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Using Your Kettle - AEG EWA 1580 Operating Instructions Manual

Cordless express kettle
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Points to be remembered when
operating the express kettle
• Before starting the appliance ensure
that the mains cord and plug are dry.
• Never use the kettle with wet hands.
• Never use the appliance outdoors.
• Whilst using the express kettle, high
temperatures are reached which can
cause scalding if the kettle is not han-
dled carefully. Therefore only hold the
appliance by the handle (C) provided.
• Do not use the kettle unsupervised. Do
not place or use the kettle on hot sur-
faces or near naked flames.
• Attention: If the kettle is overfilled
there is a risk that the boiling water
may spray out. Therefore never fill the
kettle above the maximum marking.
• Only use your kettle for heating water!
Never put foodstuffs or foodstuff
additives into the kettle. Never heat
milk or stock on the kettle! Do not
place any objects in the kettle!
• Never use the appliance with the lid (B)
open as otherwise the automatic boil-
dry safety cut-out cannot work.
• Do not move the appliance whilst it is
• Never immerse the appliance in water!
• Protect the appliance and cord from
heat and wetness.
• If the appliance is used for any other
purpose or is incorrectly used, the
manufacturer adopts no liability for
any damages which may result.
• Always empty the kettle completely. Do
not leave residual water in the appli-
ance for a long period.
• Do not switch on the appliance with-
out water.
• Only use the kettle with the associated
Dispose of the packaging!
Do not simply throw away the packag-
ing. Please observe the following
Packaging can be put to the old paper
Polyethylene plastic bags (PE) can be
given to the PE collection points for
recycling. Padding of expanded poly-
styrene (PS) is CFC free and can be
given to the relevant collection points
(recycling depot). Please contact your
recycling depot through your munici-
pal authorities.
Dispose of your old appliance!
When you eventually stop using your
appliance please bring it to the nearest
recycling centre or to your dealer who
will take it back for a small fee.

Using your kettle

Before using your new kettle you
should wipe it inside and outside with
a damp cloth due to hygienic reasons.
Initial use
0 Place the base unit (G) on a firm sur-
0 Plug the mains plug into a wall socket.
If the mains cord is longer than neces-
sary it can be wound up at the bottom
of the base unit (G).
0 Press button (L) down to open
the lid (B).
0 Fill with at least sufficient water to
make it visible on the water level indi-
cator (D), but not higher than the max.
0 Close the lid (B) until it engages. For
this purpose press button (L) up fully.
The automatic boil-dry safety cut-out
can only function reliably if this is
0 Place the kettle onto the base in any
position you wish.



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