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Technical Data; Customer Service - AEG EWA 1580 Operating Instructions Manual

Cordless express kettle
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What to do if ...
• the appliance switches off before
– The base of the kettle is too thickly
scaled. Treat with standard commer-
cial descaling agent suitable for
stainless steel. Note the directions
for use from the manufacturer.
• the appliance does not switch off?
– Close lid until it locks.
– Insert the strainer correctly.
• the kettle pours badly?
– Descale the strainer insert.
• the appliance cannot be switched on?
– after operating with very little or no
water, the appliance has not yet
cooled sufficiently.
Wait a short time before trying

Technical data

Mains voltage:
Power drain:
Max. filling volume:
This appliance complies with the fol-
lowing EC directives:
• 73/23/EEC of 19/2/1973 "Low voltage
directive", including the modification
directive 93/68/EEC.
• 89/336/EEC of 3/5/1989 "EMC direc-
tive", including the modification direc-
tive 92/31/EEC.

Customer service

The highest quality standards apply for
our appliances. If nevertheless a distur-
bance should arise, for which you can
find no solution in the operating
instructions, please contact your
retailer or the AEG customer service.
230 V/50 Hz
2000 W
1,5 litres



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