AEG KM 4.. Assistent Operating Instructions Manual page 5

Food processor/hand mixer
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• Repairs to the appliance may only be
carried out by trained personnel. As a
result of incorrect repairs considerable
dangers for the user may result. Please
contact the AEG customer service
department or your dealer in the event
of repairs being necessary.
Safety of children
• Never leave the appliance unattended
when on and supervise particularly
carefully if young children are around!
When using your appliance
• Never release the accessories while the
processor/mixer is running.
• Ensure fingers are kept away from
moving whisks and dough hooks. This
could result in injury!
• Never use the mixer if you have wet
• Plastic parts may not be placed on or
directly near to heaters.
• Do not use this appliance to stir paints
(lacquers, polyesters etc.) This could
result in an explosion!
• The appliance should be switched off
and unplugged before any cleaning or
maintenance work is done on it.
• Never clean the appliance under run-
ning water or submerge it in washing-
up water.
• The manufacturer is not liable for any
damages which are caused by using the
appliance for any other purpose than
that intended or incorrect use.
Installation, connection and ini-
tial use
• The attachments are only to be
inserted into or removed from the
appliance when it is switched off.
• The hand mixer can be used to mix
food in any suitable bowl. You are
advised, however, to use the supplied
mixing bowls.
• Never switch on the appliance until the
working attachments are in the mixing
bowl with the ingredients to be proc-
essed. Always wait until the attach-
ments stop before you remove the
• Do not hold any hard objects (e.g. a
spoon, knife or whisk) against the
moving attachments and do not touch
them with your hand. This could
result in injury!
• When you have finished working with
the appliance, switch it off and unplug
it from the electricity supply.
Dispose of the packaging!
Do not simply throw away the packag-
ing. Please observe the following
Packaging can be put to the old paper
Polyethylene plastic bags (PE) can be
given to the PE collection points for
recycling. Padding of expanded poly-
styrene (PS) is CFC free and can be
given to the relevant collection points
(recycling depot). Please contact your
recycling depot through your munici-
pal authorities.
Dispose of your old appliance!
When you eventually stop using your
appliance please bring it to the nearest
recycling centre or to your dealer who
will take it back for a small fee.



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