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Canon VB-S800D A&E Specifications

Video surveillance system
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The following is a recommended form of disclaimer with respect to the illustrative specifications for
the Video System Surveillance System using the Canon NVS camera systems. The disclaimer
presumes that the technical details in each of the illustrations, as set forth under Section 2.02 System
Specifications, have been reviewed and confirmed by Canon as meeting the technical specifications
for each of the relative product models as of the date hereof. Further, it is recommended that the
examples to be delivered include an embedded "watermark" or other reference on each page
indicating that they are "For Illustration Only".
DISCLAIMER: These "Section 28 23 00 Video Surveillance System" specifications (the "Form
Specifications") are general in nature and solely for illustration. The Form Specifications are not
intended for any specific application or use and project specific considerations must be taken into
account in the architect's or engineer's preparation of actual system specifications. Canon makes no
representation or warranty with respect to these Form Specifications and nothing contained herein
shall create, or be inferred to create, any express or implied warranty by Canon. These Form
Specifications are intended solely to for the purpose of reflecting general guidelines for video
surveillance system specifications, taking into account the features of the Canon model VB-S800D in
production as of the date hereof, as set forth under Sections 2.02 B through 2.02 P herein. Canon
reserves the right to change the features or specifications of the aforementioned model at any time,
without notice. The architect or engineer preparing the actual video surveillance specifications
should therefore refer to and confirm specifications for such model as of the date of use. Canon makes
nor representation or warranty about fitness of purpose of the above referenced model for any
intended application, which determination shall be the sole responsibility of others. Canon assumes
no liability with respect to, arising from, or arising out of the Form Specifications or any use thereof.
Section Includes
Camera Assembly (camera, lens, housing, mount, etc.)
Contractor's Responsibility
The Contractor shall provide and pay for all labor, materials, equipment, tools, utilities,
construction equipment and machinery, transportation and other facilities and services necessary
for the proper execution, operation and completion of the Work.
Specification Language
Specifications and notes are written in imperative and abbreviated form. Imperative language of
the technical specifications is directed at the Contractor, unless specifically noted otherwise.
Incomplete sentences shall be completed by inserting "shall", "shall be", "the Contractor shall",
and similar mandatory phrases by inference. The words "shall be" shall be supplied by inference
where a colon (:) is used within product specifications.
Drawings And Specifications
Contractor shall be provided three (3) sets of the Drawings and Specifications for his use.
Additional sets, if requested by Contractor, shall be furnished to the Contractor for the
actual cost of reproduction.
Contractor shall carefully study the Drawings and Specifications, and shall at once report
any error, unforeseen circumstances, inconsistency or omission he may discover.
OWNER / November 22, 2013
Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications
SECTION 28 23 00
28 23 00 - 1
Video Surveillance System


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Canon VB-S800D A&E

  • Page 1 Canon model VB-S800D in production as of the date hereof, as set forth under Sections 2.02 B through 2.02 P herein. Canon reserves the right to change the features or specifications of the aforementioned model at any time, without notice.
  • Page 2: System Description

    Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications The OWNER Project Manager shall be the interpreter of the requirements of the Drawings and Specifications, subject to the final approval of OWNER. All interpretations and opinions of the Security Consultant shall be made in writing or in the form of drawings.
  • Page 3 Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications cameras. Existing analog cameras shall use their existing coaxial cables which home run to the security control room on the second level. The analog camera viewing the parking ramp in the basement shall continue to loop through the analog monitor in the Cashier's Office. Where analog cameras are being replaced with IP cameras, the IP cameras shall use the existing coaxial cables via IP over Coax media converters at both ends of the coaxial cables.
  • Page 4 Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications Manufacturers Installation And Programming Instructions Provide Manufacturers Installation and Programming Instructions as requested in the various Specification Sections. Project Record Drawings Definition: Project Record Drawings are drawings that completely record and document all aspects and features of the Work. (Also known as “as-built” drawings.) The purpose of Project Record Drawings is to provide factual information regarding all aspects of the Work, to enable future service, modifications, and additions to the Work.
  • Page 5: Quality Assurance

    Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications received and installed. System Documentation shall be available for inspection by OWNER Project Manager on a daily basis. Upon completion of Work, and prior to final Acceptance, Contractor shall prepare and submit to OWNER Project Manager two (2) sets of System Documentation.
  • Page 6 Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications Definition: A Subcontractor is a person or entity who has a direct contract with the Contractor to perform any of the Work at the site. Use of any Subcontractor is subject to the approval of OWNER. The Contractor shall identify all Subcontractors on the Bid Form.
  • Page 7 Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications 1.08 PROJECT/SITE CONDITIONS Environmental Conditions Facilities Power: Electrical power will be supplied by OWNER to the extent that the usage is compatible with available facilities in the vicinity of the work. Telephone: Contractor may use a telephone designated by OWNER for local and toll-free calls.
  • Page 8: Warranty

    Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications Contractor’s proposal price shall include the cost of replacing existing wiring, conduit, and raceways as required. 1.09 SEQUENCING Description This implementation plan describes the general approach that shall be followed in order to minimize the time for the access control systems to be operational.
  • Page 9: System Start-Up

    Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications Contractor shall promptly respond to OWNER’s requests for service during the guarantee period. Contractor shall provide repair service as soon as reasonably possible upon request from OWNER, but in no case shall service response exceed 8 hours from time of request.
  • Page 10 Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications 2.01 GENERAL Contractor Responsibility All products not provided by OWNER shall be new and unused, and shall be of manufacturer’s current and standard production. Where two or more equipment items of the same kind are provided, all shall be identical and provided by the same manufacturer.
  • Page 11: Camera Requirements

    Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications Provide rain-tight fittings and connectors as required for installation of Liquidtight Flexible Conduit. Junctions And Pull Boxes Interior Boxes: Sheet Metal Outlet Boxes: Sizes to be determined in accordance with code requirements for conductor fill. No box shall be smaller than a single gang 1-1/2 deep.
  • Page 12 IEEE 802.1x – EAP-MD5, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-PEAP Protocol IPv4: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SNMP (MIB2), SMTP (Client), DHCP (Client), DNS (Client), ARP, ICMP, POP3, NTP, SMTP authentication, RTSP, WV-HTTP (Canon proprietary), ONVIF IPv6: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP (Client), DHCPv6 (Client), DNS...
  • Page 13: Camera Applications

    Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications Audio Compression Method G.711 μ-law (64 kbps) Audio Communication Method – Sound Transfer Protocol by Canon Privacy Mask Number of registration: Max. 8 places, Number of mask colors: 1 (select from 9 colors) View Restriction Available Preset Max.
  • Page 14: Camera Interface

    Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 Graphics Board: Not Specified Memory: 2GB or more Viewer Display: 1920 x 1080 or more Windows Vista Ultimate/Business/Enterprise/Home Premium SP2 32/64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate/Business/Enterprise/Home Premium SP2 32/64-bit Windows 8/ Windows 8 Pro/ Windows 8 Enterprise 32/64-bit...
  • Page 15: Installation

    Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications The Contractor shall order all required parts and equipment upon notification of award of the Work. The Contractor shall bench test all equipment prior to delivery to the job site. The Contractor shall verify the availability of power where required. If a new source of power is required, a licensed electrician shall be used to install it.
  • Page 16 Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications Wire or cable, in lengths of less than ten (10) feet, that is “fished” within walls, ceilings, and door frames. All wire and cable passing through metalwork shall be sleeved by an approved grommet or bushing.
  • Page 17 Canon model VB-S800D A&E Specifications Do not penetrate any roof, flashing, exterior wall, or parapet without prior approval from OWNER’s designated Construction Project representative. Grounding Provide earth grounding of equipment as required by equipment manufacturer. Earth ground shall be connected to ground rod or approved cold water pipe. Electrical or telephone ground connections shall not be used as earth grounds.

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