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Bleach Dispenser; Fabric Softener Dispenser - GE WA8600SCL Use And Care Manual

Ge washer user manual
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How to Use the Bleach Dispenser
Use this dispenser with
liquid bleach only.
If you prefer to
use powdered
bleach, pour it
into the wash
basket along with
your detergent. Do
not pour p~wdered bleach
into the bleach dispenser.
How to Use the Fabric Softener Dispenser
Position the Fabric Softener
Dispenser on the agitator.
Pour manufacturer's recommended
amount of fabric softener into a
Add enough water to fill the cup 1/2 full.
Pour the diluted softener into the dispenser.
How to Use the Auto Soak Cycle
soaks for the time you selected. It automatically
advances into the next cycle.
them.. and that means you'll waste energy. Remember
to sort your clothes carefully, and load them properly,
type of fabric until you have a full load.
Measure bleach carefully. See manufacturer's
into bleach dispenser.
Do not overfill or allow dispenser to overflow.
Avoid splashing. Undiluted bleach can cause
fabric damage.
onto clothes or into the wash basket.
The fabric softener will automatically be dispensed
at the proper time.
Do not stop the washer during the first spin.
This will cause the dispenser to empty too soon.
Do not use the Fabric Softener Dispenser with
the Soak or PreWash cycle.
If the dispenser gets clogged, soak it in a solution of
one cup (240 ml) water and one cup (240 ml) alcohol.
Extra Cleaning with Auto Soak: Set the Cycle
Selector knob for soak time desired in Extra Clefining
cycle. Start the washer. The washer will agitate, soak
and automatically advance into Extra Cleaning.
wash smaller loads, adjust the amount
of water. Small loads should have lower water levels.
the rinse does not affect cleaning.
Wash in off-peak utility hours. Your local uti Iity
can tell you which are the off-peak hours.
Use your washer's Normal Spin. This will remove
more water during spin, which will shorten drying
cycle to save more energy.



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