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GE EDW4000 Series Owner's Manual

GE EDW4000 Series Owner's Manual

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Safety Instructions
. . . . . . . 2, 3
Operating Instructions
Care and Cleaning . . . . . . . . . 10
Control Panel and Settings . . 4–6
Loading Place Settings . . . . . . . 9
Loading the Racks . . . . . . . . . . 8
Optional Accessories . . . . . . . . .9
Using the Dishwasher . . . . . .6, 7
Troubleshooting Tips
. . . 11, 12
Write the model and serial
numbers here:
Model # __________________
Serial # __________________
You can find them on the tub wall
just inside the door.
Consumer Support
Consumer Support . . .Back Cover
Product Registration . . . . .13, 14
Warranty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Owner's Manual
EDW4000 Series
GHDA960 Series
GHDA980 Series
GSD6100 Series
GSD6200 Series
GSD6300 Series
GSD6500 Series
GSD6600 Series
GSD6700 Series
GSD6800 Series
GSD6900 Series
SSD4900 Series
49-5974 02-04 JR


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for GE EDW4000 Series

  • Page 1 Owner’s Manual EDW4000 Series GHDA960 Series GHDA980 Series GSD6100 Series GSD6200 Series GSD6300 Series GSD6500 Series GSD6600 Series GSD6700 Series GSD6800 Series GSD6900 Series SSD4900 Series Safety Instructions Consumer Support ..2, 3 Consumer Support .
  • Page 2: Important Safety Information

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. WARNING! For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury, or death. WATER HEATER SAFETY Under certain conditions hydrogen gas may be produced in a water heater that has not been used for two weeks or more.
  • Page 3: Save These Instructions

    Damage to dishwasher and discoloration ® rinse agents have been approved for use or staining of dishwasher may result. in all GE dishwashers. s Do not touch the heating element during s Using a detergent that is not specifically or immediately after use.
  • Page 4: Control Settings

    About the dishwasher control panel. You can locate your model number on the tub wall just inside the door. Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model. Control Settings Status Indicator Lights The Status display tells you what’s happening while the dishwasher is in operation and may flash, indicating a malfunction (see page 6).
  • Page 5 SPEED CYCLE Heavy 9.3 gal., 36 min. Medium 7.2 gal., 36 min. SPEED WASH Light 5.7 gal., 33 min. (on some models) This cycle is for everyday dishes and glassware. CHINA CRYSTAL Heavy 10.0 gal., 49 min. (on some models) Medium 7.2 gal., 36 min. Light 7.2 gal., 36 min.
  • Page 6: Flashing Display Lights

    About the dishwasher control panel. Start If you don’t want to change any of the settings, simply touch the START/RESET pad to begin the cycle. Close the dishwasher door and select the If the door is closed the indicator lights will turn cycle and desired enhancements.
  • Page 7: Dish Preparation Prior To Loading

    ® Automatic Dishwashing Detergents cover by depressing the cover latch. have been approved for use in all GE dishwashers. Fill the Main Wash section with detergent. Keep your detergent fresh and dry. Don’t put powder detergent into the dispenser until you’re Fill the Pre-Wash section if needed.
  • Page 8: Loading The Dishwasher Racks

    Loading the dishwasher racks. For best dishwashing results, follow these loading guidelines. Features and appearance of racks and silverware baskets may vary from your model. Upper Rack The upper rack is good for all kinds of Although the upper rack is for glasses, cups odd-shaped utensils.
  • Page 9: Loading Place Settings

    Loading place settings… Follow these guidelines for loading 10 place settings. Features and appearance of racks and silverware baskets may vary from your model. Upper Rack—10 place settings Lower Rack—10 place settings Follow these guidelines for loading 12 place settings. Features and appearance of racks and silverware baskets may vary from your model.
  • Page 10: Caring For The Dishwasher

    The Stainless Steel Panels The stainless steel panels can be cleaned with Stainless Steel Magic or a similar product using a clean, soft cloth. You can order Stainless Steel Magic # WX10X15 through GE Parts by calling 800.626.2002.
  • Page 11: Before You Call For Service

    GE dishwashers. • Use of the RINSE ONLY cycle (on some models) after adding Some tomato-based foods can stain the dish to the load can decrease the level of staining. GE recommends Cascade ® Power Booster to help remove these types of stains.
  • Page 12 , Cascade ® Complete and Electrasol ® Dishwashing Detergents have been approved for use in all GE dishwashers. Dishes don’t dry • Make sure inlet water temperature is correct (see page 6). Low inlet water temperature • Select HEATED DRY.
  • Page 13 You can rest easy, knowing that all your valuable household products are protected against expensive repairs. 800.626.2224 Place your confidence in GE and call us in the U.S. toll-free at for more information. *All brands covered, up to 20 years old, in the continental U.S.
  • Page 14: Model Number

    Month Year * Please provide your e-mail address to receive, via e-mail, discounts, special offers and other important communications from GE Appliances (GEA). Check here if you do not want to receive communications from GEA’s carefully selected partners. GE Appliances FAILURE TO COMPLETE AND RETURN THIS CARD DOES NOT DIMINISH YOUR WARRANTY RIGHTS.
  • Page 15 Any part of the dishwasher which fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship. During this From the date of the full one-year warranty, GE will also provide, free of charge, all labor and in-home service to replace original purchase the defective part.
  • Page 16: Consumer Support

    Contact Us If you are not satisfied with the service you receive from GE, contact us on our Website with all the details including your phone number, or write to: General Manager, Customer Relations GE Appliances, Appliance Park...
  • Page 17 This appliance must be grounded for safe operation. For answers to your Monogram, ® GE Profile ™ GE appliance questions, visit our website at As an ENERGY STAR ® partner, Listed by GE has determined that this product or call...
  • Page 18 GE Appliances GSD6200G – GE Triton XL Built-In Dishwasher ™ Features and Benefits • E ® Qualified NERGY • Full-Length Flat Door • Tall-Over-Tall ™ Towerless Rack Design: Tiered Upper Rack w/PVC Tines and Two Utility Shelves, Lower Rack • QuietPower ™...
  • Page 19: Installation Instructions

    Product failure Read and observe all CAUTIONS and WARNINGS due to improper installation is not covered under the shown throughout these instructions. While performing GE Appliance Warranty. installations described in this booklet, gloves, safety Completion Time – •...
  • Page 20: Installation Preparation

    Installation Preparation Trim Pieces PARTS SUPPLIED: Two #8 Phillips flat head wood screws, 5/8" long to secure dishwasher to underside of countertop or to side of cabinetry. (Taped to top or side of dishwasher.) Side and top trim pieces 2 Wood Screws 4, #8 Pan head Phillips Screws Side Mounting Brackets 2 Side mounting brackets with 4 mounting screws 3/8"...
  • Page 21: Prepare Dishwasher Enclosure

    Installation Preparation PREPARE DISHWASHER ENCLOSURE • The dishwasher must be installed so that drain hose is no more than 10 feet in length for proper drainage. • The dishwasher must be fully enclosed on the top, sides and back, and must not support any part of the This Wall Area enclosure.
  • Page 22: Prepare Electrical Wiring

    Installation Preparation PREPARE ELECTRICAL WIRING FOR PERSONAL SAFETY: Remove Alternate house fuse or open circuit breaker Receptacle before beginning installation. Do not Location use an extension cord or adapter plug 18" with this appliance. 1-1/2" Dia. Hole (Max.) Receptacle Location 18"...
  • Page 23: Step 1 Check Door Balance

    Installation Instructions STEP 1 CHECK DOOR BALANCE PREPARE HOT WATER LINE • The line may enter from either side, rear or floor With dishwasher on wood skid, check the door balance within the shaded area shown in Figure F. by opening and closing the door. •...
  • Page 24: Step 3 Remove Toekick

    Installation Instructions STEP 3 REMOVE TOEKICK STEP 5 INSTALL 90 ELBOW • Remove the two toekick screws. • Wrap 90 elbow with thread seal tape. • Install a 90 elbow onto the water valve. Front of Dishwasher Remove 2 Toekick Screws Water Valve Bracket Figure I...
  • Page 25: Step 9 Install Trim Pieces

    Installation Instructions STEP 9 INSTALL TRIM PIECES STEP 7 INSERT DRAIN HOSE THROUGH CABINET Skip this step if trim is not supplied with the dishwasher. • Locate trim strips inside dishwasher. • Upright the dishwasher and position in front of the •...
  • Page 26: Step 11 Level Dishwasher

    Installation Instructions STEP 11 LEVEL DISHWASHER • Level the dish- Access Hole washer by adjusting IMPORTANT – Dishwasher must be level for proper the four leveling dish rack operation and wash performance. legs individually. • If adjustment to the • Place level on right rear leveling door and rack leg is required,...
  • Page 27: Step 13 Connect Water Supply

    Installation Instructions STEP 13 CONNECT WATER SUPPLY Compression Nut Ferrule Connect water supply line to 90 elbow. • Slide compression nut, then ferrule over end of water line. Hot Water Supply Line 90 Elbow • Insert water line into 90 elbow. •...
  • Page 28 Installation Instructions STEP 15 CONNECT POWER STEP 16 PRE-TEST CHECK LIST SUPPLY Review this list after installing your dishwasher to avoid charges for a service call that is not covered by Skip this step if equipped with power cord your warranty. Verify that power is turned off at the source.
  • Page 29: Step 17 Dishwasher Wet Test

    Installation Instructions STEP 17 DISHWASHER WET TEST STEP 18 REPLACE TOEKICK Turn on power supply (or plug power cord into • Place toekick against the legs of the dishwasher. outlet, if equipped). Latch door. Push “Normal Wash” button. Push start/reset pad once. Check to be sure that water enters the dishwasher.
  • Page 30 Pub. No. 31-30530 Dwg. No. 206C1559P070 SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE (N.D. 212) 6/01...

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