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GE GSD400P Use And Care Manual

General electric dishwasher use and care guide
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User MaintenanceInstructions 11
Detergent, Detergent Guide
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  Summary of Contents for GE GSD400P

  • Page 1 Air Gap Appliance Registration Gu-eand (Xeaning China, Crystal,Sterling Consumer Services Detergent, Detergent Guide Dispenser Cups Door Latch Energy-Saving Tips Features Loading Modeland Serial Numbers Built-in Gsmoo Model Operating Guide Problem Solver 12-14 RinseAgent SafetyInstructions User MaintenanceInstructions 11 Warranty BackCover WaterTemperature Winter Storage GEAmwer C“nter@ mM2&?lw7...
  • Page 2 Befuwe you Hq.nest S4?lWiC43..e ChecktheProblemSolver section.It listscausesof minor operatingproblemsthatyou can correctyourself. r’ Toobtaina Spanishlanguage versionof thisbook,call GE AnswerCenter” 800.626.2000 consumerinformation service. Para obtenerla versi6nen Espaiiolde estemanual, llarnea GE AnswerCenter? serviciode informaci6n para el consumidor, telifono 800.626.2000. tips Energy”saving...
  • Page 3 D onotallow childrento playinside,on or with thisapplianceor anydiscarded appliance. D isposeof discarded appliances andshippingor packingmaterialproperly. B efore discarding a dishwasher, r emove thedoorof thewashing compartment. ~KeepaHwashingdetergents andwettingagentsoutof the reachof children, p referablyin a lockedcabinet.Observeall warningscmcontainerlabelsto avoidpersonalinjury.
  • Page 4 Toobtainthebenefitsof a completecycle,be carefulthat you do not turn the dial any t o start further than m?uwwnry the dishwasher. ‘:% ?3DRYING a. Latchthe door. b. Slowlyturn CycleIndicatorDial to ON positionto startthe cycle. Thereis a time delaybetween...
  • Page 5 happemill the cycle You’llhear occasional clicking sounds: —Softfood shredding disposer action. —Drainvalveopeningto pump — waterout. —Timercontrolas cycle progresses. —Detergent c up opening. NORMAL WASH *DRYINGHEAT—ON:Add 28 minutes. @ Themotorstopsduringdrying. @ Watervaporcomesthroughthe ventby thedoorlatchdufing dryingandwhenwateris being pumpedout. ImmEll_=qRFl...
  • Page 6 To get needhotwater. T ohelpyougetwater ofthepropertemperature, y our dishwasher a utomatically h eatsthe walerin the washcycle.Forgood washingand drying, the entering 120%. T o watermust beat least prevent d ishdarnage, i nletwater shouldnotexceed150 “F. totest w ater temperature: Checkthewatertemperature insideyourdishwasher w itha candyor meatthermometer.
  • Page 7 MEDIUM W ATER (3-7 grains) Open MainCup OpenCup HalfFull + HalfFull minimum — -. —– to removefoodscrapsand 3. Try placedishesin dishwasher b efore Ssf#Ey .——— soilhasa chanceto dry and —. — becomehard.Disheswithdried-on — — —. soilare moredifficultto washand — mayrequireadditional p reparation for goodresults+ Note:T’he foodsmentionedabove...
  • Page 8 RACK bad the! Thetoprack is bestfor glasses,cupsandsaucers.Cups andglassesfit bestalongthe sides.Thisis theplacefor dishwasher-safe p lastics,too.Makesuresmallplastic itemsare lodgedin tightlysotheycan’tfallontothe Calrod”heatingunit.-Arrange stemware sothatit cannot moveeasily.Don’tletthe glassestoucheachother. Saucepans, mixingbowlsand other smallitemsmaybe placed-—face dow~—in the top rack. The top rack is handyfor all kindsof odd shapes.Be sure the forceof...
  • Page 9 — Put flatwarein theremovable basketwithhandlesup to protectyourhands.Mix knives,forksand spoonsso theydon’tnesttogether.Distributeevenly.Smallplastic items,suchas measuringspoonsandlids from small containersare notrecommendedfor automatic dishwashing. I f placedin the dishwasher, t heyshouldgo in thebottomof silverware basketwithsilverware on top. FIeavily soiledpots,pansandcasserolesMUSTbe loadedin thebottomrack, facingdown.Propbroiler pansandracksalongtheedge. Precaution! Takeout anythingthatmayfallor extendthroughthe...
  • Page 10 Loadsecurelyto preventmovement. Antique, m etal-trimmed o r hand-painted p atternswill Checkmanufacturer’s i nstructions f oryourcrystal, Fade.Goldleafwilldiscolor. Donotwashin dishwasher. Damageto dishwasher anddiscoloration or stainingof dishwasher m ayresult. Milkglassmayyellow. IronwilIrust. Pewtertarnishes. If it doesn’tsayDISHWASHER SAFE,test onepiece ~ beforedishwashing an entireset. Rinseif notwashingimmediately. S altyor acidfoods can stainif left on.
  • Page 11 Andyoumaynot evenhaveone.Notallplumbing codesrequireairgaps. If youhavean air gap,checkit at leastoncea month.THEAIR GAPIS NUI’PART OF YOUR DISHWASHER. IT IS NOT COVERED INYOUR w~Y. ‘I%e With air gap is easy to dean. mosttypes,firstturn offthe dishwasher, t henliftoffthechrome cover.Thenunscrewthe plasticcap...
  • Page 12 DISHWASHER A fuse WON’T RUN resetcircuitbreaker.lle~oveanyotherappliances fromthe&cuit. r UNUSUAL NOISE Utensilsmaynotbe secureon rackpins,or something smallmayhavedroppedfrom therack.Wateris causingutensilsto rattle,Makesureeverything is securelyplaced in dishwasher. DEXHZS D ON’TDRY Makesureinletwdtertemperature is correct.(Seepage6.) Unloadthe bottomrackfirst.Waterfromdishesin thetoprackmaybespillingintothe bottomrack. Checkfor improperloading.Dishesshouldn’t n esttogether. A void overloading. UNCLEANDISEIES Checkinletwatertemperature.
  • Page 13 5. Closethe door and allowthe dishwasherto completethe cycle. If vinegar rinse doesn’t work: Repeatas above,exceptuse 1/4cup (60rnl)of citric acidcrystalsinsteadof vinegar.(Mostdrugstorescarrycitricacidcrystals.If yours doesn’t,call GE FactoryService.) Usinga vinegaror citric acid crystalrinsemorethantwice a month?Considera home watersoftener. [fvinegaror citricacid crystalrinsedoesn’twork,the cloudinessis “etching.”The fik CLOUDINESSON :annotbe removed.
  • Page 14: Dishwasher Leaks

    OUT’ O FTHETUB Check the kitchen sink. Is it draining well? Youmay need a plumber. If dishwasher d rainsintodisposer, r un disposertoclear.Besuredisposeris notclogged. SUDSIN THETUB Sudsingdetergents arenotmeantfor dishwashers. U SEONLYAUTOMATIC DISHWASHER DETERGENTS ‘Ill AVOID SUDSING. TOremovesuds from the tub: Openthedishwasher. L et sudsevaporate. A dd 1gallon ofcoldwaterto thetub.
  • Page 15 With of your assurance that X you ever rleecl information or assistance — from GE, we’llbe there. AU you have to do is calh---tcdkfke! Consumer %-vice professional will provide expert repair service, scheduled at a time that’s convenient for you. Many GE Consumer Service...
  • Page 16: Warranty

    You are responsible for providing adequate electrical, plumbing and other connecting facilities. Warrantor: General Electric Company Affairs, GE Appliances, Louisville, KY 40225 This warranty is extended to the original purchaserand any succeeding owner for products purchasedfor ordinary home use in mainland states, Hawaii and Washington,13.C.

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