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Yamaha CRW3200SX Series Owner's Manual

External scsi cd-r/rw drive
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 This product, when installed as indicated in the instructions contained in this manual, meets FCC requirements. Modifications not expressly approved by Yamaha may void your authority, granted by the FCC, to use the product. 2. IMPORTANT: When connecting this product to accessories and/or another product use only high quality shielded cables.
  • Page 3 Laser Product Class: Class 1 Laser Diode Properties Wavelength: 780 – 787 nm Pulse Durations and Max. Output at the lens of the Laser Pickup Unit Read Mode: 0.85 mW (Continuous) Write Mode: Max. 48 mW (for 212 ns, Min. Cycle 57.9 ns) Laserprodukt-Klasse: Klasse 1 Eigenschaften der Laserdiode Wellenlänge: 780 –...
  • Page 5 OWNER’S MANUAL...
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    Contact the store of purchase or your nearest Yamaha dealer (listed at the back of this manual). Be sure that the computer is electrically grounded to avoid the risk of electrical shock.
  • Page 7 Clean the AC power plug regularly to avoid the risk of fire due to insulation failure such as humidity. Do not unplug the AC adapter by pulling the cable, and do not place objects on the cable to avoid the risk of electrical shock, fire, or malfunction. Plug in the AC adapter fully to avoid the risk of electrical shock or fire.
  • Page 8 Have the device serviced regularly to avoid internal dust buildup that can cause malfunction, damage or fire. For service information and service charges, contact the store of purchase or your nearest Yamaha dealer (listed at the back of this manual). WARRANTY...
  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    System Requirements ...6 Preparing the CRW3200SX Drive ... 9 Serial Number...9 1 Set up the CRW3200SX Drive...9 2 Connect the CRW3200SX Drive...12 3 Check Recognition of the CRW3200SX Drive...16 4 Install CD Writing Software...19 Loading/Ejecting a Disc ...20 Troubleshooting...22 Firmware...29 CRW3200SX Drive Specifications...30...
  • Page 10: Features Of The Crw3200Sx Drive

    Features of the CRW3200SX Drive High speed writing/reading The CRW3200SX drive supports up to 24X-speed writing for CD-R discs, and up to 10X-speed writing/rewriting for CD-RW discs. In addition, the drive supports data reading and digital audio data extraction at up to 40X speed.
  • Page 11: Names And Functions Of Parts

    Controls the volume of the headphones. The volume increases as the dial is turned to the right. Indicates the operational status of the CRW3200SX drive by its colors and blinking patterns. Lights or blinks blue • Lights: Standby (with disc) •...
  • Page 12: Rear Panel

    Names and Functions of Parts Rear Panel LINE OUT jacks (L/R) Connect audio devices such as external speakers. Power switch (STANDBY/ON) Turns the power on/off. (P. 12, 15) DC-IN connector Connects the included AC adapter. (P. 14) SCSI connectors Connect the SCSI cable. (P. 12) D-sub half-pitch 50-pin pin-type is used.
  • Page 13: Precautions On Use

    RW drive, take due care not to infringe the copyright. Disclaimer of Indemnity • Yamaha assumes no liability for the loss of any profits incurred as a result of the loss or corruption of data written on a CD-R or CD-RW, for any loss or damage...
  • Page 14: Compatible Discs

    YAMAHA CD-R/RW Drive website URL: CD-R discs • The CRW3200SX drive can write at 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 12X, 16X or 24X speed. • CD-R discs can be played back on a CD-ROM drive or a CD player. Note •...
  • Page 15: System Requirements

    Partial CAV method, which is a combination of the CAV method for inner tracks and the CLV method for outer tracks. The Partial CAV method controls the disc rotation speed so that the CRW3200SX drive starts writing at 18X speed on inner tracks, increasing the speed to 24X as the read/write head moves outward and holds the speed at 24X on outer tracks.
  • Page 16 (a total of up to 900 MB). However, hard drive space for image files is not required when directly writing onto a CD-R/RW disc from a hard drive or CD-ROM using the CRW3200SX drive (on-the-fly writing).
  • Page 17 • RAM: 32 MB (64 MB or more is recommended) • CD-ROM drive Note The CRW3200SX drive cannot be used to boot the computer or to set up an operating system. • Hard drive space Writing data on a CD-R/RW disc requires 50 MB to 100 MB of free space as a working area on the hard drive.
  • Page 18: Preparing The Crw3200Sx Drive

    Preparing the CRW3200SX Drive Serial Number The serial number is printed on the label on the bottom of your CRW3200SX drive. When you have a question about the drive or need user support services, the serial number is required. Please write the serial number down in the space below. It may be difficult to check the serial number after setting up the drive or for any other reason.
  • Page 19 “6,” except for the ID numbers in use by other SCSI devices, to the CRW3200SX drive is recommended. The dip switch of the CRW3200SX has four switches, and use SW 1, SW 2, and SW 3 (three switches from the left) to set the SCSI ID number. The switches are set to ON when pulled down.
  • Page 20 The terminators of the first and last devices of the SCSI chain should be set to ON. If the CRW3200SX drive is not at the last of the SCSI chain, the TERMINATOR (SW 4) of the dip switch should be set to OFF.
  • Page 21: Connect The Crw3200Sx Drive

    CRW3200SX drive is turned off (STANDBY). Connect the SCSI cable to either one of the SCSI connectors on the rear panel of the CRW3200SX drive. Connect the other end of the SCSI cable to the SCSI card connector of the computer or the other SCSI device.
  • Page 22 • The connector of SCSI cables or SCSI interface cards varies. A SCSI cable with proper connectors for both the CRW3200SX drive and the SCSI interface card is required. SCSI connector of the CRW3200SX drive is D-sub half-pitch 50-pin pin-type.
  • Page 23 Connect the included AC adapter to the DC-IN connector of the CRW3200SX drive. The arrow on the adapter plug faces to the screw (the left side of the connector). Connect the included power cable to the AC adapter ( ).
  • Page 24 • The AC adapter consumes power, shown in the table below, while connected to the wall socket even if the power switch of the CRW3200SX drive is turned off. Remove the power cable from the wall socket when not using the CRW3200SX drive for a prolonged period.
  • Page 25: Check Recognition Of The Crw3200Sx Drive

    3 Check Recognition of the CRW3200SX Drive After connecting the CRW3200SX drive to the computer, follow the steps below to check that the drive is recognized properly by the computer. For Windows Turn on the computer. Check that the CRW3200SX drive and the SCSI card are recognized properly by the computer.
  • Page 26 Select Start on the task bar, then Settings, Control Panel, System, Hardware tab, and Device Manager. The Device Manager dialog box appears. Check that the following icons are shown. “YAMAHA CRW3200S SCSI CdRom Device” in the “DVD/CD- ROM drives” item “SCSI and RAID controllers” For Windows XP Select Start on the task bar, then Control Panel, System, Hardware tab, and Device Manager.
  • Page 27 Figure 2 (scroll down) The drive name is not shown or there is The CRW3200SX drive has not been recognized properly. Check the cable connections and settings. Change the Sync data transfer setting. For Windows 95/98/98 Second Edition/Me In the Device Manager dialog box (P. 16), select YAMAHA CRW3200S Properties and then Settings tab.
  • Page 28: Install Cd Writing Software

    CRW3200SX drive has been recognized properly. Note The extension files that support the CRW3200SX drive are required to mount and read the disc even if the drive is recognized by Apple System Profiler. The extension files come with the CD writing software. For details, refer to the documentation that comes with the CD writing software.
  • Page 29: Loading/Ejecting A Disc

    Loading/Ejecting a Disc Prior to the operation, check that the CRW3200SX drive is turned on. Open the disc tray by pressing the eject button. Place the disc onto the disc tray properly with its label facing upward. Or remove the disc from the disc tray carefully so not to damage it.
  • Page 30 Turn off the CRW3200SX drive. Insert the thin pin-like object straight into the manual eject hole, and push it in. When the disc tray opens, remove the disc. Turn on the CRW3200SX drive, and close the disc tray. Manual eject hole...
  • Page 31: Troubleshooting

    If not, connect them properly, and then turn on the CRW3200SX drive. If the CRW3200SX is not turned on (the front panel LED does not light) even if they are connected properly, contact the store of purchase or your nearest Yamaha dealer (listed at the back of this manual).
  • Page 32 Is the CRW3200SX drive’s SCSI ID number is different from the SCSI card’s? If the CRW3200SX drive’s SCSI ID number is set to “7,” set it to other ID number that are not used by other SCSI devices. (P. 10) Aren’t the pins of the SCSI connectors damaged?
  • Page 33 Drag the disc icon into the Trash and drop it there to unmount the disc to open the disc tray. Is the disc tray opened when the SCSI cable is removed from the CRW3200SX drive? Remove the SCSI cable from the drive while the AC adapter is connected, and press the button.
  • Page 34 The extension files come with the CD writing software. For details, refer to the documentation that comes with the CD writing software. Does the LED on the front panel of the CRW3200SX drive light correctly when a disc is inserted? When a disc is inserted, the LED will blink blue for a moment and then light blue.
  • Page 35 For Windows Me In the Device Manager dialog box (P. 16), select YAMAHA CRW3200S Properties and then Properties tab. Uncheck the “Enable digital CD audio for this CD-ROM device” in the “Digital CD Playback” item. Start “Windows Media Player.” In the menu bar, select Tools, Options and CD Audio tab.
  • Page 36 If a specific disc is automatically ejected or cannot be read, the disc itself may have a problem. If the drive does not accept any compatible discs (and the LED remains purple), contact the store of purchase or your nearest Yamaha dealer (listed at the back of this manual).
  • Page 37 CRW3200SX drive is connected, and then check that the drive is recognized properly by the computer. CD writing software must support the CRW3200SX drive in order to recognize the drive. Contact the manufacturer of your CD writing software to see whether the software...
  • Page 38: Firmware

    Refer to the website regularly to check the latest information. Checking the firmware version in the CRW3200SX drive For Windows 95/98/98 Second Edition/Me In the Device Manager dialog box (P. 16), select YAMAHA CRW3200S to display the YAMAHA CRW3200S Properties dialog box, and then select the Settings tab.
  • Page 39: Crw3200Sx Drive Specifications

    CRW3200SX Drive Specifications Supported Formats CD-DA CD TEXT CD-ROM Mixed Mode CD-ROM (CD-ROM+CD-DA) CD-ROM XA Photo CD Video CD CD-i CD EXTRA includes multisession proper disc required proper application software required proper application software may be required depending on the format...
  • Page 40 CRW3200SX Drive Specifications Data Capacity Maximum Recording Time in Audio Master Quality Recording Data Transfer Rate (Mode 1) Burst Transfer Rate Interface Data Buffer Size Average Access Time Sector Size Installing Style Disc Loading Type Audio Out Power Consumption Operating Environment...
  • Page 41 AC adapter (AD-301205) Rated Input Voltage Rated Input Current Rated Output Voltage Rated Output Current Terminal Output Polarity Operating Environment Dimensions (includes projection) Mass (includes the power cable) 100 – 240 V AC 1.0 A or less +5 V, +12 V DC 1.5 A 1: +12 V DC 2: GND...
  • Page 42 Category Safety Canada Safety Safety Australia New Zealand Japan Safety Note that the specifications of the CRW3200SX drive are subject to change without notice due to improvements. Compliance Specifications Item Standard Electricity UL60950 Laser 21CFR1040.10 FDA Chapter 1, Subchapter J...
  • Page 43: Technical Notes

    When buffer underrun almost happens, Buffer Underrun Protection temporarily suspends the writing process. Writing resumes when enough data has accumulated in the buffer memory. Buffer Underrun Protection in the CRW3200SX drive is extremely accurate, resulting in seamless recording before and after suspension.
  • Page 44 Technical Notes Session-at-Once (SAO) This method is used to write data on a disc on a session-by-session basis. Unlike Track-at-Once described above, Session-at-Once enables you to record multiple tracks onto a disc at a time. CD EXTRA, for example, uses this method to write multiple pieces of audio data (or multiple tracks) in the first session and information required for computers in the second session.
  • Page 45 Distributors and Head Offices / Vertriebs- und Hauptgeschäftsstelle Distributeurs et sièges sociaux / Distribuidores y Casas matrices If you have any questions, please contact the store of purchase or your nearest Yamaha dealer listed below. Contact Yamaha Corporation Japan from outside of the listed countries.