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GE PDW7880PSS - Profile 24" - Dishwasher Owner's Manual

Owners manual
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Safety Instructions
Care and Cleaning
Control Panel and Settings
... 4-6
Loading Place Settings
Loading the Racks ............
Optional Accessories
Using the Dishwasher
Tips .. 13, 14
Consumer Support
Consumer Support
..... Back Cover
Write the model and serial
Model #
Serial #
You can find them on the tub wall
just inside the doon
06-06 JR



Summary of Contents for GE PDW7880PSS - Profile 24" - Dishwasher

  • Page 1 Safety Instructions ..Operating Instructions GSD6900 Series Care and Cleaning .... PDW7000 Series Control Panel and Settings ... 4-6 Loading Place Settings ..Loading the Racks .... Optional Accessories ..Using the Dishwasher ..Troubleshooting Tips .. 13, 14 Consumer Support Consumer Support ..
  • Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING -- SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS WARNING! For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, and to prevent property damage, personal injury, or death. WARNING! WATER HEATER S AFETY _,l'_ Under certain conditions, hydrogen gas may be produced in o water heater that has not been used...
  • Page 3 _i, WARNING! RISK OF CHILD ENTRAPMENT PROPER DISPOSAL OF THE DISHWASHER Junked or abandoned dishwashers are dangerous...even if they will sit for '_justa few days." If you are getting rid of your old dishwasher, please follow the instructions below to help prevent accidents.
  • Page 4 About the dishwasher control panel. You can locate your model number on the tub wall just inside the doon Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model. Control Settings Status Indicator Lights TheStatusdisplagtells Uouwhat'shappeningwhilethe dishwasher i s in operationand mauflash,indicatinga malfunction(see page6).Thelightswill come ONindicatingthe sequence of operationthe dishwasherisin.
  • Page 5 SPEED CYCLE 7.5 gal., 35 min. (on some models This cycle is for everyday dishes and glassware. CHINA CRYSTAL 7.5 gal., 35 min. This cgcle is for lightly soiled china and crgstal. GLASSES 7.5 gal., 35 min. (on some models This cgcle is specifically designed for glasses.
  • Page 6 About the dishwasher control panel. Start If you don'twant to changeany of the settings, s imply Close the dishwasher d oor and selectthecycleand touch the START/RESET pad to begin the cycle. desiredenhancements. Touchthe START/RESET padto beginthe cycle.Waterfill begins, a nd approximately 60 Ifthe door is closed, the indicator lights willturn secondslaterthe washaction begins.
  • Page 7 Manual Detergent Dispenser Yourdishwasher c omesequippedwith an automaticliquid Forheavilgsoiledloads,usea bit moredetergent.Forwater dishwasher d etergentdispenser (SmartDispense and a temperatures above140°F, u sea bit lessdetergent. manualdispensen Youcan useeitherof thesedispensers but don'tusebothat the sametime. Medium Medium Extremelg Soft Soft Hard Hard SmartDispense L A' WAS Manual Detergent...
  • Page 8 Using the dishwasher. SmartDispense TM Detergent Dispenser Con s ome modelsl This dishwasher may have a SmartDispense feature Setthe door at a comfortable angle to fill the which automatically dispenses liquid automatic dispenseE dishwasher detergent into each cycle based on soil level and water hardness.
  • Page 9 SmartDispense :MDetergent Dispenser Water Hardness Calibration Prior to the first use, the dishwasher needs to Pressthe COOKWARE and DELAYHOURSpads at the be calibrated for water hardness. Pleasefollow same time for 3 seconds. directions below to calibrate the dishwasher to the hardness of gour tap water.
  • Page 10 Loading the dishwasher racks. For best dishwashing results, follow these loading guidelines. Features and appearance of racks and silverware baskets may vary from your model. Upper Rack The upper rack is good for all kinds of Although the upper rack is primarily for ._.p_"...
  • Page 11 Loading place settings.., gecom Follow these guidelines for loading 10 place settings. Features and appearance of racks and silverware baskets mag varg from gout model. NOTE;Silverware should be individuallg loaded into the slots on the silverware basket lid. Upper Rack--lO place settings Lower Rack--lO place settings...
  • Page 12 Caring for the dishwasher. Cleaning the Exterior Door Panel Stainless Steel Door Panel (model numbers Before cleaning the front panel, make sure you know what type of panel you have. ending in SS) Refer to the last two letters of your model The stainless steel panels can be cleaned number You can locate your model number with StainlessSteelMagic or a similar product...
  • Page 13 Before you call for service.., gecom Troubleshooting Tips Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages, or visit You mog not need to call for service. Error Messages Possible Causes What To Do START/RESET status You have pressed the •...
  • Page 14 Before you call for service... Problem Possible Causes What To Do Aluminum utensilshave Blackor grag • Remove markswith a mild,abrasivecleanen rubbed against dishes marks an dishes Dishesdon't dry Low inletwater temperature • Hakesureinletwatertemperatureisat least120°R • Select H EATED DRY. • UseHOTSTART, HOTWASH or ADDED HEAT options. •...
  • Page 15 GE Dishwasher Warranty. All warranty service provided by our Factory Service Centers, Staple your receipt here. or an authorized Customer Care ® technician. To schedule Proof of the original pumhase service, on-line, 24 hours a day, visit us at, or call date is needed to obtain service...
  • Page 16 Consumer Support. GEAppliances Website Have a question or need assistance with your appliance? Try the GEAppliances Website 24 hours a day, any day of the year! For greater convenience and faster service, you can now download Owner's Manuals, order parts or even schedule service on-line. ScheduleService Expert GErepair service is only one step away from your door Get on-line and schedule your service at...

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