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GE Z-Wave 45602 User Manual page 2

Wireless lighting control on/off/dim lamp module


Thank you for your purchase of a GE Z-Wave
device. Z-Wave
technology is designed to automate
lighting/home control and provide easy remote operation of
all your Z-wave
enabled devices. The GE Z-Wave
family includes a variety of devices to control lighting in your
home. It is up to you whether
you want to control one
room or your entire house
and whether you want
to do it all now or start
with one room and
add more over
This module is
one component
of a Z-Wave
control system
and is designed
to work with all other
enabled devices in a
home control network. It will also act as a
wireless repeater to insure that commands intended
for another device in the network are received, thereby
extending the range of the wireless controller. Z-Wave
devices of other types and brands can be added