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User Instructions


   Summary of Contents for HUSQVARNA VA6011RF

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    User Instructions VA6011RF Dishwasher VA6053RF VA6070RF...

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    Dear customer, Please read these user instructions carefully. Above all please observe the safety instructions on the first few pages ofthese user instructions! Please keep these user instructions for later reference. Pass them on to any subsequent owner of the appliance. The warning triangle and/or specific words (Warning!, Caution!, Important!) are used to highlight instructions that are important for your safety or for the function of the appliance.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents CONTENTS Operating Instructions ........Safety Instructions .

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    Contents What to do, when ..........31 ...Error messages are displayed.

  • Page 5: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Safety Instructions The safety aspects of ATAG electrical appliances comply with accepted technical standards and the German Appliance Safety Law. Neverthe- less, as a manufacturer we consider it our obligation to make you aware of the following safety information: Installation, Connection and Placing into Operation •...

  • Page 6: General Safety

    Operating Instructions General Safety • Repairs to the dishwasher are only to be carried out by qualified serv- ice engineers. Improper repairs can give rise to significant hazards for the user. If your appliance needs repairing, please contact customer service or your dealer. •...

  • Page 7: Disposal

    Operating Instructions • Do not sit or stand on the open door, the appliance may tip over. • In the event of a fault, first close the tap, then switch off the appli- ance and unplug it from the mains. If the appliance is permanently wired to the mains: switch off the fuse(s) or unscrew them.

  • Page 8: Appliance Features And Control Panel

    Operating Instructions Appliance Features and Control Panel Top Spray Nozzle Rubber Seal for Connecting the Water Feed to the Spray Arm Spray Arms Water hardness switch Container for Special Salt Container for Detergent Container for Filters Rating Plate Rinse Aid...

  • Page 9: Control Panel

    Operating Instructions Control panel Set start Indicator for the Function buttons delay start delay set Cycle progress display 1 2 3 Programme buttons Control indicators Door handle ON / OFF button The control panel consists of the ON/OFF button and the programme buttons with LED displays.

  • Page 10: Prior To Using For The First Time

    Operating Instructions Prior to using for the first time Prior to using for the first time, remove all the clips with which the dish racks are secured for transport. Then perform the following steps: 1. Adjust the water softener 2. Fill with Special Salt for the Water Softener 3.

  • Page 11: Setting The Water Softener

    Operating Instructions 1) (°d) German degree, measure of the hardness of water 2) [mmol/l] millimol per litre, international unit for the hardness of water 3) On this setting the length of the wash programme may be slightly longer. *) factory setting Setting the water softener Using the table as a guide, adjust the water softener to that which cor- responds to the hardness of the water in your area:...

  • Page 12: Special Salt For The Water Softener

    Operating Instructions Special salt for the water softener If the water hardness in your area is less than 4 °d, then the water in your dishwasher does not need to be softened and you do not need to use special salt or salt substitute. Water can be softened in one of two ways: •...

  • Page 13: Adding Special Salt

    Operating Instructions Adding special salt If you are using dishwasher detergent and special salt separately, add the special salt: – Before using the dishwasher for the first time. – When the indicator for special salt is illuminated on the control panel.

  • Page 14: Rinse Aid

    Operating Instructions Rinse aid Rinse aid ensures that your dishes gleam and are free from spots, and that your glasses are clear. Rinse aid can be added in one of two ways: • If you are using dishwasher detergent that already contains rinse aid, the detergent including the rinse aid is put into the detergent com- partment.

  • Page 15: Adding Rinse Aid

    Operating Instructions display will indicate the current setting: Rinse aid inflow activated indicator is illuminated: (ex-factory setting) Inflow of rinse aid is deactivated indicator is not illuminated: 4. Pressing function button 2 activates and deactivates the rinse aid dis- pensing function. 5.

  • Page 16: Adjusting Rinse Aid Dosing

    Operating Instructions Adjusting Rinse Aid Dosing As the dishes are washed rinse aid is released from the dispenser into the wash water. The dose is factory set at 4, and can be adjusted from 1 to 6. Only change the setting if streaks, milky spots or dried on water marks are visible on glasses or crockery.

  • Page 17: In Daily Use

    Operating Instructions In Daily Use • Is it necessary to refill with special salt or rinse aid? • Load cutlery and dishes into the dishwasher • Fill with dishwasher detergent • Select a wash programme suitable for the cutlery and dishes •...

  • Page 18: Loading Cutlery

    Operating Instructions Loading Cutlery Long, pointed items of cutlery in the cutlery rack are a hazard, par- ticularly to children (see Safety Instructions). To ensure that all items of cutlery are completely washed, you should 1. Place the grid insert on the cutlery rack 2.

  • Page 19: Loading Pans, Frying Pans And Large Plates

    Operating Instructions Loading Pans, Frying Pans and Large Plates Load large and heavily soiled dishes in the lower rack (Plates up to 29cm in diameter). Your dishwasher has one of the following four types of lower rack: Type 1: The right-hand plate inserts in the lower rack can be folded across one another To ease the loading of large items,...

  • Page 20: Loading Cups, Glasses And Coffee Services

    Operating Instructions Loading Cups, Glasses and Coffee Services Load small, delicate items and long pointed cutlery in the upper rack. • Arrange items of crockery on the folding cups racks so that they are offset from each other and water can reach all items.

  • Page 21: Adjusting The Height Of The Upper Basket

    Operating Instructions Adjusting the Height of the Upper Basket Maximum Height of the Dishes in the Upper Basket Lower Basket With upper basket raised 22 cm 31 cm With upper basket lowered 24 cm 29 cm The height of the basket can also be adjusted when it is loaded. Lowering the Upper Basket: 1.

  • Page 22: Filling With Detergent

    Operating Instructions Filling with detergent Only use detergent specifically designed for domestic dishwashers. Fill with detergent: – Prior to using the dishwasher (do not use with the programme ‘pre wash’). Detergent is automatically added during the programme. Please observe the instructions with regard to dosage and storage as detailed on the detergent’s packaging.

  • Page 23: Use Of 'combined Detergent Tablets

    Operating Instructions Use of ‘Combined detergent tablets’. Important instructions Detergent tablets which combine the function of detergent, rinse aid and salt are available. 1. Should you use this type of detergent, please check whether the hard- ness of the tap water is in accordance with the details as stated on the packaging material and / or whether the product is suitable for use.

  • Page 24: Concentrated Detergents

    Operating Instructions Concentrated detergents Based on the chemical composition the dishwasher detergents can be subdivided in two groups: – conventional alkaline detergents containing caustic substances – concentrated dishwasher detergents, slightly alkaline and containing natural enzymes Use of a dishwasher programme on a temperature of 50 °C and whilst using a concentrated detergent is environmental friendly and extends the life span of the crockery, for the 50 °C-programmes are specially matched to the soil dissolving properties of the enzymes in the concen-...

  • Page 25: Selecting The Wash Programme (programme Table)

    Operating Instructions Selecting the Wash Programme (Programme Table) Choose the most suitable wash programme with the aid of this table: Type of Coffee Service Dinner Service and Cooking Utensils Dishes and Dessert Dishes In Addition with delicate glasses Type of •...

  • Page 26: Starting A Wash Programme

    Operating Instructions Starting a wash programme 1. Check that the dishes and cutlery are stacked in the dishwasher in such a way that the spray arms are free to rotate. 2. Turn on the tap fully. 3. Close the door. 4.

  • Page 27: Setting Or Changing The Start Delay

    Operating Instructions Interrupting the wash programme by opening the dishwasher door Hot steam may escape when the door is opened. There is a risk of scald- ing. Open the door carefully. 1. Open the door of the dishwasher. The wash programme will stop. 2.

  • Page 28: Load Sensing - Automatic

    Operating Instructions Changing the wash programme after the start delay has been set: As long as the wash programme has not yet started, you are able to change the start delay set by pressing a wash programme button. 1. Press the button for the new wash programme and hold it down. First, the indicator for the wash programme that was already selected will flash.

  • Page 29: Care And Cleaning

    Operating Instructions Care and Cleaning Do not under any circumstances use furniture care products or aggres- sive cleaners. • If necessary, clean the controls only with a soft cloth and pure warm water. • Occasionally check the internal containers, door seal, and water inlet for soiling, clean if necessary.

  • Page 30

    Operating Instructions 7. Put the flat filter back in the base of the washing compartment 8. Place the coarse/fine filter in the microfilter and press together. 9. Put the filter combination in place and lock by turning the handle clock- wise to the stop.

  • Page 31: What To Do, When

    Operating Instructions What to do, when ... Try to rectify minor faults on the dishwasher with the aid of the instructions given here. If you call in customer service to resolve one of the malfunctions listed here, or rectify an error made in the operation of the appliance, the customer service engineer’s visit is not free of charge, even during the period of guarantee.

  • Page 32

    Operating Instructions Malfunction Possible cause Remedy The programme indicator The siphon is blocked. Clean out siphon. for the selected wash pro- gramme is flashing, the end wash programme The water drain hose has Check hose installation. indicator is flashing in the not been correctly laid.

  • Page 33: Problems Occur During Use Of The Dishwasher

    Operating Instructions ...problems occur during use of the dishwasher. Malfunction Possible Cause Remedy The door of the dishwasher is Shut the door. not closed properly. Mains plug is not plugged in. Insert mains plug. The programme does House fuse is defective. Replace fuse.

  • Page 34: Technical Data

    Operating Instructions There are streaks, milky spots or a bluish coating on glasses and dishes. – Lower rinse aid dosing. There are dried water drops on the glasses and dishes. – Increase rinse aid dosing. – The detergent may be the cause. Contact the detergent manufac- turer’s customer advisor.

  • Page 35: Notes For Test Institutes

    Operating Instructions Notes for Test Institutes Testing in accordance with EN 60704 must be carried out with the appliance fully loaded and using the test programme (see Programme Table). Tests in accordance with EN 50242 must be carried out when the salt dispenser and rinse aid container have been filled with salt and rinse aid respectively and using the test programme (see Programme Table).

  • Page 36: Installation And Connection Instructions

    Installation and Connection Instructions INSTALLATION AND CONNECTION INSTRUCTIONS Installing the Dishwasher • The dishwasher must be installed on a firm floor and adjusted to ensure that it is stable and level. • To compensate for unevenness in the floor and to match the height of the appliance to that of surrounding units extend the threaded feet by unscrew- ing:...

  • Page 37: Connecting The Dishwasher

    Installation and Connection Instructions Connecting the Dishwasher Water Connection The dishwasher is fitted with safety devices that prevent the wash water returning into the drinking water system and comply with the applicable plumbing regulations. • The dishwasher can be connected to cold and hot water supplies up to max.

  • Page 38: Water Inlet Hose With Safety Valve

    Installation and Connection Instructions The following section is only applicable to dishwashers that have a safety valve on the threaded hose fitting for the tap: Water inlet hose with safety valve After connecting the double-walled water inlet hose, the safety valve is next to the tap.

  • Page 39: Water Drain

    Installation and Connection Instructions Water drain Drain hose The drain hose must not be kinked, crushed or entangled. • Connecting the drain hose: – Maximum permitted height: 0,85 metre. – Minimum required height 40 cm above the lower edge of the machine.

  • Page 40: Leak Prevention System

    Installation and Connection Instructions Leak Prevention System For protection from damage due to water leaks, the dishwasher is equipped with a leak prevention system, the AQUA CONTROL SYSTEM. In the event of a fault, the safety valve in the appliance immediately interrupts the inflow of water and the drain pump is activated.

  • Page 41: Connections

    Installation and Connection Instructions Connections The water inlet and drain hoses, as well as the mains cable must be connected beside the dishwasher as there is insufficient space behind the appliance. The plumbing and electrical installation example given below can only be regarded as a recommendation;...

  • Page 43: Service

    Service SERVICE In the section "What to do, if..." the most important sources of faults that you can rectify yourself are summarised. If, nevertheless, you call in customer service to resolve a problem listed in these instruction, or because of an error made in operating the appliance, the customer service engineer’s visit is not free of charge, even during the warranty period.

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