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Installation - Bosch Aegis Superled series Installation Instructions Manual

Infrared/white light illuminator
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Tilt the illuminator gradually until the top of the unit is directed towards the top of the furthest object
Fig 1: Installing the AEGIS SuperLED illuminator
Setting up the unit correctly is critical to obtain the best performance from
the AEGIS illuminator. Optimum results are achieved by setting up at night
and viewing the results on a monitor.
1. Attach the AEGIS illuminator to the pan and tilt unit, wall bracket or
camera housing as required
2. Connect the lamp to 12-24 Volt DC or 24 Volt AC (+/-15%, 50/60
3. Commission the mains supply, camera and monitoring control
4. Adjust the pan of the illuminator to match the camera field of view
5. Adjust the vertical alignment by loosening the side bolts (one on
each side of the main body) to maximize the results
6. Tilt the lamp downwards until the near part of required field of view
is saturated with light, as viewed on the monitor
7. Slowly tilt the lamp upwards until the far part of the required field of
view is illuminated correctly on the monitor screen



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