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Disc Compatibility & Care - TDK DA-5900 User Manual

Digital audio cd recorder
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Disc Compatibility and Care
This unit plays all audio CDs. For recording, the unit uses special
audio-only CD-R or CD-RW discs. CD-R OR CD-RW DISCS DESIGNED
The last step in making a recording is the finalization process. Unless
this step is completed, the disc will not work in other players or the
DA-5900's TRAY I. Once finalized, CD-R discs will play in virtually any
CD player. CD-RW discs will play in this unit and other CD-RW
compatible players. Check the specifications of your CD player if you
have questions about compatibility with CD-RW discs.
Once a CD-R disc has been finalized, it cannot be unfinalized. A
finalized CD-RW disc can be unfinalized, allowing you to erase or
add songs.
Always place the disc in the disc tray with the label facing up.
(Compact discs can be played or recorded only on one side.)
Never touch the recording (non-label) side of a disc. Recording
requires a clean surface. Fingerprints, dust, grease, etc. can
cause errors.
If the disc surface becomes dirty, wipe it in an outward motion
with a soft, dry cloth.
Never use chemicals such as record sprays, anti-static sprays,
benzine or thinner to clean a disc.
To avoid dust and scratches that could cause skips, discs should
be returned to their cases after use.
Do not expose discs to direct sunlight or high humidity and
temperatures for extended periods.
CD-R and CD-RW discs are sensitive to the effects of heat and
ultraviolet rays. It is important that they are not stored in a
location where direct sunlight will fall on them, and which is
away from sources of heat such as radiators or heat-generating
electrical devices.
Do not stick papers or protective sheets on the discs and do not
use any protective coating spray.
If you wish to label a CD-R/RW, only write on the label side, and
use a soft-tip pen. Never use a ball-point or hard-tip pen.
Never use a stabilizer. Using commercially available CD stabilizers
with this unit will damage the mechanisms.
Do not use irregularly shaped CDs (octagonal, heart-shaped, etc.).
Only discs bearing the CD-R
Digital Audio or CD-RW Digital
Audio logo can be recorded in
this unit.

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