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Current Sensor Installation & Wiring - Honeywell Class 320 Meter Installation Instructions Manual

Class 320 advanced kwh/demand meter
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6.4 Current Sensor Installation & Wiring
Once the AC voltages have been confirmed to be within acceptable limits, you are
ready to install the current sensors. TB2 is the input for Phase A, TB3 is the input for
Phase B and TB4 is the Phase C input. For the Single Phase option: use TB1 pos 5&6
are for the A Phase - TB1 pos 7&8 are for the B phase -factory installed jumper wire on
positions 9&10. Factory installed Jumper should not be removed.
The Class 3200 meter is supplied with two types of 0-2V split or solid-core
current sensors (specified when ordered):
1. Split-core current sensor. This sensor opens so that it can be attached around
the circuit being monitored without interrupting power.
2. Solid-core current sensor. This sensor does not open and requires the monitored
conductor to be removed from the circuit to install the current sensor. This type is
only supplied when specified at time of order.
6.4.1 Installing the Split-Core Current Sensor Assembly
1. Each phase being monitored will require one two-piece current sensor assembly.
Open the two-piece current sensor assembly by releasing the nylon clamp using
a flathead screwdriver.
2. Reassemble the current sensor assembly around the conductor(s) to be moni-
tored. Ensure the current sensor halves marked "Load" are both facing the load
side of the conductor. The colored arrow will be on the source side of the con-
ductor being monitored and MUST be pointed in a clockwise direction around the
conductor being monitored. Tighten the nylon clamp to complete the assembly.
When looking from the source side of the conductor(s) being monitored, you
should see the arrow on the current sensor assembly. The arrow should be
pointing in a clockwise direction around the conductor(s) being monitored. If
the arrow is not positioned on the source side, inaccurate readings will result.
Fig. 7. Split Core Sensor.
Fig. 8. Split Core Sensor.



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