Before Use; Using The Freezer; To Start The Freezer And Set The Correct Temperature; Temperature Inside The Freezer - Electrolux EUC2603 Instruction Booklet

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Before use

Position and clean the cabinet as explained in the
section "Installation".

Using the freezer

To start the freezer and set the
correct temperature
Turn the thermostat control to the desired position.
MIN The lowest position of the thermostat control
results in the highest temperature inside the cabinet.
MAX The highest position of the thermostat control
results in the lowest temperature inside the cabinet.
• : Switched off.
Allow the cabinet to run for a period of 24 hours
whenever the temperature setting is changed. This
will allow the temperature to stabilise inside the
Once set, the temperature display shows "- -" until
the temperature inside the fridge reaches -1°C or

Temperature inside the freezer

To ensure that foodstuff will keep for a long time, be
sure that the temperature inside the freezer is -18°C
or below. Please note, however, that the energy
consumption increases as the temperature decreases.
The built-in temperature display shows the warmest
temperature inside the freezer. If the temperature is
measured using a thermometer, put it between the
products since this will reflect the real temperature
in the frozen products. It is normal that the built-in
temperature display shows a temperature slightly
above that measured in other ways.

Switching off

Turn the control anti-clockwise past the click
position to "•".
Remove the power supply plug from the wall socket.

Alarms and other features

Temperature alarm
The warning lamp lights and an alarm sounds if the
inside temperature is warmer than -10°C.
Switching off the audible alarm: Press the alarm-off
button. The red warning lamp goes out when it
becomes colder than -9°C.
The temperature alarm can also sound at
temperatures colder than -9°C if e.g. the
door has been left open for a long time.
Before inserting the power plug into the
outlet and switching on the cabinet for
the first time, leave it standing upright
for about 4 hours. Otherwise the
compressor may sustain damage. This
time will allow the oil sufficient time to
return to the compressor.
Electrolux 818 21 34-04/2

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents