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Assembling the Ice Cream Maker
Attachment for Tilt-Head Mixer
To Attach Drive-Assembly:
1. Be sure speed-control is still on "O"
(off) and mixer is unplugged.
2. Motor head should still be tilted, and
the freeze bowl and dasher should be
in place.
3. Determine your mixer model by checking
for a spring on the beater shaft, and
then position the drive assembly as
illustrated for proper placement.
Wider End
(marked "A")
No Step
(marked "B")
No Spring
4. Slide drive assembly onto the motor
head until it will not slide any further.
When properly assembled, the outer
curved edges of the drive assembly
should center on the motor head. If
they are not centered, slide the drive
assembly either back or forward until it
is centered on the motor head. Make
sure the drive assembly is securely in
place by pressing upward.
NOTE: If drive assembly will not fit onto
the motor head, try using the other side of
the drive assembly.
5. Lower the motor head to engage the
drive assembly with the dasher. If the
drive assembly doesn't engage the
dasher, slide the drive assembly either
back or forward until it does engage
the dasher properly.
6. Make sure the motor head is down
7. Place locking lever in the LOCK position.
8. Before mixing, test the lock by
attempting to raise the motor head.
9. Plug the mixer into a grounded
3-prong outlet.
* For bowl-lift mixer, see page 5 and 6.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents