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Food processor/hand mixer
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Working with the mixer/
When the mixer is attached to the
processor stand, the mixing bowl is
automatically switched on when the
mixer is switched on.
The mixer must not be run continu-
ously for more than 10 minutes at a
time. After this time, allow to cool for
at least 20 minutes before re-using.
Maximum processing quantities:
Processing in the mixing bowl must not
exceed 1.5 kg solid or 1.75 l liquid
Switching the mixer ON
(Figure 6)
0 Select the speed range with the speed
range selector switch (Figure 1+6/C):
low speeds, or
high speeds.
Selecting the correct settings
The following notes can be used as a guide.
Mixer speed
• Kneading, Mixing:
• Folding in:
• Stirring:
• Whisking, Frothing:
Start all types of processing at a low speed. This will avoid powdery foods and liquids
spraying out.
0 The ON/OFF switch (Figure 1+6/B) is
used to:
– switch the mixer ON and OFF,
– control the mixer speed (5 speed set-
0 As long as the Pulse button (Figure
1+6/D) is pressed and held when the
appliance is in operation, the mixer
operates at its maximum speed.
Selecting the mixing bowl speed
(Figure 7)
The mixing bowl has two speed set-
0 The mixing bowl speed selector switch
(Figure 1/H) is used to select the mixing
bowl speed:
II = high speed
Switching the mixer OFF
0 Slide the ON/OFF switch (Figure 1+6/B)
to "0".
– The mixer and mixing bowl are
Speed range selector switch
(Figure 1+6/C)
button (Figure 1+6/D)
tings) in the pre-selected speed
= low speed
switched off.
ON/OFF switch
(Figure 1+6/B)
start with 1 or 2,
than speed up to 5
3, 4
start with 2 or 3,
than speed up
4 or 5



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