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GE WISQ416C Owner's Manual page 13

General electric waher owner's manual
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Lint or Residue
on Clothes
Possible Causes
Incorrect sorting
Washing too long
Detergent not dissolving
Too much bleach
Not enough detergent
Incorrect use of fabric softener
Improper loads
Overloading or incorrect
water level
Incorrect wash and dry cycles
Repeated washing in water
that is too hot
What to Do
• Separate lint producers from
lint collectors.
• Wash small loads for a shorter time than
larger loads.
• For best performance always add detergent
before adding clothes. If you use powdered
detergent, pre-dissolve detergent in hot water
before adding to washer.
• Try a liquid detergent.
• Use warmer water temperature.
• Make sure load/water level setting matches
load size.
• Check bleach package for correct amount.
• Try using more detergent.
• Check fabric softener package for
instructions (see Fabric Softener
Dispenser section).
• Avoid mixing heavy items (like work
clothes) with light items (like blouses).
• Separate permanent press from
other laundry.
• Try a fabric softener.
• Load your washer so clothes have enough
room to move freely.
• Match Cycle selection to the type of fabric
you are washing (especially for permanent
press loads).
• Wash in warm or cold water with plenty
of detergent.



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