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Helpful Information - GE WISQ416C Owner's Manual

General electric waher owner's manual
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Always follow Fabric Manufacturer's Care Label or instructions when laundering.
Otherwise use the information below as a general guide.
Down-Filled Garments
Permanent Press Clothes
that are Line Dried

Helpful Information

Specialty Care Guide
Suggested Care
Always wash down-filled garments separately from other types
of garments. Wet down gives off an odor that will disappear when
the down is dried. Wash down items frequently to fluff up the
down and to retain down's warmth. When washing make sure
the load is balanced. Add towels if necessary. Always tumble-dry
down garments.
Pillows are made from a variety of materials. Wash only if
recommended on the Pillow Manufacturer's Care Label. Before
washing check pillows for weak seams or holes, and mend. Let
the washer fill with water and add detergent. Let the washer
agitate for several minutes and then add pillows in pairs. This
will keep the load balanced. Use the largest load/water level
Let the washer fill with water, add detergent, allow detergent to
dissolve, then add blanket. Wash only one blanket at a time.
Select a larger load/water level than normal. This will provide
more water to help reduce wrinkling and to allow clothes enough
room to move around. Remove clothes as soon as the wash cycle is
complete and hang them up immediately.



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