Honeywell EC-P2 Instruction Manual
Honeywell EC-P2 Instruction Manual

Honeywell EC-P2 Instruction Manual

Gas detector
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Honeywell EC-P2
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  • Page 1 Honeywell EC-P2 E C - P 2 G a s D e te c to Instruction Manual...
  • Page 3 In no event is Honeywell liable to anyone for any indirect, special or consequential damages. The information and specifications in this document are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Introduction This manual has been prepared to help in the use of the Honeywell EC-P2 Portable Gas Detector. This manual must be carefully followed by all individuals who have or will have the responsibility for using or servicing this device.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Programming sample mode variables ........17 To Enter SAMP / MEAS / CLEAR Mode .........17 SAMP Variable ................18 To Exit SAMP / MEAS / CLEAR Mode ........18 4.4 Data Logging ................18 EC-P2 software installation: ............18 Honeywell EC-P2 Instruction and Installation Manual...
  • Page 6 Data Logging with the Honeywell EC-P2: .......18 Working with the “EC-P2” program: .........19 4.5 Analog Output ................19 Changing the full scale range on EC-P2: ........20 To Enter RANGE Mode ............20 Adjusting the RANGE .............20 To Exit RANGE Mode .............20 Appendix A ..................21 Available SMART-CELLs ..............21...
  • Page 7: System Description

    The Honeywell EC-P2 is a portable, battery operated instrument for the measurement of gas concentrations in ambient air. The Honeywell EC-P2 can be converted from one target gas to another by simply plugging in a different SMART-CELL for the desired target gas (takes about 30 seconds).
  • Page 8: System Specifications

    8 days at 1 minute storage interval 2.1 Operating the Sensor The Honeywell EC-P2 is shipped ready for use. To power up the instrument, push the PWR button. The power up sequence displays first the self check, the sensor...
  • Page 9: Changing The Target Gas Using Smart-Cell Technology

    The normal operating screen displays the information as shown in Figure 2. The Honeywell EC-P2 is designed to avoid accidental shut-off of the power. To turn the unit off, the PWR button must be held down for approximately three seconds.
  • Page 10: Response Test

    If not, do not use it for field measurements. 2.4 Sample Inlet Port The Honeywell EC-P2 is provided with a quick disconnect flexible extension wand. It will work with or without the wand. When using the extension wand, the internal walls must be kept dry.
  • Page 11: Interference Gases

    2.6 Interference Gases The Honeywell EC-P2 is generally quite specific to the target gas, but depending on the target gas, other gases may cause a reading. See Appendix B for a listing of potential interference gases for the various SMART-CELLs.
  • Page 12: Maintenance

    3 Maintenance 3.1 Periodic Maintenance It is essential that the test and calibration schedule be adhered to. Honeywell Analytics recommends the following maintenance schedule: • Response test prior to each use. Expose sensor to a sample of the target gas to verify proper sensor response and alarm functions.
  • Page 13: To Enter Zero / Span Mode

    The detector does not start: Check to see that a fresh battery is installed. Both the primary and standby batteries must be discharged for this problem to occur. Plug the charger into the Honeywell EC-P2 to charge the standby battery. Wait 10 minutes and retry.
  • Page 14 Unit does not respond when keys are pressed: Press and hold all four buttons for five seconds. This will reset the Honeywell EC-P2. Turn the unit back on by pressing the PWR button.
  • Page 15: Programming And Advanced Features

    4 Programming and Advanced Features 4.1 Alarm Setpoints, Functions The Honeywell EC-P2 has three adjustable alarm setpoints. These setpoints are stored on each SMART-CELL. The Caution setpoint is to warn of excessive negative zero drift. The WARNING and ALARM setpoints are to warn of potentially dangerous target gas concentrations.
  • Page 16: Warning Function

    CAUT or ALRM button. 4.2 Display Variables The Honeywell EC-P2 has two adjustable display variables. These variables control signal conditioning of the LCD display. Variables are stored on each SMART-CELL.
  • Page 17: Avg Variable

    Push and hold the unnamed button (second from left) first, then Push and hold the Menu button. Hold both buttons until the screen goes blank (two seconds). Release both buttons and the unit is now in Programming Mode. Honeywell EC-P2 Instruction and Installation Manual...
  • Page 18: Samp Variable

    Microsoft Excel or other popular spreadsheet applications. The EC-P2 will store instantaneous gas values every one, five, 10, or 15 minutes. Multiple sessions can be logged and then downloaded as separate files.
  • Page 19: Working With The "Ec-P2" Program

    Com port in the Configure Tab, improperly connecting the RS-232 cable, or not turning on the Honeywell EC-P2. When you are ready to transfer data from the Honeywell EC-P2 to your PC, click on “get data” and the files will be downloaded to your computer. Note the file names in the destination window so you can locate the files.
  • Page 20: Changing The Full Scale Range On Ec-P2

    The display will always cover the entire operating range of the SMART-CELL. Changing the range can affect the display resolution for some SMART-CELLs. Changing the full scale range on EC-P2: To Enter RANGE Mode Push power button to turn unit on. Wait for power up sequence to finish (30 seconds).
  • Page 21: Appendix A

    0-5 ppm 0-100 ppm 0.1 ppm 10183 Ozone (O 0-1 ppm 0-5 ppm 0.01 ppm 11023 Phosphine (PH 0-200 ppm 0-2000 ppm 1 ppm 11187 Sulfur Dioxide (SO 0-10 ppm 0-500 ppm 0.1 ppm 10184 Honeywell EC-P2 Instruction and Installation Manual...
  • Page 22: Appendix B

    Appendix B SMART-CELL Cross-Sensitivity Table (Interference Gases) Honeywell EC-P2 Instruction and Installation Manual...
  • Page 23 ), the sensor will read 0.5 ppm. This interference is in addition to the target gas present. For example, if an NH sensor is exposed to 1 ppm NH and 1 ppm Br the same time, the reading will be 0.9 ppm Honeywell EC-P2 Instruction and Installation Manual...
  • Page 24: Limited Warranty

    THE PURCHASER MORE THAN ONE consumable items such as batteries, YEAR AFTER THE CAUSE OF ACTION or items subject to wear or periodic adjustment, including lamps, fuses, HAS OCCURRED. valves, vanes, sensor elements, cartridges, or filter elements. Honeywell EC-P2 Instruction and Installation Manual...
  • Page 25 Honeywell EC-P2 Instruction and Installation Manual...
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