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Tips For Stocking Your Cellar The First Time - GE Wine Vault Owner's Manual

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My Profile
View your profile information, including
confirmation of online access.
My Preferences
Change the style of your printed bottle label or
software preferences by going to the Manage
My Cellar area of your software.
Software Security Preference
The Software Security button located under
My Profile in the Manage My Cellar section
allows you to password-protect your software according to your preferences.
Control Panel
The Control Panel button located on the Manage My Cellar screen leads to the Restart,
Shutdown and System Status options.
Turning Off Your Machine
To Shut Down Your Machine
If you need to unplug or turn off your Cellar
Management System, use the Shutdown CMS
option to safely shut down the software.
1. Select the Shutdown CMS button located in the
Control Panel area of Manage My Cellar. Your
software will automatically shut down. Next,
unplug your Cellar Management System.
To turn the CMS on again, plug it in.
Restart Instructions
If the touch screen does not respond after 45–60
seconds, the system may need to be restarted.
To Restart:
1. Select the Restart CMS button located in the Control Panel area of Manage My Cellar.
The Restart CMS function resets your software in the event of an error or data
problems (bottles not displaying in the cellar view). Your software will automatically
shut down and restart upon your selecting this option.

Tips for Stocking Your Cellar the First Time

After becoming familiar with your cellar system, you'll want to focus on stocking your
cellar as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips to help you save time as you input
bottle information into your system and place bottles into your cellar.
Plan Ahead Before Stocking or Inventorying Your Cellar
Organize like bottles before adding them to your cellar. Enter the bottle information
once, and indicate the number of bottles on the Add Bottles screen.
Arrange your work area to make bottles, bottle tags and empty boxes easily
accessible. Eliminate multiple trips to the cellar by placing tagged bottles in a box
for transfer.


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