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GE WISQ416C Owner's Manual page 12

General electric waher owner's manual
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If Something Goes Wrong
Water Leaks
Washer is Noisy
Washer Pauses
in Cycle
Clothes too Wet
Possible Causes
Fill hoses or drain hose is
improperly connected
Household drain may
be clogged
Constant water pressure to the
fill hoses at the water source
Washer is uneven
Washer load is unbalanced
Shipping rod has not been
Water is draining
The washer normally pauses
between washing steps
Incorrect cycle
This is normal for some fabrics
What to Do
• Make sure hose connections are tight at taps
and make sure end of drain hose is correctly
inserted in and secured to drain facility.
• Check household plumbing. You may need
to call a plumber.
• Tighten hoses at the taps and turn the water
off after each use.
• Check condition of the fill hoses; they may
need replacement after 5 years.
• Make sure washer is level and firm
to the floor.
• Push the Cycle knob in to stop the
washer, open the lid and redistribute
the load evenly. Close the lid and restart.
• Remove the shipping rod on the bottom
right side of the washer just before sliding
the washer in place. Do not use the washer
with the shipping rod in place.
• There will be a gurgling, "sucking" sound
prior to the spin cycle. This is normal and
will stop as soon as the machine goes into
the spin cycle.
• Make sure the cycle selected matches the
load you are washing.



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