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GE Z-Wave 45602 User Manual page 12

Wireless lighting control on/off/dim lamp module


Ignore Start Level When Receiving Dim Commands
Please note: Every "Dim" command from your remote
controller includes a start level embedded in it. The 45602
can be set to ignore the start level that is part of the dim
command. Setting parameter 5 to a value of 0 will cause the
45602 to dim or brighten from the start level embedded
in the command.
- Parameter No: 5
- Length: 1 Byte
- Valid Values = 0 or 1 (default 1)
Restoring Factory Defaults
All Configuration Parameters can all be restored to their
factory default settings by using your primary controller to
reset the device. (delete from the network)
Software Fuse
This Lamp Module is designed to protect itself against loads
that exceed its maximum power rating. An overload is
automatically sensed by the module and all power to the load
is shut OFF immediately.
Troubleshooting: Verify that the lamp wattage does not
exceed the 300W rating if the module doesn't seem to work
properly. Normal operation can be restored by remote when
the load is reduced to the proper rating.
Over-Current Protection
Additional over-current protection is provided by an internal
fuse which is not user serviceable. Check your home's circuit
breakers before concluding that the product must be replaced.