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GE WA8600SCL Use And Care Manual page 12

Ge washer user manual
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Product and Qpe
Chlorine liquid
such as Clorox brand
Rinse additive such as
Chlorine bleach
such as Clorox brand
such ;is Calgon brand
Precipitating such as
Such as Biz brtind
Such as Spray 'n Wash
and K2R brands
Powdered such as Rit
How to Use It
Use your bleacb dispenser.
See How to Use Your Bleach
Dispenser section.
pour diluted bleach next to the agitator.
Follow package directions.
Put bleach into washer with de(ergent.
Follow package directions
for diluting softeners.
Use in case of infection
and contagious disease.
See under Bleach above
Follow package directions.
Add at start of wash cycle.
Follow package directions.
Add at start of wash cycle.
Follow package directions
Follow package directions. Treat only
heavily soiled areas. Check garments'
Tinted garments may
not be colorfast. Wash separately.
Special Instructions
Dilute bleach before using on any fabric. Do not pour
undiluted liquid chlorine bleach directly into washer
or on dry clothes.
2) Some of today's washable fabrics should not be chlorine
bleached such as: silk, wool, spandex, or non-fast colors.
3) Check manufacturers' care labels for special instructions.
1) May be used on most fabrics. Test fabric first.
1) Helps make clothes fluffy and soft.
2) Reduces static electricity.
3) Use the following manufacturer's direction. Too much
may cause a hard, rough feeling on some clothes.
4) Do not pour directly on clothes.
Guards against infection by killing most bacteria and viruses.
Suspends hardness minerals in solution, keeping
water clear.
Combines with water hardness minerals to form precipitate
which gives cloudy or milky appearance to water.
For best results, soak garments a minimum of 30 minutes
CA IJTION: Washer and dryer control panels and finishes
may be damaged by some laundry pre-treatment soil and
products away from washer. The fabric may then be washed
normally. Damage to your washer caused by pre-treatment
products is not covered by your warranty.
Clean washer 10 avoid discoloration of next load. Go through
complete cycle using hot water, 1/2 cup ( 120 ml) detergent,
I cup (240 ml) bleach. Wipe exterior parts.
Tinting may discolor plastic in washer. Subsequent washings
will reduce discoloration but may never eliminate it.



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