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Using A Microsd Memory Card - Casio C Series User Manual

C series
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Using a microSD Memory Card

• For information about loading and removing a microSD memory
card, see the electronic dictionary's User's Guide.
Commercially available microSD memory cards or
microSDHC memory cards can be used to expand storage
• Use only a microSD memory card. Proper operation is not
guaranteed when any other type of memory card is used.
• Never do any of the following while microSD memory card text is on
the display of the electronic dictionary.
• Insert or remove the memory card
• Connect or disconnect the USB cable
• Turn off the electronic dictionary or computer
• Exit EX-word TextLoader or Windows
• Note that the microSD memory card must be oriented correctly
when you insert it into the card slot. Forcing the card can damage it.
• Be sure to read the documentation that comes with the microSD
memory card before using it.
• Some microSD memory cards may require formatting before use.
If formatting instructions appear after you load a microSD memory
card and display the "Library" screen (Page 6), it means that the card
needs to be formatted. Follow the instructions to format the card.
Note that formatting a microSD memory card will delete all data
currently stored on it. Data deleted by a format operation cannot be
recovered. Make sure you no longer need the current contents of a
memory card before formatting it.
• The storage capacity consumed by a fi le transferred from a
computer to a microSD memory card is different when the same
fi le is transferred from a computer to electronic dictionary memory.
This is due to limitations imposed by the microSD memory card.
Because of this, a fi le transferred to a microSD memory card loaded
in the electronic dictionary may take up more memory card space
than is indicated by the fi le size on your computer.
• Depending on the type of microSD memory card you are using, the
display may simply go blank without displaying a message when
battery power goes low. If this happens, replace the batteries.
• A microSD memory card can be swallowed by small children,
presenting a choking risk. Keep microSD memory cards out of the
reach of small children.



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