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Yamaha CRW2200IX Series Owner's Manual

Cd-r/rw drive
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CRW2200IX (W)
4th draft



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  Summary of Contents for Yamaha CRW2200IX Series

  • Page 1 CRW2200IX (W) 4th draft 2001.06.22...
  • Page 3 This product, when installed as indicated in the instructions contained in this manual, meets FCC requirements. Modifications not expressly approved by Yamaha may void your authority, granted by the FCC, to use the product. 2. IMPORTANT: When connecting this product to accessories and/or another product use only high quality shielded cables.
  • Page 4 Laser Product Class: Class 1 CAUTION Laser Diode Properties Use of controls or adjustments or performance of Wavelength: 780-787 nm procedures other than those specified herein may result Pulse Durations and Max. Output in hazardous radiation exposure. at the lens of the Laser Pickup Unit Read Mode: 0.7mW (Continuous) ACHTUNG...
  • Page 5 OWNER’S MANUAL...
  • Page 6 Yamaha dealer (listed at the back of this manual). Make sure the computer is electrically grounded to avoid the risk of electrical shock.
  • Page 7 For service information, contact the store of purchase, or your nearest Yamaha dealer (listed in the back of this manual). Do not allow the plug of the AC adapter to come into contact with metal as a short circuit can result and cause a malfunction or damage to the device.
  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    This document may not, in whole or in part, be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, transmitted, or reduced to any electronic medium of machine readable form without prior consent in writing from Yamaha. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 10: Introduction

    This technology reduces phase interference of the laser beam, so that it projects accurately onto the disc. Jitter value, an important measure of recording quality, has been improved 25% compared with Yamaha models not using this technology. Running OPC (Optimum Power Control) Running OPC automatically adjusts the output of the laser according to the characteristics of the disc being used.
  • Page 11 Introduction High-fidelity digital audio The CRW2200IX drive supports extraction of digital audio data at up to 40X speed, as well as the recording of digital sound with complete fidelity even when writing at 20X speed. CD TEXT support Information such as the song name or artist name can be recorded on Audio CDs using CD creation software.
  • Page 12 A Buffer Underrun Error will permanently ruin the disc. Yamaha Buffer Underrun Protection Buffer Underrun Protection is featured in Yamaha’s CRW2200 series CD-R/ RW drives. When a buffer underrun is about to occur, a buffer underrun error is prevented by temporarily suspending the writing process. Writing resumes when enough data has accumulated again in buffer memory.
  • Page 13: Before Use

    CD-ROM containing an operating system. IEEE1394 Interface Card (PCI or CardBus) For the CRW2200IX drive to work properly with your computer, your IEEE1394 interface card must be OHCI compliant. As of this writing, Yamaha has verified compatibility with the following cards: Manufacturer...
  • Page 14: Cd Writing Software

    Before Use Notes • For the latest information about approved IEEE1394 interface cards, check the YAMAHA CD-R/RW Drive web site. URL: • Some IEEE1394 interface cards may not work properly with your computer. Be sure to check for compatibility not only with your computer, but also with the CRW2200IX drive before purchasing a new IEEE1394 interface card.
  • Page 15: Supported Discs

    *1 Compatible with Orange Book Part 2. *2 Compatible with Orange Book Part 3 Vol. 1. *3 Compatible with Orange Book Part 3 Vol. 2. Note To find current information about approved discs for the drive, visit the YAMAHA CD-R/RW Drive web site. URL:
  • Page 16 Before Use About the Orange Book The Orange Book standard defines how all recordable discs (including CD-R and CD-RW) are written. Part 2 of the Orange Book standard relates to CD-R discs, and Part 3 to CD-RW discs. The standard was named after the color of the book’s cover. About CD-ROMs A CD-ROM disc is a compact disc containing high-density read-only data.
  • Page 17: Serial Number

    Before Use About 10X-speed writing/rewriting of a High Speed CD-RW disc 10X-speed writing/rewriting of a High Speed CD-RW disc is enabled with the CLV method, and the 4X-10X Full CAV method. Commonly, writing/rewriting is enabled with the CLV method. When writing/rewriting with packet writing ( P.
  • Page 18: Front And Rear Of Unit

    Front and Rear of Unit Front Panel Power LED Lights up in green when the power of the drive is turned on. Disc tray The disc tray is used to hold the disc. It slides out from the drive unit when a disc needs to be loaded or unloaded.
  • Page 19: Rear Panel

    Front and Rear of Unit Rear Panel LINE OUT jacks (L/R) To listen to audio CDs with the CRW2200IX drive, connect these to the line level input (LINE IN) of the stereo equipment with a standard stereo phono cable (sold separately). Power switch (STANDBY/ON) Turns the power on or off.
  • Page 20: Setup Procedures

    Setup Procedures This flowchart shows the procedure for setting up the CRW2200IX drive. For easy cross-referencing, the relevant pages in this manual are given. Windows Users Make sure that system configuration (CPU, RAM, OS, etc.) of your computer meets the requirements of the CRW2200IX drive ( P.
  • Page 21: Macintosh Users

    Setup Procedures Macintosh Users Make sure that system configuration (CPU, RAM, OS, etc.) of your computer meets the requirements of the CRW2200IX drive ( P. 5). STEP Install the CD writing software. Set up the CRW2200IX drive ( P. 13 – 17). STEP 1 Turn your computer and the drive both on before connecting.
  • Page 22: Install The Cd Writing Software

    Setup Procedures Install the CD Writing Software Before connecting the CRW2200IX drive and the computer as described below, make sure that you have installed appropriate CD writing software ( P. 5). If you use Windows and if the CD writing software is newly installed, first disconnect all IEEE1394 devices from your computer.
  • Page 23 Setup Procedures 4 4 4 4 Connect the included power cable to the AC adapter ( ). Connect the other end of the power cable to the AC outlet ( ). Electrical plugs/sockets vary according to country/region. Notes • Operate the drive only with the included AC adapter. •...
  • Page 24 Setup Procedures 5 5 5 5 Turn on the CRW2200IX drive. When the power of the CRW2200IX drive is turned on, the power LED on the front panel lights up in green. Power LED Note When you turn on the CRW2200IX drive, make sure the LED on the front panel blinks in green, which indicates that it is reading disc information.
  • Page 25 Setup Procedures 6 6 6 6 Connect either IEEE1394 port on the drive’s rear panel to an IEEE1394 (FireWire or i.LINK) port on the computer using the included IEEE1394 interface cable (with a 6-pin connector at each end). Connection to a PC desktop or tower type computer IEEE1394 port IEEE1394 interface cable...
  • Page 26 Setup Procedures Connection to a Macintosh computer IEEE1394 (FireWire) ports IEEE1394 ports CRW2200IX rear panel IEEE1394 interface cable Notes • You can connect the interface cable to either IEEE1394 port on the CRW2200IX drive. • The IEEE1394 standard defines the maximum cable length of a single interface cable as 4.5 meters.
  • Page 27: Configuring For The Operating System

    For Windows 98 Second Edition/Me Open “Control Panel” and double-click on the “System” icon. Select the “Device Manager” tab. If you can find a new CD drive icon (YAMAHA CRW2200E), an IEEE1394 bus controller icon, and an SBP2 icon as shown below, you have successfully installed both the drive and the IEEE1394 interface card as Windows OS recognizes both devices.
  • Page 28 OS. Contact the supplier of your Apple Product. • When “FireWire” is displayed in this window, if “fw609e” and “sbp609e” are not displayed, the CRW2200IX drive is not recognized. Consult your nearest Yamaha dealer for repair. • The FireWire version that supports the CRW2200IX drive is 2.0 or later.
  • Page 29: Operation

    Operation Connecting and Disconnecting IEEE1394 Devices Connecting Devices Your IEEE1394 devices (including the CRW2200IX drive) are supposed to be connected/disconnected in an IEEE1394 daisy chain or tree connection while the host computer is turned on (Hot Swap). Note For more information about a IEEE1394 chain or tree connection, refer to page 28, 29. Disconnecting Devices When you attempt to disconnect an IEEE1394 device while the computer is turned Computers running under Windows 98 Second Edition will crash.
  • Page 30: Loading A Disc

    Operation You can load and eject a disc (as described below) only when the CRW2200IX drive is turned on. Loading a Disc 1 1 1 1 Open the disc tray by pressing the eject button on the CRW2200IX drive’s front panel. 2 2 2 2 Place the disc onto the disc tray with its label or printing facing upward.
  • Page 31: Ejecting A Disc In An Emergency

    Operation Notes • It may not be possible to open the disc tray while a disc is being read or written. • Remove the disc only after the disc tray has opened fully. Otherwise, you risk damaging the drive or the disc. Ejecting a Disc in an Emergency If the disc tray fails to open for some reason, such as a malfunction of the internal spring-loaded mechanism or power outage, it can be opened manually.
  • Page 32: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Please refer also to the YAMAHA CD-R/RW Drive web site for more information. YAMAHA CD-R/RW Drive web site URL: Europe URL: The drive does not turn on. Are the AC adapter and the power cable connected correctly? Make sure that the CRW2200IX drive is properly connected to the AC outlet using the included AC adapter and power cable.
  • Page 33 Manually open the disc tray as a last resort. ( P. 22) If this trouble occurs frequently, the drive’s spring-loaded mechanism may be damaged. Consult your nearest Yamaha dealer for repair. The disc keeps being ejected. Has the disc been placed on the disc tray correctly? If not, place the disc properly and close the disc tray.
  • Page 34 Check for scratches, warping, or other reasons. If you load several types of disc and the LED on the front panel remains orange (indicating that the disc is not recognized), consult your nearest Yamaha dealer for repair.
  • Page 35 ON for “Digital playback.”) 1 The “Properties” setting of the CRW2200IX drive. ➀ Open the “YAMAHA CRW2200E Properties” window and click on the “Properties” tab. ➁ Uncheck the “Enable digital CD audio for this CD-ROM device.” check box.
  • Page 36 Troubleshooting The “Buffer Underrun” error message is displayed. If your CD writing software supports the Buffer Underrun Protection, you must activate the Buffer Underrun Protection. For more details, refer to the documentation that came with your CD writing software. For more effective writing, and to avoid causing “Buffer Underrun,” try the following: •...
  • Page 37: Appendix

    Appendix Connecting Multiple IEEE1394 Peripherals Together The way of connecting multiple devices including the CRW2200IX drive to the host computer is shown below. Connecting in a daisy-chain A daisy-chain connection strings several IEEE1394 devices in line to one IEEE1394 connector on the host computer. Up to 16 IEEE1394 devices can be attached.
  • Page 38 Appendix Notes on Connecting IEEE1394 Devices Remember the following notes when connecting the CRW2200IX drive to the host computer along with other IEEE1394 devices. For optimum performance when writing a CD, connect the CRW2200IX drive directly or solely to the host computer. Do not connect or disconnect any IEEE1394 devices while the CRW2200IX drive is in operation (especially when writing to a disc).
  • Page 39: Writing Modes

    Appendix Writing Modes Disc-at-Once (DAO) This mode is used when writing a complete disc in a single pass without pausing. Data cannot be added later, even if the full capacity of the blank disc has not been used. Example: General CD-ROM Data Track 1 Any remaining space...
  • Page 40: Session-At-Once (Sao)

    Appendix Session-at-Once (SAO) As a writing method that combines the advantages of the above-mentioned “Disc-at- Once” and “Track-at-Once,” you can combine multiple tracks into one session and write them, and then add additional data. For example, this is the writing method used to create a CD EXTRA format CD. The music tracks will be recorded in the first session, and the data will be recorded in the second session.
  • Page 41: About The Firmware

    To ensure more reliable operations and enhanced performance of the drive, updates to the firmware will be made available. You can find information about the most recent firmware for the drive on the YAMAHA CD-R/RW Drive web site. YAMAHA CD-R/RW Drive web site URL:
  • Page 42: Led Indicator Messages

    Appendix LED Indicator Messages The following table shows the various LED signals and meanings when the CRW2200IX drive is turned on. Status Indicator Messages LED Color Ready (with disc) Green Ready (no disc) Orange Tray operation (opening/closing) Blinking (constant) Green Tray fully opened —...
  • Page 43: Crw2200Ix Specifications

    Appendix CRW2200IX Specifications Supported Formats Write Read Play CD-DA (*4) CD TEXT CD-ROM (*1) Mixed Mode CD-ROM (*4) (CD-ROM+CD-DA) CD-ROM XA (*1) (*4) Photo CD (*1) (*2)(*3) (*4) Video CD (*4) CD-i (*3) CD EXTRA (*1) (*4) *1: includes multisession *2: suitable disc required *3: suitable application *4: suitable application software...
  • Page 44 Appendix Data Capacity 700 MB (79 min.) 650 MB (74 min.) 550 MB (63 min.) Data Transfer Rate (Mode 1) 1X: 150 KB/sec. 16X: 2,400 KB/sec. 2X: 300 KB/sec. 20X: 3,000 KB/sec. 4X: 600 KB/sec. 24X: 3,600 KB/sec. 8X: 1,200 KB/sec. 32X: 4,800 KB/sec.
  • Page 45: Ac Adapter

    Appendix AC adapter Rated Input Voltage SKB2505A : 100 – 120 V AC ± 10% SMB2505A : 220 – 240 V AC ± 10% Rated Input Current SKB2505A : 0.64 A (100 – 120 V AC) SMB2505A : 0.4 A (220 – 240 V AC) Rated Output Voltage +5 V, +12 V DC Rated Output Current...
  • Page 46: Index

    Appendix Index Symbols 1394 bus controller ......18 Eject button ........9, 21 4-pin IEEE1394 connector....17 Ejecting a Disc ........21 6-pin IEEE1394 connector....17 Ejecting a Disc in an Emergency ..22 Extraction of digital audio data....2 AC adapter ...........
  • Page 47 Single session........30 Supported Discs ........6 Supported Formats ....... 34 System Requirements......4 Test-writing..........3 Track ............ 30 Track-at-Once (TAO) ......30 Video CD ..........7 Writing Modes ........30 YAMAHA CD-R/RW Drive web site ........5, 6, 23, 32...
  • Page 48 Bei weiteren Fragen wenden Sie sich Sitte an Ihren Händler oder eine der folgenden Firmen. Pour plus de détails sur les produits, veuillez vous adresser à Yamaha ou au distributeur le plus proche figurant dans la liste suivante : Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor póngase en contacto con su distribuidor o una de...