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Guarantee Conditions; Customer Care Department - Electrolux EUC2603 Instruction Booklet


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It is too cold inside the freezer.
Too much frost and ice are produced.
The compressor operates continuously.
The cabinet does not operate at all.
Cooling or interior light does not
operate. No indicator lamps light.
Power failure
Sound level in cabinet is too high.

Guarantee Conditions

See Guarantee Conditions on the Registration Card.

Customer Care Department

For general enquiries concerning your Electrolux
appliance or futher information on Electrolux
products, you are invited to contact our Customer
Care Department by letter or phone as follows:
Customer Care Department
55-77 High Street
Set a warmer temperature.
Action Freeze could have been switched on.
The temperature display shows the highest temperature inside
the cabinet. Thus a difference between the temperature
indicated on the display and the (average) temperature
measured in another way is normal.
Make sure that the door is completely closed and that the
insulating strip is complete and clean.
Set a warmer temperature.
Set a warmer temperature.
Make sure that the door is completely closed and that the
insulating strip is complete and clean.
The temperature where the cabinet is placed is above normal
room temperature.
The cabinet is not switched on.
Power does not reach the cabinet. (Try connecting another
electrical device to the power outlet.)
The fuse has blown.
The power plug is not properly connected.
Do not unnecessarily open the cabinet, except when the power
cut seems to be long, in which case the food products should be
moved to another cabinet that works. If the frozen products are
still hard following the power cut, they may be immediately
refrozen. If the food products have thawed but are still fresh,
they may be used, however they should be prepared before
re-freezing or eating them.
The refrigerating system will always produce some sounds. A
pulsing sound is heard when coolant is pumped inside the
cooling pipes. A ticking sound from the thermostat can be
heard when the compressor switches on and off. The sound
level varies depending on the operation of the cabinet.
If you feel the sound level is incorrect:
Make sure the pipes at the back of the cabinet not touch each
other. Carefully bend them if they do.
If the cushion spacers (between the cabinet wall and pipes)
come loose, put them back in place again.
Carefully follow the instructions in the chapter "Installing the
Phone: 08705 950950 *
* calls to this number may be recorded for training
Electrolux 818 21 34-04/2


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