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GE WISQ416C Owner's Manual page 15

General electric waher owner's manual
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Grayed Clothes
Possible Causes
Not enough detergent
(larger loads, heavy soil,
and hard water might
require more detergent)
Water is not hot enough
Washer is overloaded
Soak time is too short
Soaking with too little detergent
Detergent is not dissolving
To restore grayed clothes,
try one of the following
What to Do
• Try using more detergent (especially with
larger loads).
• If you live in a hard water area try using
a water conditioner or install a water
• Make sure water heater is delivering water
at 48°C.–65°C. (120°F.–150°F.).
• Do not use the washer when hot water is
used for other needs (dishes, baths, etc.).
• Make sure load/water level setting matches
load size.
• Soak at least 30 minutes.
• Use more detergent (especially with
heavy soil).
• Add detergent as wash basket fills with
water before you load clothes.
• Put clothes through a wash cycle using hot
water. (Check the garment's manufacturing
care label to see if hot water can be used.)
Add a non-precipitating water softener. Use
2 1⁄2 times more than is recommended
for normal water softening. Do not use
detergent or soap. Allow clothes to go
through a complete cycle. Repeat if
• Soak your clothes using a water softener
instead of a soaking agent. Allow clothes
to soak for about 20 minutes.



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