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How To Connect Electricity - GE Monogram ZDWG240 Owner's Manual

Ge wine chiller zdwg240 owner's manual
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The power cord of this appliance is
equipped with an earthing plug which
mates with a standard earthed wall outlet
to minimize the possibility of electric
shock hazard from this appliance.
Have the wall outlet and circuit checked
by a qualified electrician to make sure
the outlet is properly earthed.
Where an unearthed wall outlet is
encountered, it is your personal
responsibility and obligation to have
it replaced with a properly earthed
wall outlet.
The refrigerator
should always be
plugged into its own
individual electrical
outlet. This provides
the best performance
and also prevents
overloading house
wiring circuits which
could cause a fire
hazard from overheated
wires. Please refer to
the rating plate on the
refrigerator for the correct voltage, wattage
and frequency. If the product plug does
not fit your outlet, the product should be
fitted with a new plug.
IMPORTANT: The refitting of electric
plugs and cables should be done by a
qualified technician or service agent.
In some countries the refitting of electric
plugs and cables is only permitted when
the work is completed by a qualified
If the power supply cord becomes damaged,
it must be replaced by a qualified service
agent in order to avoid a safety hazard.
Never unplug your refrigerator by pulling
on the power cord. Always grip plug firmly
and pull straight out from the outlet.
Repair or replace immediately all power
Insure proper
earthing exists
cords that have become frayed or otherwise
before using.
damaged. Do not use a cord that shows
cracks or abrasion damage along its length
or at either end.
When moving the refrigerator away from
the wall, be careful not to roll over or
Earthing plug
damage the power cord.
Mains lead replacement
If the mains lead on your refrigerator
needs replacing at any time, it must be
replaced by a special lead which is
obtainable from your local dealer. A charge
will be made for the replacement of the
mains lead if you have damaged the lead.
The refrigerator must be positioned so that
the plug is accessible.


Table of Contents

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