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Auto Soak Cycle - GE WA8600SCL Use And Care Manual

Ge washer user manual
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Regular Cycles—
For most cottons, linens, work and play clothes.
Longer wash times plus deep rinse, spray rinse
and spin provide thorough washing and detergent
Saves time and energy when washing small loads
of lightly soiled clothes. A special agitator concealed
under the regular agitator washes small and delicate
loads gently but effectively. The Handwash System
uses up to 24Y0 less water than the regular low water
Optional Extra Rinse Cycle
The option of an extra rinse in the Regular Cycle
helps assure complete bleach and detergent removal
when extra detergent was used or where unusual skin
sensitivity to detergent is a concern.
Knits Cycle—
A shorter cycle specially-designed for today's knits.
An early and long spray rinse cools down fabrics
before the washer reaches maximum spin speed to
help prevent wrinkle setting.
Soak Cycle—
Clothes activate in a soaking agent for a short time,
then the water spins out. Washer turns off at end of
Soak Cycle—must be reset for desired wash cycle.
Delicate Cycle—
For lingerie and fabrics requiring special care, this
cycle has a gentle wash and a slow spin.
Washable Silks Cycle
For fine washable silks. Check manufacturers' care
labels for special instructions.
Permanent Press Cycles—
For loads of synthetics, blends andor delicate fabrics.
A cold water cool down helps prevent set-in wrinkles
in permanent press shirts, blouses, dresses and similar
apparel with normal soil.
The Spotscrubber cycle uses a special wash cycle and
a highly concentrated detergent solution in a small
amount of water in the Mini-Basket tub.
Rinse water carries away soils and detergent suds and
automatic extra rinse assures complete removal of
PreWash Cycle
For use when clothes are excessively soiled.
Provides an agitated soak, and a soak without
agitation, followed by agitation and spin. Washer
must be reset for desired wash cycle.
Extra Cleaning Cycle—
For modern fabrics with heavy or oily soil. Agitation
for a longer time loosens stubborn soils.

Auto Soak Cycle—

This will add additional wash time on cycles to allow
the detergent to break down excessive soils. After the
Auto Soak is complete, it will automatically move
through the selected cycle.
Washable Woolens Cycle—
This cycle helps to reduce the need to wash these
fabrics by hand.
Mini-Basket System—
Uses the Mini-Basket feature. Provides a complete
wash, rinse and spin cycle.



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