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GE Z-Wave 45602 User Manual page 10

Wireless lighting control on/off/dim lamp module


All On/All Off
Depending upon your primary controller, the 45602 lamp
module can be set to respond to ALL ON and ALL OFF
commands in up to four different ways. Some controllers
may not be able to change the response from its default
setting. Please refer to your controller's instructions for
information on whether or not it supports the configuration
function and if so, how to change this setting.
The four possible responses are:
- It will respond to ALL ON and the ALL OFF
commands (default).
- It will not respond to ALL ON or ALL OFF commands.
- It will respond to the ALL OFF command but will not respond
to the ALL ON command.
- It will respond to the ALL ON command but will not respond
to the ALL OFF command.
Load Sensing
Load sensing is disabled when shipped from the factory. This
feature can be enabled if desired. Setting parameter 29 to a
value of 1 will enable the Load Sense function.
- Parameter No: 29
- Length: 1 Byte
- Valid Values = 0 or 1 (default 0)
Note: When replacing a burned-out light bulb, the load sensing
feature (if enabled) will automatically turn the light ON when the new
bulb is installed even if the Z-wave module was previously turned OFF.