacuum without the pre- motor filters and dust cup in place. DO NOT operate the vacuum with WET filters.

  • Page 13: Emptying The Dust Cup

    COMPONENT MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Dust Cup Empty each time you vacuum. Pre-Motor Foam Filter Rinse and air dry every 3 months under normal use. Pre-Motor Felt Filter Rinse and air dry every 3 months under normal use. Post-Motor HEPA Filter Clean once every 2 years or as needed. Screen Pre-Motor Filter...

  • Page 14: Cleaning The Post-motor Hepa Filter

    Maintenance - cont’d Fig. 21 Fig. 24 Fig. 25 CLEANING THE TURBO BRUSH (model NV351 only) Slide the locking latch (a) forward and tilt the bottom cover upward to remove. (Fig. 24) Carefully remove any blockage or debris and cut away any build-up of hair or string wrapped Fig.

  • Page 15: Cleaning The Motorized Floor Brush

    Make sure you are working in a well lit area and use a flashlight to help search for blockages. Rotating Brush Fig. 28 Fig. 29 CHECKING FOR BLOCKAGES CLEANING THE MOTORIZED FLOOR BRUSH Blockages may cause your vacuum to overheat and When your motorized floor brush needs cleaning or shut down.

  • Page 16: Ordering Parts

    Ordering Parts Maintenance - cont’d Fig. 30 Fig. 31 • Remove the dust cup and extension wand PART PART NO. and separate the detachable canister from the Pre-Motor Filter Set XFF350 motorized floor brush. Look in all 4 openings for any blockages. (Fig. 30) HEPA Filter XHF350 Motorized Floor Brush...

  • Page 17: Troubleshooting Guide

    English Troubleshooting Guide PROBLEM POSSIBLE REASONS & SOLUTIONS Check filters to see if they need cleaning. Follow instructions for rinsing and drying the filters before re-inserting back into the vacuum. (See “Maintenance” sections for instructions.) Vacuum is not Dust cup may be full; empty dust cup. picking up dirt.

  • Page 18: Warranty

    EURO-PRO 30 DAY LIMITED WARRANTY Your Product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase when utilized for normal household use by the original purchaser only. This is essential for your Warranty to be effective should any problem arise with this product.

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