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GE GX1S15C Owner's Manual And Installation: Operating Instructions; Using The System; Specification Guidelines

General electric water dispenser user manual.
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About the water filtration system.
Using the Water Filtration System and About the Filter Cartridge
The countertop faucet dispenses filtered drinking water when opened. It has a
hand-operated, spring-loaded closed lever to prevent waste. You can keep the
faucet open by pushing upward on the lever to lock it against the faucet spout.
Filter Cartridge Life— Several variables determine how long the cartridges will last
in your Water Filtration system. These include:
How much water you use.
How much sediment, taste and/or odor, lead, or other unwanted substance,
is in the water.
No matter which Water Filtration system you have, you should replace the
cartridges every six months. In extremely poor water supplies, you may notice the
return of the unwanted substance in your water before the six months are up. In
this case the cartridges should be replaced immediately. If the system is also for
lead or chemical contaminant removal, it is MORE IMPORTANT to replace the
cartridges at least every six months.
NOTE: If the water supply contains high amounts of sediments, the carbon filters
may plug prematurely, reducing filtered water flow to the system faucet. Cartridge
replacement is needed to restore flow.
Specification guidelines.
Many bad tastes and/or odors are removed from water using activated carbon filter
cartridges. They are most often used to remove a chlorine taste and odor. They can
also reduce other undesirable elements from drinking water supplies, such as
organic chemical contaminants and lead.
NOTE: Small amounts of hydrogen sulfide (noticeable as "rotten egg" odor) may be
reduced by taste and odor filters for a short time, but the carbon media is quickly
exhausted. Other water conditioning equipment is usually required for the
continuous treatment of hydrogen sulfide.
The Water Filtration system uses the following filter cartridges:
I. FXUTC—Taste & Odor Cartridge
(3000-Gallon Capacity)
White with magenta end caps
• Reduces dirt, rust and sediment
• Reduces unpleasant tastes and odors
• Reduces chlorine
• 1-micron nominal particulate
Minimum - Maximum Supply Water Pressure—40–125 pounds per square inch (psi)
Minimum - Maximum Supply Water Temperature—40–100°F.
Inlet - Outlet—3/8 NPT
Rated Service Flow: 1.0 gpm (GN1S04C & GX1S04C)
0.6 gpm (GX1S15C)
Depending on the treatment needed for a specific water supply, the water filtration system
can be customized using any combination of the preceding filter cartridge sets.
II. FXULC—Lead/Cyst Cartridge
(1250-Gallon Capacity)
White with yellow end caps
• Reduces dirt, rust and sediment
• Reduces unpleasant tastes and odors
• Reduces Chlorine
• Reduces Lead
• Reduces Asbestos
• Reduces filterable cysts (such as
cryptosporidium and giardia)
• Reduces Lindane (a pesticide)
• 0.5 micron nominal particulate
Filtered water faucet


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