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Canon DR-2020OU User Manual

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Table of Contents

User Manual

Please read this manual before using the scanner.
After you finish reading this manual, keep it in a safe place for
future reference.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Manual

    User Manual Please read this manual before using the scanner. After you finish reading this manual, keep it in a safe place for future reference.
  • Page 2 THIS AGREEMENT. distributor or dealer is not responsible for maintaining or helping you This legal document is a license agreement between you and Canon to use the SOFTWARE. No updates, fixes or support will be made Electronics Inc. (“Canon”). BY OPENING THE SEALED DISK available for the SOFTWARE.
  • Page 3 Should you have any questions concerning this Agreement, or if you terms of this Agreement. In addition to Canon enforcing its respective desire to contact Canon for any reason, please write to Canon’s local legal rights, you must then promptly destroy the SOFTWARE and any affiliate.
  • Page 4 (EEE). Improper handling of Canon U.S.A. Inc. this type of waste could have a possible negative impact on the One Canon Plaza, Lake Success NY 11042, U.S.A. environment and human health due to potentially hazardous Tel. No. (516)328-5000 substances that are generally associated with EEE.
  • Page 5 Trademarks EXPENSES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS MATERIAL. • Canon and the Canon logo are registered trademarks, of Canon Inc. CANON ELECTRONICS INC. IS NOT LIABLE FOR THE STORAGE in the United States and may also be trademarks or registered AND HANDLING OF DOCUMENTS SCANNED WITH THIS trademarks in other countries.
  • Page 6: Preface

    The documentation for the scanner consists of the Reference Guide, which is supplied with the scanner, and the User Manual (this manual) and CapturePerfect 3.0 Operation Guide, which are provided in electronic form and are registered in the Canon DR-2020U menu during software installation. ● Reference Guide This describes setup procedures and basic operations for the scanner.
  • Page 7: Symbols Used In This Manual

    Symbols Used in This Manual How This Manual is Organized The following symbols are used in this manual to explain procedures, This manual consists of the following contents. restrictions, handling precautions, and instructions that should be ■ Before Using the Scanner observed for safety.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Scanning ..............25 Table of Contents Supplied Software ............25 Scanning with CaptureOnTouch......... 26 Preface ................. 6 CaptureOnTouch Features............26 Symbols Used in This Manual............. 7 Outputs Methods ..............28 How This Manual is Organized ........... 7 Starting CaptureOnTouch ............28 Before Using the Scanner ........
  • Page 9 Configuring the Scanner Settings ........52 Before Using Adobe Acrobat 9.0.......... 55 Mode-Dependent Function Limitations ........ 57 Scanner Operation Settings ............58 Opening the Scanner Properties Screen ......58 Scanner Property Settings ........... 59 Maintenance ............60 Routine Cleaning ............60 Cleaning the Scanner..............
  • Page 10: Before Using The Scanner

    Before Using the Scanner Important Safety Instructions ● Avoid warm or humid locations, To ensure the safe operation of this scanner, be sure to read the safety warnings and precautions described below. such as in the vicinity of a water faucet, water heater, or humidifier, and avoid locations where the Installation Location...
  • Page 11: Power Supply

    220 - 240 V Type authorized Canon dealer or service ● Never attempt to dismantle or representative for further modify the AC adapter in any way, information.
  • Page 12: Moving The Scanner

    Note the following precautions whenever using the scanner. Failure to do so may result in a fire or electric shock. power outlet. Then, contact your local authorized Canon dealer or ● Never place alcohol, benzene, paint thinner, aerosol sprays, or any service representative for further information.
  • Page 13: Disposal

    ● When using the scanner in cold temperatures, wait a few moments the power plug from the power outlet. Then, contact your local authorized Canon dealer or service representative to have the unit after turning the power switch ON. Failure to do so may result in a serviced.
  • Page 14: Features

    Features Multiple Methods for Document Feeding Variety of Image Processing Options ● Scan multipage documents at up to 20 pages per minute (for single- ● Auto Paper Size Detection sided documents) using the built-in feeder. The scanner can detect Detect the document page size while scanning. This also removes documents that are loaded into the feeder and begin scanning the blank space that surrounds an image when a document of a automatically using the auto-start function.
  • Page 15 ● Skip Blank Page The scanner scans both sides of a document and skips saving the image of any side it determines to be a blank page. Two-Sided Documents Images with Blank Page with a Blank Side Skipped ● Dropout Color Specify one color (red, blue, or green) to be omitted while scanning documents.
  • Page 16: Installation Requirements

    • Use the latest USB 2.0 driver made available by Microsoft. For • Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 or later details, contact your local authorized Canon dealer. • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP3 or later • Operation is not guaranteed with all USB interfaces, even if present •...
  • Page 17: Names And Functions Of Parts

    Names and Functions of Parts Front Feeder Cover Business Card Feeder Open this to clear paper jams or to perform cleaning. Open and use this when scanning business cards. Document Guides Pressure Board Adjust this to the width of the document. This presses documents placed on the flatbed against the glass.
  • Page 18: Operation Panel

    Operation Panel STOP Button Press this button to stop scan procedures or clear error displays, such as those for paper jams. POWER Button Press this button to turn the scanner ON, and the power indicator will light. When you press and hold this button (for 2 seconds) while the scanner is turned ON, the scanner and power indicator will turn OFF.
  • Page 19: Rear

    The business card feeder is open Rear (waiting for cards to be placed). Error Displays Communication error with computer. When an error occurs, a message indicating the nature of the error appears. You can use the scroll keys to scroll longer messages. For details on the error messages and their solutions, see p.
  • Page 20: Handling Documents

    Handling Documents Feeding Methods There are three feeding methods (feeder, flatbed, business card feeder) for scanning documents with this scanner. The types of documents that can be scanned with each method are as follows. Feeder (See p. 22.) Flatbed (Platen Glass) (See p.
  • Page 21: Documents That Cannot Be Scanned With The Feeder

    Documents That Cannot Be Scanned • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that may get caught in the scanner while you are using it. Doing so may result in personal with the Feeder injury. Be extra careful of neckties and long hair. If anything Use the flatbed (platen glass) to scan the following types of becomes caught in the scanner, immediately disconnect the power documents.
  • Page 22: Placing Documents Into The Feeder

    Placing Documents into the Feeder Documents That Contain Differently- Fan the pages of the document to be scanned, and load Sized Pages the document into the feeder with the scanning side Place the document so that each page is centered between the facing up.
  • Page 23: Placing Documents On The Flatbed

    Placing Documents on the Flatbed Place the document on the flatbed with the scanning side facing down, and align the upper left corner of the document with the positioning guide on the flatbed. Scanning Side Facing Down IMPORTANT • Do not place objects other than the document to be scanned onto the flatbed platen glass.
  • Page 24: Placing Cards Into The Business Card Feeder

    Placing Cards into the Business Card Feeder • Precautions for using the business card feeder are the same as Open the business card feeder. those for the feeder. (See p. 20.) • Close the business card feeder when it is not in use. •...
  • Page 25: Scanning

    Scanning Supplied Software The following software is supplied with the scanner, and can be installed from the supplied Setup disc. • CaptureOnTouch (See p. 26.) • CapturePerfect 3.0 (See p. 41.) This scanning application, designed specifically for use with the This scanning application designed for advanced users includes a DR-2020U, allows you to scan using easy-to-follow on-screen variety of scanning methods and processing functions for scanned...
  • Page 26: Scanning With Captureontouch

    Scanning with CaptureOnTouch This section describes the DR-2020U’s scanning application, Select an output method after a document is scanned, and then CaptureOnTouch. configure the necessary settings. Scan document CaptureOnTouch Features ▼ Using CaptureOnTouch allows you to scan using easy-to-follow on- Select output method screen instructions.
  • Page 27 Select Scan Job You can also select registered jobs using the buttons on the operation panel. User Defined Job Buttons Scroll Keys Job Buttons • Three preset jobs are assigned to the job buttons, and the respective scanning procedures will be processed automatically when these buttons are pressed.
  • Page 28: Outputs Methods

    CaptureOnTouch icon appears on the taskbar. • You can also restart from the Windows Start menu. From the Windows taskbar, click [Start], point to [All Programs], point to [Canon DR-2020U], and then click [CaptureOnTouch]. CaptureOnTouch starts and the main screen appears.
  • Page 29: Scanner Settings

    Basic Scanner Settings Scanner Settings Configure the basic setting items for the scanner. Configure various scan settings, such as the scanning method and Configurations from the driver settings screen are used for setting document size. items that are not included in the basic settings. [Scan First] and [Select Scan Job] share the same scanner setting ●...
  • Page 30: Scanning With The Start Button

    ● [Use advanced settings dialog box] Scanning with the START Button Scanner settings other than the basic settings are configured on the driver settings screen. To open the driver settings screen, select the Under default settings, the [Scan First] function for CaptureOnTouch [Use advanced settings dialog box] check box and click [Open].
  • Page 31 While scanning is in progress, the number of pages scanned is Specify the output method. displayed in addition to the scanner settings. When document scanning is finished, the output method selection Configure settings for the output method. screen appears. • [Save to folder] Specify the file name, format, and destination for the image file to be saved.
  • Page 32 • [Attach to E-mail] • [Send to application] Specify the file name and format for the image file to be attached Click [Browse] and specify the executable file (.exe) for an to the e-mail. application that can open the image file. In addition, specify the file name, format, and destination for the image file to be saved.
  • Page 33 Click the output button to output the scanned images. Press the STOP button on the operation panel. The display panel message clears. This completes the scan Output button procedure. The name of the output button differs depending on the selected output method.
  • Page 34: Scanning With The Job Buttons

    Scanning with the Job Buttons Under default settings, the following jobs are assigned to the job buttons on the scanner. When you load a document into the scanner and press a job button, CaptureOnTouch starts and scanning begins. The following describes the procedure for scanning. Job button Function COPY...
  • Page 35: Scanning With The User Defined Job Buttons

    You can change the settings for the output method here. For Scanning with the User Defined Job details on output method settings, see “Outputs Methods” on Buttons Click the output button to continue and output the scanned You can press the user defined job buttons or scroll keys on the images.
  • Page 36 Hint Enter a job name, and specify the output method for the If you select a registered job and click [Job list/edit], the [Job job. editing] dialog box appears allowing you to edit the settings of the selected job. Select an [Unconfigured] job number from the job list. The title bar display changes to [Register new job].
  • Page 37: E-Mail Settings

    [Compose e-mail] Click [OK]. This tab appears when [Send by E-mail] is selected in the [Output method] list box. Compose an e-mail message to which scanned The job is registered according to the configured settings and images will be attached and sent in this tab. appears in the job list.
  • Page 38 Job Settings Configure the settings for the mail server. If you selected [Send by E-mail] for the output method in the [Register new job] dialog box (see p. 35), the [Compose e-mail] tab appears as follows. • Enter the mail server address in [Mail Server]. •...
  • Page 39: Scanning With The Registered Jobs

    Hint Press the START button on the operation panel. If you select the [Confirm output] check box and execute a job for CaptureOnTouch starts and the documents are scanned. which the output method is [Send by E-mail], the following output Hint confirmation screen appears after scanning is finished, allowing you to confirm and edit the registered settings for the job.
  • Page 40: Other Methods For Scanning

    Other Methods for Scanning You can also operate CaptureOnTouch from a computer. This section describes the procedures for this method. Scanning from the Taskbar Menu Taskbar menu Click (CaptureOnTouch), and click a registered job or [Scan First] in the menu that appears. Scanning from the Main Screen Double-click (CaptureOnTouch) to display the main screen, and...
  • Page 41: Scanning With Captureperfect 3.0

    Scanning with CapturePerfect 3.0 CapturePerfect 3.0 is an ISIS-compliant application developed for Scan Batch to Printer Canon document scanners. For more information on CapturePerfect Documents are scanned with preset scanning conditions, and the 3.0, refer to the CapturePerfect 3.0 Operation Guide.
  • Page 42: Scan To Presentation

    From the Windows taskbar, click [Start] and select [All Programs], [CapturePerfect 3.0], and [CapturePerfect 3.0]. The [Configure Device Settings] dialog box appears. IMPORTANT If [CANON DR-2020U] does not appear, try installing the ISIS/ TWAIN driver again. Configure the default page size. CapturePerfect 3.0 starts. IMPORTANT Clicking [Default] in the properties dialog box for the ISIS driver causes the setting configured here to be applied.
  • Page 43 The properties dialog box for the scanner driver appears. Click [OK] to finish scanner selection. Select [Scan Batch to File] from the [Scan] menu. The [Scan Batch to File Setting] dialog box appears. Click [Scanner Setting], and configure the scanner settings.
  • Page 44 • If [Feeder/Flatbed] is set to [Auto] and [Feeding Option] is set Place the documents into the scanner, and click [Save] to to [Automatic Feeding], scanning is performed as follows: start scanning. – Documents are automatically detected and scanned when placed in the feeder.
  • Page 45: Registering Jobs And Scanning

    Hint When scanning is complete, select [Exit] from the [File] The following jobs are already registered to job numbers 01 and menu to quit CapturePerfect. Job Number Job Title Job Type Color Document ScanToPC Binary Document ScanToPC Select a job number to register ([No.]), and click [Create/ Edit].
  • Page 46 [Scan To Mail]: [Scan To Mail]: Attaches scanned images to an e-mail message and sends it. Specify the file name and format for the image file to be attached to the e-mail message. [Scan To Print]: Prints scanned images to a specified printer. Click [Detail Settings].
  • Page 47 Click [OK] to close the [Register/Edit/Delete] dialog box. Select [Scan Job] from the [Scan] menu. Hint • You can register up to 99 jobs. • To edit the settings of a registered job, select the job and click [Create/Edit]. • To delete a registered job, select the job to delete and click [Delete].
  • Page 48: Configuring The Isis/Twain Driver

    Configuring the ISIS/TWAIN Driver You can open the ISIS/TWAIN driver to configure scan conditions and Hint settings when scanning documents with ISIS/TWAIN-compliant The Scanning Option drop-down list does not appear if the driver is applications (such as CaptureOnTouch). opened from an ISIS-compliant application. This section describes the layout and features of the ISIS/TWAIN Saving Settings driver.
  • Page 49: [Brightness] Tab

    [Brightness] Tab Hint The [Reverse Image] check box does not appear if the driver is opened from an ISIS-compliant application. [Others] Tab Adjust the brightness and contrast of scanned images. You can also click [Gamma] to configure gamma correction settings. [Image processing] Tab Configure the settings related to scanner operations while scanning.
  • Page 50: Basic Condition Settings

    [Page Size] Basic Condition Settings Select the page size of the document to be scanned. This section provides an overview of the basic setting items that are needed to configure the scanner settings. Specifying the Basic Conditions for Scanning When scanning documents, make sure to specify the Mode, Page Hint Size, Dots per inch, and Scanning Side, from the [Basic] tab.
  • Page 51: Scanning Custom Page Sizes

    [Feeder/Flatbed] Specifying the Scanning Area Configure the following settings when you want to specify the scanning area. Specify whether to scan documents using the feeder or the flatbed Area Specification when the business card feeder is closed. Specify the area of the document to scan in the [Scan Area] dialog If [Auto] is selected, scanning occurs from the feeder only when box, which is opened by clicking [Area] in the [Basic] tab.
  • Page 52: Configuring The Scanner Settings

    Configuring the Scanner Settings When you do not want to scan colored lines and characters Configure the scanning conditions based on the desired scanning Specify the color to omit (red, blue, or green) from the [Color drop-out] results. drop-down list in the [Image processing] tab, and the specified color is When you want to delete blank pages in two-sided not scanned.
  • Page 53 When you want to enhance contours in images When you want to reverse the black and white in scanned images (TWAIN driver only) Adjust the [Edge emphasis] setting in the [Image processing] tab. Select the [Reverse Image] check box in the [Image processing] tab. The scanned images are output with black and white colors reversed.
  • Page 54 When you want to clarify text that is difficult to read When you want to match the orientation of images to the text while scanning documents containing pages of Set [Mode] to [Advanced Text Enhancement] or [Advanced Text Enhancement ll] in the [Basic] tab. The background surrounding the varying text orientations text is removed or processed, emphasizing the text for easy reading.
  • Page 55: Before Using Adobe Acrobat 9.0

    When you want to rotate the images of a document that is When you want document feeding to stop automatically loaded horizontally to the correct orientation when a double-feed occurs Specify the rotation angle from the [Document Orientation] drop-down Select the [Detect by Length] check box in [Double Feed Detection] of list in the [Image processing] tab.
  • Page 56 If you use Adobe Acrobat 9.0 with this machine and scan using the From the [User Interface] drop-down list, select [Show Custom Scan method, you should display the scanner’s Native Interface because you will not be able to scan correctly on the Scanner’s Native Interface], and then click [OK] to close specified paper size.
  • Page 57: Mode-Dependent Function Limitations

    Mode-Dependent Function Limitations Depending on the [Mode] setting selected in the [Basic] tab, some of the settings in each of the driver tabs may be disabled as follows. [Brightness] tab ✓ : Available for setting — : Not available for setting Scanning Mode Contrast Enable Back Side Brightness...
  • Page 58: Scanner Operation Settings

    [OK]. Click [Start], [All Programs], and [Canon DR-2020U], then click [Utility]. The Canon DR-2020U USB Properties screen appears. Canon imageFORMULA Utility starts.
  • Page 59: Scanner Property Settings

    Scanner Property Settings As a result, scanning may not immediately start in situations where the lamp brightness has not been adjusted, such as immediately after This section describes the setting items in the [CCFL Control] and turning ON the scanner or immediately after the scanner exits the [Power Control] tabs.
  • Page 60: Maintenance

    Maintenance Routine Cleaning Clean the scanner on a regular basis to maintain scanning Cleaning the Feed Path performance. Dust or paper particles in the document feed inlet or inside the feeder WARNING can cause spots to appear in scanned images. Use compressed air to •...
  • Page 61: Cleaning The Roller Unit And Separation Pad

    Removing the Roller Unit and Separation Close the feeder gently. Open the document feed tray and feeder cover. CAUTION When closing the feeder, be careful not to get your fingers caught, as this may result in personal injury. Raise the roller unit’s lock lever. (Gently bend the lock lever inward, then raise it.) Cleaning the Roller Unit and Separation Pad...
  • Page 62: Attaching The Roller Unit And Separation Pad

    Attaching the Roller Unit and Separation Remove the roller unit. Hold the center of the roller unit (roller portion), lift the lock lever side ( ), then the other side ( ). Attach the separation pad. Press the separation pad down gently until it snaps into place, and make sure it is securely attached.
  • Page 63 Contact your local authorized Canon dealer. When replacing the parts, first replace the separation pad. If performance does not improve, replace the roller unit as well.
  • Page 64: Troubleshooting

    Documents feed askew (scanned images are scanner and how to resolve them. slanted). It you cannot resolve a problem, contact your local authorized Canon Solutions (1) Align the document guides to fit the documents as dealer or your service representative.
  • Page 65 Problem 6 Pages are missing. Problem 11 An error message is displayed. Solutions When the scanner driver's [Scanning Side] setting is Solutions Confirm the nature of the error, and resolve the problem. [Skip Blank Page], documents with very little black may Press the STOP button to clear the error message.
  • Page 66: Software Troubleshooting

    When scanned images are saved in PDF or TIFF format, you can Some PDF files created by non-Canon programs cannot be opened specify multi- or single-page files. See also item 8 in “Common by CapturePerfect.
  • Page 67 Can I copy or back up scanner setting configurations? How can I skip blank pages, and scan only non-blank pages? CaptureOnTouch Scanner settings are backed up with other setting contents as Specify [Skip Blank Page] on the scanner driver setting screen, then Environment settings.
  • Page 68: Paper Jams

    CapturePerfect Paper Jams Scan using the scan batch print function. Alternatively, register a job If a paper jam occurs while scanning from the feeder, an error with a printer selected as the output destination. message appears on the display panel. Follow the procedure below to clear the jam.
  • Page 69 If the jammed document does not appear wrinkled or Close the feeder cover gently. otherwise damaged, close the feeder cover, and press the STOP button. The jammed document is ejected, and the error message is cleared on the display. CAUTION When closing the feeder cover, be careful not to get your fingers caught, as this may result in personal injury.
  • Page 70: Uninstalling The Software

    Uninstalling the Software Some scanner malfunctions can be resolved by reinstalling the Click [Programs]. software. Be sure to perform the procedure below to uninstall the software before reinstalling it. Hint For Windows 2000 and XP, click [Add/Remove], [Programs]. Uninstalling the ISIS/TWAIN Driver This section describes how to uninstall the ISIS/TWAIN driver as an example using Windows Vista.
  • Page 71 Click [Yes]. Click [Finish].
  • Page 72: Appendix

    Appendix Specifications Scanner Scanning Speed (A4, 200 dpi, Simplex) Feeder Black and White: 20 ppm Type Desktop ADF/flatbed scanner Gray: 20 ppm Document Size Color: 20 ppm Feeder Width: 5.5" to 8.5" (140 mm to 216 mm) Interface Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Length: 3.9"...
  • Page 73: Replacement Parts

    Product Code: 4048B001 Separation Pad Product Code: 4048B002 • For details on replacing the roller unit and separation pad, “Cleaning the Roller Unit and Separation Pad” on p. • For further details on replacement, contact your local authorized Canon dealer.
  • Page 74: External Dimensions

    External Dimensions 1.97" (50 mm) 17.3" (440 mm) 2.36" (60 mm)
  • Page 75: Index

    Index ADF connector ................19 Handling ..................12 Adobe Acrobat ................55 Installation location ..............10 Business card feeder ............17 ISIS/TWAIN driver ..............48 CaptureOnTouch ................ 26 Job buttons ................18 CapturePerfect 3.0 ..............41 COPY ................... 18 Cleaning E-MAIL ................. 18 Feed path ................
  • Page 76 Replacement parts Roller unit ..............61 Separation pad ............61 Scanning CaptureOnTouch ..............26 CapturePerfect ..............41 Job buttons ................34 Other method ............... 40 Registered jobs ..............39 START button ..............30 User defined job buttons ............35 Scanning glass Feeder .................

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