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Suggested Fabric And Cycle Settings - GE WA8600SCL Use And Care Manual

Ge washer user manual
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White and Bleachable Fabrics
See Suggested Fabric and Cycle Settings.
Rub with ice or immerse in very cold water.
carefully .~crupe [)fl'~1.! much
(Chewing Gum, etc.)
with a safe dry cleaning fluid, * rinse well, then wash as USUJI.
Apply undiluted liquid detergent. Rinse. If' st~in remains, bleach
according to the Stain Removal Hint; launder. I I color has changed,
Rinse thoroughly.
Soak in cold water, then launder in warm water. 11 stain rcmains.
bleach according to the Sttiin Removal Hint: launder.
Chocolate, Cream,
Soak in cold water. Treat stain with a safe dry cleaning f'luid,:;:
rinse well, then wash as usual. Bleach according to the Sttiin
Ice Cream and Milk
Removal Hint.
Without cream: Bleach according to the Stain Removal Hint:
launder. With cream: Follow guide directions for crcmn.
Cosmetics: Eye Shadow,
Treat stain with safe dry cleaning lluid.~: rinse WCII, then wash
Lipstick, Mascara, Liquid
as usual. Bleach according to the Stain Removal Hint.
or Pancake Makeup, Rouge,
Powder; Crayon; Grease,
Oil, Tar, Cod Liver Oil
Fresh Fruit, Fruit Juices,
Soak stain in cool water. If stain remains, bleach according to
Wine. Vegetables or Food
the Stain Removal Hint; launder.
Grass, Foliage,
Apply undiluted liquid detergent. Launder. (Treat mildew spots
Mildew. Scorch
while they are fresh, before mold has a chtince to weaken i~bric. )
If either type stain remains, bleach according to the Stain Remov:tl
Hint; launder. (Severe scorch cannot bc removed. )
Ink, Ballpoint
Fresh stains: Place stain face down on ~n absorbent towet and
use a spray cleaner or sponge with dry cleaning fluid, * rinse wctt,
then wash as usual. Old s[ains: B teach according to the Stain
Removal Hint; launder.
Apply undiluted liquid detergent ~nd launder in warm water.
with ammonia or vine& at-.'~:~ 11' any stain remdins, tl-eat with siilk
dry cte~ning fluid,* rinse well, then wash as usual.
Apply rust remover,
and launder.
you arc in a well ven(ilatcd r(;i~m when using them. N()
should he used unless user is I'ulnili:l[- w'ilh the
caution wiLh flamm:ibte cornpuunds.
(waxes, cleaning fluids, C[C. ) he washed in w~tsher.
Other Washable Fabrics
Same as white und bleachfible t~brics
except use non-chlorine blctich.
Sponge or snak in cool water, then
Soak in cold wutct-. Sporrgc with a stitc
cleaning tluid, ~: rinse well, then wash
apply w~rrn glycerine. let st~nd 30
minutes and rinse well, or sponge with
a s:Lfe d["y ~]CMLlllg fluid.:!: rln SO WC II,
then w~sh as usual.
Sponge with a s~le dry cleuning tluid,":
rinse well. then wash as usu:il.
Sponge with warm water. Bleach rcmtiining
Sponge wi[h warm water. Apply
with noll-clllorine bleach, ~hen kumder.
be removed.
Same :(s whit(: t]nd blcachable fabrics
Launder in wtirm water. Rinse welt. Blcuch
Save :md rcl'c!- 10 :;trmcnt tll:llll]l':lct~llcl's C:IIC l:Ibcls.
stain remains.
Bleach remaininy stain



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