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Loading Tips And Suggestions; Operating Instructions - GE Monogram ZDW24 Use And Care Manual

Ge monogram wine chiller zdw24 use and care guide
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Remove Packaging
Before using, be sure all packing materials and tape
have been removed. There is a shipping bracket below
the handle. Remove the bracket and replace the three
screws with the white plug buttons.
Set the Control
The temperature range of the wine chiller is from the
low forties to the mid sixties. The middle range is
approximately 55°F.
As with any refrigeration product, there is a slight
temperature variance at different locations within
the cabinet.
The coolest bottles will be in the rear of the four
middle shelves.
The bottles on the top two shelves will be 3°F. to
7°F. warmer. This is the warmest location.
The bottles in the front of the middle four shelves
will be 1°F. to 4°F. warmer than those at the rear of
the shelves.
Insert Wine Bottles
The top two racks each hold six bottles, two deep with
the necks alternating front to back.
The middle four racks each hold eight bottles, two
deep with necks alternating front to back.


• The bottom rack may be removed for storing
"jug" wines.
• You may store magnums and other large bottles
on the upper right and left positions or on any of
the middle racks by removing the rack directly
above them.
• The bottles on the top rack, directly under the light,
will be exposed to a slightly higher temperature
when the light is on. Position your wines
accordingly and remember to turn off the light when
it is no longer needed.
If you are discarding an old refrigerator, remove the
doors to reduce the danger of children being trapped
Position your wine inventory accordingly (i.e. white
wines in the cooler zones and red in the warmer
To set the control, turn
it to the middle thermostat
setting. Once the bottles are
loaded, allow at least
48 hours before making
any adjustments to the
initial setting.
The bottom rack holds six bottles and is loaded with
necks facing the rear. Tall bottles should not be loaded
on the bottom rack because they may prevent the door
from closing.
• Keep wines that you plan to use for everyday
drinking and entertaining on the front half of the
racks where labels are completely visible. Place
wines for aging or longer term storage in the rear.
• Do not allow children to climb, stand or hang on
the wine chiller shelves. They could seriously injure
themselves and possibly cause damage to the wine


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