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Phasing Of Line Voltage - Honeywell Class 320 Meter Installation Instructions Manual

Class 320 advanced kwh/demand meter
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6.3 Phasing of Line Voltage

The 3-phase AC power input or single phase option must be in proper phase
sequence. If the sequence is incorrect or a phase is missing, there will be a message
on the meter's display: "PH Sequence Error" or "PH Missing:. (Refer to the section on
Line Voltage Diagnostics if this message is present.) When the line voltage is
connected correctly, the meter's display will be blank (no message.)
Wait for the 4-line meter display to scroll to the voltage display. Verify that the meter
reads correct voltages on all three phases. Repeat Step 6.2.4F.
Once the meter displays the correct line voltages and there are no error messages,
you are ready to connect the current sensors to the meter. Before continuing with the
installation, verify that the six screens display as follows:
Screen 1 (kWh):
Screen 2 (kW Peak Demand):
Screen 3 (kW Load):
Screen 4 (Amps per Phase):
Screen 5 (Volts RMS Phase to Neutral): See the section 6.2.4.F.
Screen 6 (Volts RMS Phase to Phase): See the section 6.2.4.F.
Screen 7 (Power Factor Per Phase):
NOTE: The meter will be reset later via the software during "startup" procedures.
Should read 0.0 kWh; if not, should be reset.
kW peak should read 0.0 kW. There will not
be a date/time stamp yet. If there is a kW
peak recorded, it should be reset later.
Should read 0.0 kW load.
There should be 0.0 on all three phases. Or
in the Single Phase option - 0.0 in A and B
There should be 0.0 PF on all three phases.
Or in the Single Phase option - 0.0 in A and B



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