Setting Up Google Cloud Print; Step By Step Overview - Brother MFC J280W Manual

Google cloud print
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Setting up Google Cloud Print

Step by step overview

Configure the settings using the following procedure.
Step 1: Create a Google account. (uu page 4)
Access the Google website
signup) using a computer or
mobile device and create an
account. You need to sign in to
your Google account using a
Gmail™ address in order to
use Google Cloud Print. (If you
already have an account,
there is no need to create an
additional account.)
Step 2: Register your Google account information to the machine. (uu page 4)
Register your Google account
information on the machine
using your computer's or your
mobile device's web browser.
The machine can now use the service.
User registration
Obtain account
Google account information
Wired or wireless network connection
Google website

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents