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Husqvarna 540 Instruction Manual

Instruction manual
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  Summary of Contents for Husqvarna 540

  • Page 3 We wish to thank you for choosing our lawn mower. We are confident that the high quality of our machine will meet with your satisfaction and appreciation and that your lawn mower will give you long-lasting service.Before starting to use your machine, make sure to read with care this manual, which has been purposely drawn up to provide you with all the necessary information for proper use, in compliance with basic safety requirements.
  • Page 4: Safety Rules

    SAFETY RULES Safe Operation Practices for Pedestrian-Controlled  Stop the blade if the lawnmower has to be tilted for Rotary Lawnmowers transportation when cross ing surfaces other than grass, IMPORTANT: IMPORTANT: IMPORTANT: This cutting machine is ca pa ble of am- and when transporting the lawnmower to and from the putat ng hands and feet and throwing objects.Failure to area to be mowed.
  • Page 5: Adjustment Of Cutting Height

    DESCRIPTION Upper handles Engine stop lever Lower handles Reduction gear Fastening knobs for upper handles Console Grass catcher Ignition key Oil filler cap Clutch lever Oil drain plug Blade engagement lever Deck Handle advance speed Adjusting levers for cutting height Fuel-enrichment pump Spark plug Fuel cap...
  • Page 6: Operation

    OPERATION MOWING (Fig.K ENGINE ADJUSTMENTS (Fig.K III - To cut the grass, push the lawn mower manually or insert Refer to the engine manufacturer’s maintenance ma- the automatic advance gear. nual. Before proceeding with the coupling of the automatic feed, CAUTION:- 0.6l Oil must be added to the choose the speed by means of the change lever (20) (for engine before use...
  • Page 7: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Caution! Switch off the motor and disconnect the spark plug before undertaking any mainte- nance work.  Frequently check the blade for damage.  For a four stroke engine, check the oil level and change  The lawn mower must be checked by a SERVICE the oil when dirty.
  • Page 8: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    Operator’s Manual and understand how to operate and maintain your machine: EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY I, the undersigned Bengt Ahlund, of Husqvarna Outdoor Products Italia Spa, Via Como 72, 23868 Valmadrera (LC). Certify that the Lawnmower:- Category ..............Petrol Wheeled Rotary Make ...............Husqvarna Outdoor Products...
  • Page 27 CV-CC-CT CV-CC-SP-SC-SL- CV-SV-SK-KM-MS- CL-SK ST-MT 40 cm 46 cm 46 cm 96 dB (A) 96 dB (A) 96 dB (A) 95 dB (A) 95 dB (A) 95 dB (A) 81 dB (A) 84 dB (A) 84 dB (A) 5 m/s 5 m/s 5 m/s CV-CC-CA-CT-SP-SN-...
  • Page 28 CV-CC-CA-CT-SP-SN- CV-CC-CA-CT-SP-SN- 3B-3H-3K-3M-3V-SB- SC-CL-SL-SK-ST-SX- SC-CL-SL-SK-ST-SX- SK-SN-ST-SV-HM- KC-KM-MC-MK-ML-MT KC-KM-MC-MK-ML-MT KM-MK-MS-MT 51 cm 51 cm 51 cm 98 dB (A) 98 dB (A) 98 dB (A) 97 dB (A) 97 dB (A) 97 dB (A) 84 dB (A) 84 dB (A) 84 dB (A) 5 m/s 5 m/s 5 m/s...
  • Page 30 HUSQVARNA OUTDOOR PRODUCTS ITALIA S.P.A. Headquarters: Via Como 72 - 32868 - VALMADRERA (LC) - ITALY- Tel. +39 0341 203111 - Fax +39 0341 581671 COD. 99991703 - 531213397 ED.01/2007 Q.TY 10000 PRINTED IN ITALY...