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Hints And Tips; Saving Energy; Food Storage - Electrolux EUC2603 Instruction Booklet


Table of Contents
Freezer tray
Use the freezer tray to freeze berries and vegetables.
After about 4 hours the food will be thoroughly
frozen and can then be packaged normally. Food
that is frozen in this way will not stick together,
enabling you to use only the amount required.
Ice cubes
Fill the ice tray to max. 3/4 since water expands as it
freezes. Release the ice cubes by twisting the ice
If ice cubes are kept for a long time, they will dry
out and the taste is affected. Thus, throw away old
ice cubes and prepare new ones when needed.
Use Ice-twist to prepare and keep ice cubes. Fill the
container to max. 3/4 with water since water expands
as it freezes. Release the ice cubes and let them fall
into the container by twisting the knobs. Then fill up
with water again.

Hints and Tips

Saving energy

Pay careful attention to where the cabinet is
placed. See the section "Installation". When
installed correctly, the cabinet will consume less
Try to avoid keeping the door open for long
periods, or opening the door too frequently as
warm air will enter the cabinet, and cause the
compressor to switch on unnecessarily often.
Ensure there are no obstructions preventing the
door from closing properly.
Thaw frozen food in the fridge. This will ensure
safer defrosting of foods and reduce the work of
the refrigeration unit
It is advisable to periodically clean the
refrigeration system at the back of the appliance
with a duster or vacuum cleaner.
Food which is to be frozen (when cool) should
be placed in the fridge before being transfered to
the freezer.
Avoid unnecessary frosting in the cabinet by
packing all foodstuffs into airtight packages
before placing them in the freezer.
Carefully follow the advice on freezing products
in the section "Using the freezer". This will
prevent wasting energy.
Do not set the temperature too low in the freezer.
A suitable temperature is in the range of -18°C
to -20°C .
Defrost the freezer when the frost layer reaches a
thickness of 3-5 mm.

Food Storage

To obtain the best results from your appliance,
neither hot foods nor liquids which may
evaporate, should be placed in the larder
Avoid buying frozen food if you can not store it
straight away. The use of an insulated container is
advisable. When you arrive home place the
frozen food in the freezer immediately.
Ensure that food placed in the freezer is dated and
labelled and used in date order to ensure that food
is consumed at its best.
Remove suspect food from you refrigerator and
clean, refer to cleaning and maintenance.
Make sure the door gasket is complete and
always clean.
Electrolux 818 21 34-04/2


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