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GE DR-1200 User Manual

Ge rugged dome camera user manual dr-1200, dr-1500, dr-1800, dr-2000ex
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Rugged Dome Camera



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  • Page 1 DR-1200/1500/1800/2000EX Rugged Dome Camera...
  • Page 2 © 2002 Kalatel, a GE Interlogix company All Rights Reserved. Any GE Interlogix, Kalatel division, software supplied with GE Interlogix, Kalatel division, products is proprietary and furnished under license and can be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of such license.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

  • Page 4: Before You Begin

    For assistance in installing, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting this product, refer to this document and any other documentation provided. If you still have questions, contact Kalatel Technical Support: GE Interlogix, Kalatel division Call: 800-469-1676 Fax: 541-752-9096 Note: You should be at the equipment, ready with details before calling Technical Support.
  • Page 5: Preparing The

    Rugged Dome Installation Manual REPARING THE Using the provided Allen wrench, loosen the tamper-resistant housing cover screws. • If your unit has the factory-installed flying lead with coaxial video cable, proceed to section 2 to mount the unit. • If your unit has the factory-installed UTP module, ensure that the jumpers illustrated in Figure 2 are disconnected.
  • Page 6: Retrofitting With The

    Preparing the Housing and Camera ETROFITTING WITH THE To put the unit in UTP mode see Figure 2 and perform the following. Disconnect the flying lead from the PC assembly and remove it from the housing. Disconnect the jumpers on the PC assembly. Figure 2.
  • Page 7 Rugged Dome Installation Manual To install the UTP module see Figure 3 and Figure 4 and perform the following. Figure 3. Inserting the mounting screw into the UTP module Insert the M3.5x3 fillister-head mounting screw into the middle right hole of the module. Screw the UTP module onto the UTP module mounting post (Figure 1) in the housing.
  • Page 8: Mounting The

    Mounting the Unit Rugged Dome Installation Manual OUNTING THE Cables should be prepared and accessible at the mounting location. Figure 5. Surface-mount Figure 6. Flush-mount To surface-mount the housing see section 2.1. To flush-mount the housing see section 2.2. Pendant mount 3/4-in.
  • Page 9: Surface

    Rugged Dome Installation Manual URFACE To surface-mount the housing, see Figure 8 and perform the following. Mounting surface Anchors Outer plate Inner plate M4x20 truss-head tapping screws M4x12 pan-head double-washer screws (3) (through housing base) Figure 8. Surface-mounting the housing Note: Feed the cables through the mounting surface, plates, and housing at the appropriate time depending on whether you are using the flying lead and whether the cable is external or internal to the mounting surface.
  • Page 10 Mounting the Unit If necessary, cut out the outlined back cable entry hole. To mount the outer plate, perform the following. Install the provided mounting anchors in the mounting holes. Mount the plates to the anchors in the mounting surface using the M4x20 truss-head tapping screws.
  • Page 11: Flush

    Rugged Dome Installation Manual LUSH OUNTING THE To flush-mount the housing, see Figure 9 and perform the following. Back plate Ceiling panel Outer plate Inner plate M5x20 pan-head double-washer screws (3) M4x12 pan-head double-washer screws (3) (through housing base) Figure 9. Flush-mounting the housing Note: Feed the cables through the ceiling panel, plates, and housing at the appropriate time depending on whether you are using the flying lead and whether the cable is external or internal to the mounting surface.
  • Page 12 Mounting the Unit Note: Ensure that you trace the back of the outer plate: this is the side with the smaller diameter. If you trace the diameter of the front of the plate, your mounting hole will be too large. Trace the outline of the back of the outer plate onto the ceiling panel.
  • Page 13: Using Pendant

    Rugged Dome Installation Manual SING ENDANT To install the housing on pendant-mount, extended-pendant-mount, or wall-mount brackets, perform the following. Note: The extended-pendant-mount bracket is extended with a piece of installer-provided 3/4-inch (1.9 cm) pipe that has standard NPT threads. The extension should be in the bracket before performing the installation procedure.
  • Page 14 Mounting the Unit Remove the three mounting screws from the pendant of the mounting bracket. Let the housing cover drop down and rest on the hinge. Feed the cables through the bracket. Slide the housing into the pendant of the mounting bracket. Line up the three holes on the bottom of the housing with the three corresponding holes in the bracket.
  • Page 15: Making Cablec

    Rugged Dome Installation Manual AKING To make cable connections using the flying lead with coaxial cable see section 3.1. To make cable connections using UTP see section 3.2. OAXIAL ABLE To make remaining cable connections see Figure 11. Coaxial video out Figure 11.
  • Page 16: Adjusting The

    Adjusting the Camera DJUSTING THE To adjust the camera focus see section 4.1. To make phase adjustments see section 4.2. To make auto-iris lens adjustments see section 4.3. OCUS Loosen the zoom ring thumbscrew. Turn the zoom ring to set the desired zoom. Tighten the zoom ring thumbscrew.
  • Page 17 Rugged Dome Installation Manual CAUTION: The phase adjustment must be made by a qualified service person or installer. Line-lock is automatic when the camera is connected to a 24 VAC power supply. If two cameras are connected to different AC supplies with different phases, the cameras can be synchronized.
  • Page 18: Auto Irisl

    Adjusting the Camera For auto iris lenses, use an insulated adjustment tool to adjust the DC level with the blue pot on the PC assembly (Figure 14). Proper adjustment will ensure the correct exposure depending on the camera’s situation and the lighting levels. To set the light level at which the camera switches between daylight and IR mode, see Figure 14 and perform the following.
  • Page 19: Setting Thed

    Rugged Dome Installation Manual ETTING THE The Day/Night Rugged Dome includes a lens that provides a true-color picture during daylight hours. The camera includes a photocell that detects when low-light levels occur and, with the removal of a filter from the lens, instigates infrared (IR) operation.
  • Page 20: Closing The Housing

    Closing the Housing Rugged Dome Installation Manual LOSING THE OUSING Shut the housing cover and use the provided Allen wrench to tighten the housing cover screws. Ensure that the cover is tightened securely to maintain the unit’s IP66 ratings. 1038346B / February 2003...

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