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Safety System; Cleaning And Care - AEG EWA 1580 Operating Instructions Manual

Cordless express kettle
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0 Press the ON/OFF switch (E) down, the
pilot lights (F) lights up and the kettle
starts to heat up.
The ON/OFF switch (E) only catches
when the kettle is on the base unit (G).
Do not use the water from the first
boiling cycle to prepare food.
The automatic switch off
The kettle will switch itself off auto-
matically and the pilot light will go out
when the water has boiled or the kettle
is removed from the base.
If you want to stop the heating process
before the kettle automatically
switches off, simply press the ON/OFF
switch (E) up or lift up the jug from the
base. If you want to reheat water
which has already been heated, press
the ON/OFF switch (E) down again.
When the water is boiling the kettle
switches itself off automatically. If the
kettle is only filled with a little water, it
takes longer to switch-off.

Safety system

All AEG kettles are equipped with a
boil-dry safety cut-out. This feature
protects the appliance from overheat-
ing when started without water or
from boiling until it is empty if used
with the lid open. If the appliance is
accidently switched on without water,
it is automatically protected against
overheating. The heating process is
automatically interrupted. Before
using the kettle again let it cool down
for 5-10 minutes.
For operating reasons condensation
can run onto the edge of the base from
the outlet openings underneath on the
handle. This is due to technical reasons
and does not affect the safety of the

Cleaning and care

Always disconnect the kettle from the
mains supply before cleaning.
Never clean the kettle and base unit
under running water or immerse it in
washing-up water.
0 Occasionally rinse out the kettle with
clean water.
0 Clean the outside of the appliance only
using a damp cloth. Do not use any
caustic or abrasive cleansing agents.
0 Withdraw strainer insert (K) upwards
for cleaning. The strainer insert must
be pressed down until it locks when
0 The kettle is made of stainless steel. If,
however, spots of rust appear, these are
only deposits adhering to the surface.
They should be removed with a stain-
less steel cleaning agent.
Lime scale deposits on the bottom of
the kettle result in loss of energy and
can affect the service life of the appli-
ance. The appliance switches off before
boiling if the layer of scale is too thick.
It is then very difficult to remove.
The appliance should be descaled regu-
larly depending on the level of the
water hardness. Use a standard des-
caler following the directions; prefera-
bly choose an environmentally friendly,
descaling agent suitable for stainless
steel according to the instructions
from the manufacturer.
0 First fill in water, then a standard des-
caling preparation which is not too
Do not boil the solution as it could
foam over.
0 After descaling, rinse the kettle out
thoroughly with clean water. Never
pour descaling agents into an enamel
sink and do not reuse them.



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